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Special Food And Drink Guide For Those Who Will Visit Istanbul

Each district of Istanbul is famous for a different taste. This beautiful city welcomes millions of tourists every year and offers them unique pleasures. Here are the most special flavours to try for those who will explore Istanbul for the first time!


Fish sandwich

For someone who comes to Istanbul for the first time, eating a fish sandwich against the historical atmosphere of Eminönü is a great experience. A fish sandwich is one of the indispensable street delicacies of Istanbul. If you are visiting Istanbul, we advise you not to return without tasting this wonderful taste while you have a beautiful view of the city.


Kumpir is one of the most popular and most delicious street delicacies. The basic ingredients of Kumpir are potatoes, butter and cheddar cheese. In addition, you can add anything you wish. The first neighborhood that comes to mind when you mention Kumpir is Ortaköy. Because there are numerous Kumpir makers in the region and they are all quite successful. If you make an Istanbul getaway, don’t leave the city until you’ve had enough of the Kumpir.

Sultanahmet Meatball

The Sultanahmet meatball is one of the popular delicacies of Turkish cuisine. Anyone who has tasted this historical taste longs to eat it again. This famous meatball is one of the flavours worth going to Istanbul.

Kanlıca Yogurt

Kanlıca yogurt, one of the traditional Istanbul flavors and known since 1893 as a taste that has been passed down from generation to generation. Kanlıca yoghurt is made of goat, sheep and cow milk mix. That’s why it tastes great, enjoy this taste when you come to Istanbul.

Dried Beans

Dried beans are one of the famous flavours of Sulaymaniye. There are many dried beans in the area. The favourite flavour of Ottoman cuisine, dried beans, has witnessed many centuries and has survived to the present day. If you are planning to come to Istanbul and really want to eat delicious dried beans, we advise you to stop by Suleymaniye.

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