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10 Reasons to choose a hair transplant in Turkey

Turkey is currently the most desirable country for hair transplants. Health tourism is one of the sectors that has brought Turkey to the fore in recent years. A hair transplant is in the front row. The successful studies in the field of health tourism and applied fair prices are also effective for Turkey to be preferred.

The first city that comes to mind when it comes to hair transplants in Turkey is Istanbul. However, the presence of many hair transplantation centres throughout the country increases competition. With the increase in competition, conditions in hair transplantation centres have improved. This race between health centres has enabled them to carry out their work with precision and quality service. Come, let’s explore the other benefits of choosing a hair transplant in Turkey.

  1. The operations are carried out in European standards, in the largest and most prestigious health institutions in the world and in hospitals certified by JCI (Joint Commission International).
  2. In Europe hair transplants are performed with more than 1,000 grafts in 2 days; in Turkey, this process up to 6000 grafts is performed in 6-8 hours by experienced teams.
  3. Most clinics offer accommodation in 5 stars and luxury hotels.
  4. From your landing in Turkey till your return to your country, all transfers are carried out by VIP vehicles.
  5. You will receive a life-long guarantee to receive free recovery treatment in the event of a negative case.
  6. The treatment is performed for 3-4 times cheaper than in Europe.
  7. In Europe the price is given based on the number of grafts, while in Turkey they offer a price for unlimited number grafts.
  8. Most clinics have an accompanist who speaks your language and will assist you throughout the process.
  9. New methods are being used by experts closely following the latest technological developments.
  10. In addition to all these, Turkey has a cultural and geographical wealth, historical and natural beauties, restaurants, cafes and shopping centres that make the treatment process a pleasant journey for patients.

You can also choose ReHair to get your healthy and beautiful hair back in hygienic hospital conditions. In addition, you can explore the fascinating beauty of Istanbul and experience a beautiful trip.

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