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Painless Hair Transplantation Method

People who are interested in hair transplantation do research beforehand and watch many videos. Although they understand many things visually, it is probably one of the most questioning issues to understand the feeling of the operation. In this article, we will try to answer the “Is the operation painful?” question. In order to understand the painless hair transplantation (painless hair transplantation, needle-free hair transplantation), it is important to know the basics of hair transplantation operation to understand where the pain comes before.

In traditional hair transplantation methods, it can be unsettling for those who are afraid of needles, as they often require injection into the scalp for local anaesthesia. Needle fearing people not only can stay away from hair transplantation operations but also can stay away from other medical applications unless necessary. In short, most people are afraid of being injected. However, new hair transplantation procedures often do not involve the use of needles. Instead, needle-free anaesthesia techniques and methods are used.


How to apply the needle-free hair transplantation technique?

Needle-free hair transplantation is used in combination with microsurgical techniques. Needle-free hair transplantation techniques can be used in FUE and subgroup techniques. In this technique, local anaesthesia is applied with a special tool that does not have a needle at the end and hair transplantation operation can be performed by using a special tool called implant or optional laser techniques. In this way, patients with hair loss problems who want to have hair transplantation, but fear of taking advantage of this procedure because of fear of needles can also have hair transplantation.

Where do healthy hair roots are taken from?

Healthy hair follicles are usually taken from the back and side of the patient’s head. If no type of hair loss spreads across the entire scalp, such as DUPA hair loss, the hair on the back and sides of the head will be resistant to shedding. In this type of hair loss called M type hair loss, the back of the head is insensitive to testosterone. In this way, the hair follicles in these parts remain healthy.

What are the benefits of needle-free hair transplantation?

Fear of needles is a type of phobia that is effective enough to cause fainting in some people. It causes the person to be worried during the hair transplant operation. In addition to the psychological relief it provides to the patient, there are also scientific benefits. These include minimizing the risk of infection and pain. The patient can comfortably watch movies, read books or listen to music throughout the needle-free hair transplantation procedure.

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