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Hair Transplant Treatment

A hair transplant with unlimited number of grafts with the latest techniques. Painless anesthesia with the spray technique. No hidden costs or changes.

Monthly Maintenance After Hair Transplantation


It is very important to have beautiful and healthy hair for an aesthetic appearance. However, many people have hair loss problems recently due to factors such as environmental conditions, intense working conditions, poor diet, and stress. Genetic factors are also an important factor in the causes of hair loss. These conditions are a big problem in the past, while nowadays it is possible to get healthy hair in very short periods with hair transplantation operations. Hair transplantation that can be applied for everyone regardless of men or women can be restored to normal living conditions within a few days.

Especially those who come to Turkey from foreign countries for hair transplantation are leaving our country in just 2 or 3 days after hair transplantation and necessary care procedures have been performed. During this period, washing and all other necessary procedures are carried out by our expert teams in RehairIstanbul clinics.

In the next section, we will try to find answers to questions such as how the processes work and what needs to be done after hair transplantation month by month. Besides, we will provide information about how hair transplantation will come out and what is expected of the person who has hair transplantation in our article. You can read other articles on our website for detailed information.


It is very important for people who have hair transplantation surgery to act according to the instructions given by doctors within the first month. Generally, on the first day after the operation, a dressing and washing procedure should be performed at the clinic. It is of particular importance that this procedure is performed in the clinic. From the next day, the hair washing process should be started using special lotion and care products. During this procedure, the doctor’s advice should be followed with precision. During this process, hair wash should be done with warm water and without applying too much pressure to the skin. In this way, hair recovery will be accelerated and bark shedding will be provided. Within the first 3 days, conditions such as itching, swelling and a slight burning sensation after the operation will disappear or decrease completely.

After a long week of hair transplantation, the hair will start to grow. In this way, even if the hair is touched, the roots of the hair do not move and begin to gain a solid appearance. However, hard scratching or damaging actions should be avoided. From the second weekend after the operation, your hair will start to grow and there will be no noticeable difference between the transplanted areas and other areas of hair. Besides, scabbing and redness formed in the operation areas will be lost during this time. For the first 15 days, hair should continue to be washed sensitively every day. During this process, physically demanding heavy sports and activities should be avoided.

After the end of the first month after hair transplantation operations, you will experience what is called “Shock hair loss”. This is a condition that is expected and will be encountered by everyone who has hair transplantation. This hair loss starts in the fourth week. It is the loss of hair that begins to grow slowly in the transplantation area. This hair loss that will last approximately 1 month should not scare anyone, should be known as a harbinger of healing.

The process that starts with shock hair loss is temporary, even if it scares many people. After a short period, new and healthier hair will start to grow. Generally, shock hair loss is observed to continue to grow actively beginning of 2ndmonth.In the 2ndmonth after hair transplantation, hair comes out again and hair roots may have mild itchiness. Scratching the skin without too much pressure will not be a problem in the second month after hair transplantation.

Inside the 2ndmonth after hair transplantation and also in the 3rdmonth after hair transplantation, the healing proses continue. In some people, blisters may occur while in some people, folliculitis problems may occur. The blisters are caused by newly released hair and can be easily corrected with moisturizers. However, folliculitis is a bacterial skin infection and may require different medications. Therefore, it is in your best interest to consult your doctor instead of analyzing any situation on your own.

During the first 3 months, especially in the 3rdmonth after hair transplantation, some differences can be seen between old and new hair extensions. During this time, it is important to trim the hair that grows too long by cutting it with scissors. If the scissors do not touch the skin, it will prevent damage to the skin. In this process, combing hair should also be avoided.


After hair transplantation, hair begins to become more prominent as of the 4thmonth. The patient will become happier as his hair grows out. Although hair loss stops completely, hair that comes out at the beginning of the 4th month will look like a feather. After 4 months of hair transplantation, the hair that begins to grow is likely to be curly and weak. From this date, the hair can start to be shaved. After shaving the hair, the new hair will give you a healthier look.

After the hair transplantation, from the 5th month, there will be an increase in the amount and quality of the hair that grows. With this noticeable increase, maintenance operations can be made more comfortable. The period after the 6th month is now a process in which the hair grows well and the growth continues. The growing hair strands begin to look thicker and stronger. These periods are the happiest months for those who have hair transplantation. Because the worries of whether the hair will grow again begin to disappear during this period. There is no harm in using a shaver to shave the hair. But just in case it would be more accurate to shave using a no 1 or no 2 comb. If you want to shape the hair by pulling a blow-dry, it can be done on the condition that it is not too hot. After hair transplantation, extremely hot conditions such as bath and sauna and extremely cold conditions should be avoided until the 6th month is full.


The 7th month after the hair transplant is now a period when the thickening of the hair becomes apparent. Especially after the 28th week, the thickening and firmness of the hair will be evident. It is necessary to know that the hair at the top of the head will become more prominent later than other areas. However, with the growth of the hair on the front in the 7thMonth, a beautiful aesthetic appearance is achieved.

The 8th and 9th months after hair transplantation are the periods during which healing and hair growth processes continue. During this time, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s advice and avoid stress. Especially in the 8th month after the hair transplant and in the previous processes, excessive stress can prevent or delay the hair follicles from clinging. In addition to this, being in environments that are high in environmental pollution can delay your hair health.

In the 9th month after hair transplantation, it is approached towards the end to reach normal hair form. Now 70-80% of the hair has been completed and the hair has started to look healthier. Hair is the desired thickness, so it can be put into the desired shape. If the hair is to be shaped, the blow dryer can be used when necessary. There is no harm in using a shaver or razor to shave the hair.


As of the 10th month after the hair transplantation, the lengthening of the planted hair will be very accelerated. The hair grows longer and it becomes more sensuous to have a natural appearance. Hair growth and natural appearance begin to be felt thoroughly. All kinds of long hair care and styling can be done as desired.

After hair transplantation, the processes in the 10th month continue to be experienced in the 11th month. The hair continues to grow and thicken. It is now achieved with a hair that becomes more normalized day by day. With the 11th month, all parts of the head except the top points returned to normal. The openings on there have also begun to close.

12 months after hair transplantation surgery, healthy hair becomes almost completely recovered. Although it may take 18 months to get 100% efficient hair in some cases, the desired result will be obtained in the 12th month and after. Haircare can be done in the desired way.

In this one-year period, your hair will be longer and thicker, it will gain its normal and healthy appearance. In general, you will feel very comfortable and confident. The most common mistake during this time is not being able to show patience with the processes. The biggest mistakes that should not be made are going outside the doctor’s advice due to impatience and using different drugs or mixtures. Such behaviors can damage the hair follicles ‘ grip, reducing the rate and amount of hair growth. Therefore, no procedure should be performed at any stage after hair transplantation, contrary to the doctor’s advice. In an unexpected situation, the clinic should be interviewed without delay.