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Unshaven Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey

Rehair Istanbul Hair Transplantation Clinic offers you Unshaven Hair Transplant in Turkey as an All-Inclusive VIP package with unlimited number of grafts and flight tickets.
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Unshaven hair transplantation

There are some advantages for patients in unshaven hair transplantation, which is very risky and troublesome for doctors. If a hair transplantation is performed unshaven, the natural appearance can be maintained so that it is not noticed that hair transplantation is done. In the donor area, images that distort the aesthetic do not occur, and even if they do, they can be eliminated very quickly. After this operation, it is possible to continue normal daily activities without any deceleration. Men and women with long hair say that their biggest problem when they want to have a hair transplant is that they have to cut their hair. Because if the hair is cut and shortened, the return time will be years. This problem is not encountered in the application of unshaven hair transplantation. It is one of the methods of hair transplantation that can be preferred in these aspects.

Although there are some advantages of unshaven hair transplantation, some problems that may be encountered are seen as disadvantages. It requires much more sensitive work than other operations and due to constraints in the field of work, the duration of hair transplantation is prolonged. The most important disadvantage is that it causes at least half the amount of time excess compared to other hair transplant operations. This increase in time requires more effort and patience for the medical teams that will perform the operation but also increases the risk of error. During the operation and in the days following the operation, it is very difficult for the maintenance to be carried out in accordance with the hygiene rules. Therefore, there is a greater risk of infection and complications. In addition, hair loss that can be experienced in full unshaven hair transplantation is one of the most important problems caused by this method.

How is the unshaven hair transplantation process?

It is not very right for patients to decide on an unshaven hair transplantation operation. Depending on the patient’s demand, hair analysis performed before the operation will be determined by physicians, increase the probability of success of the operation. During the hair transplant procedure and during the recovery process after the operation, providing a hygienic environment is relatively difficult for other techniques. For this reason, it will be appropriate to perform a detailed blood analysis prior to the application of unshaven hair transplant. Hair transplantation can be done in two different ways. In the first procedure called regional shaving, a rectangular area is shaved in a very small part of the donor area. For the hair roots that are usually taken from the neck, a 5x10cm wide area is shaved in this area. It is especially suitable for operations to be performed in the cultivation of 1000-1500 grafts. Full unshaven hair transplantation is applied for men and women with hair longer than 15 cm.
Unshaven Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey

Unshaven Hair Transplant FAQs

In recent years, the number of people having hair transplant operations is increasing rapidly. Emerging technological opportunities increase the success rate of hair transplant operations and to recover faster to normal view is to provide a sign that this number will continue to increase. There are some factors that prevent many people from making the decision to have a hair transplant. At the beginning of these operations in some of the natural appearance is not provided. In addition, the processes that disrupt the comfort such as late healing and the need to shave the hair also affect the decision of hair transplant. In order to eliminate the need to shave the hair, which is one of the issues that prevent the natural appearance and comfort of life, unshaven hair transplantation has been developed and started to be applied in recent years. The most important reason for shaving hair before a hair transplant is to make physicians more comfortable. In hair that is shortened to 1mm, doctors are able to see the hair roots more easily and the mobility in the hair transplant area is increased. Unshaven hair transplantation method is very long in terms of duration, which requires more sensitive work than other hair transplant methods.

Men and women who have hair longer than 10 to 15 cm can opt for unshaven hair transplantation after the approval of their doctor. However, people who prefer this type of hair transplant should know that they need to be patient during the long-lasting operation. They should also be aware that if they do not pay attention to hygienic issues, they will be likely to face various complications.

After hair transplantation, some unwanted conditions may occur. Signs of bleeding and mild swelling that occurs after the beginning of these. Circulatory disorders and bruising around the eyes are also some of the side effects that can be experienced. In addition, there may be shelling in the donor area or in the skin area where it is implanted. Experiencing numbness in these areas is also potential side effect. However, the most serious problem experienced after unshaven hair transplantation is the risks of infection that can be seen due to the lack of a hygienic condition.

Before any surgical operation, who likes to have a hair transplant is what they’re most interested, is the price of this operation. However, it is not possible to tell a clear price without having a hair analysis done in detail before the operation. Hair transplantation prices may vary depending on the width of the area to be processed and the number of hair follicles to be transplanted. Therefore, a detailed hair analysis must be done prior to pricing. In addition, unshaven hair transplantation is a very laborious and long-lasting operation compared to other hair transplantation methods. This is why unshaven hair transplant prices are a little more expensive.

RehairIstanbul is a well-established clinic that has done great work in Turkey in the field of hair transplantation. Thanks to its expert teams and corporate organization, it is also in demand from various countries in Europe and the world. RehairIstanbul’s hair transplant packages are planned to meet all the needs of all the guests coming from abroad. Our guests coming from abroad are welcomed at the airport with special VIP vehicles and they are provided to travel with the same vehicle for all their travel between the hotel and the hospital. Accommodation in the most luxurious hotels in Istanbul, as our guests, is offered to you within this package. An interpreter is set up to consult and get detailed information before and after the operation. All the analysis and maintenance are done, the necessary information is given to you after the operation and the necessary maintenance products are given free of charge. After the operation, a checkup is carried out and the healing process is followed.

Turkey is a country known as the meeting point of civilizations for centuries and has never lost its charm with its natural and historical beauties. Istanbul, on the other hand, is an ancient city that has always managed to be one of the most popular settlements in the world. Recent developments in Turkey and especially in the city of Istanbul in terms of health tourism have been observed. With each passing year, health tourism turnover is increasing, while hair transplant operations represent the most important share in health tourism. Price advantages and excess of specialist surgeons have also greatly increased the proportion of successful results in operations. The number of patients, especially from European countries, is constantly increasing. If you are looking for both an affordable price and a successful hair transplant operation, your preference should be in Istanbul and Turkey.

Before you decide to have aunshaven hair transplantation, you should make sure that your hair analysis is done in detail. You should always follow the doctor’s advice and avoid unnecessary insistence even when you think it is right for you. It will be in your interest to listen to the opinions of the specialist on these issues and apply them. However, as we mentioned in our article, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of unshaven hair transplantation. You should always consult your doctors about what you should do when preparing for an unshaven hair transplant. Before the operation, you should stop drinking alcohol and smoking, and do not use blood thinners. If you have clear information about the pricing, there will be no obstacle for you to have an unshaven hair transplant. In order to get detailed information about unshaven hair transplantation, you can meet the specialist physicians who work in RehairIstanbul. You can get information about the facilities and all-inclusive hair transplantation packages at:



The entire process is arranged by us from A to Z, you only need to provide a desired date.


We offer you a hair transplant with an unlimited number of grafts.


We offer you a hair transplant with an unlimited number of grafts.


We offer a VIP hair transplant arrangement for every patient. Only 1 patient is helped on a treatment day, so the patient gets all the attention.


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