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Rehair Istanbul Hair Transplant

Unlimited number of GRAFT hair transplants with the latest technology and All-Inclusive VIP hair transplant package in Turkey.
Free accommodation in Istanbul’s most luxurious hotels, no additional fee.



The entire process is arranged by us from A to Z, you only need to provide a desired date.


After the operation you will receive all the medication and cosmetics you need from us.


We offer you during your treatment period a stay in a luxury hotel for a comfortable treatment process.


During your stay you will be transported by a special vehicle with a private driver.


We offer you professional assistance during your stay. Your assistant will guide you from the preparation phase to the end of the procedure.


After the hair transplant, the aftercare is performed at our location in the Netherlands.


At ReHair Istanbul we have developed every step for an optimal result, this is done by our strong and experienced team. The successful result of a hair transplant depends on a number of factors: the donor area, the reception area, a strong and experienced team and the number of grafts that are transplanted. A graft is a hair follicle that produces 1, 2 or 3 hairs. The number of hairs that contain a graft differs per person. The general principle of the procedure for a hair transplant is that the grafts are removed from a safe donor area, so it is important that the grafts are removed from the back of your head: the area between your two ears. The most resistant hairs are in this area, even if you have serious male hair loss, you will not lose these hairs.

Planning of the donor area and the hairline

After an analysis, it is determined how many grafts are needed to cover the desired area. Then, in consultation with you, our specialist signs a hairline design.

Shaving the donor area & local anesthesia

At ReHair, local anesthesia is virtually painless because our technique ensures a very comfortable experience during this process. On the day of the operation, your donor area will be shaved and then the grafts will be removed.

Removing the grafts from the donor area

After local anesthesia, the grafts will be removed from your donor area by using a micromotor. This process is important because the grafts must be stored in a special way after removal.

Opening the channels on the reception area and implanting the hairs

This is a very important process because it determines the final direction and density of the hairs.


Monday to Sunday
09:00 - 18:00

An excellent hair transplant is possible with the help of the Rehair! No matter what procedure you are looking for, you can be sure that you will always get top-notch expertise and care.

Rehair Istanbul has been providing its expertise for more than 12 years. Highly-skilled operators and doctors are at your disposal for every kind of hair transplant service. Since 2016, every year, many patients around the globe have chosen us for the best results!

Istanbul, one of Europe’s leading hubs for hair transplantation, will be your best helper while getting top-notch care and results from your operation. Our highly-skilled doctors and medical team will provide you with the best hair transplantation with exclusive, high-tech pieces of equipment.

Rehair Istanbul offers top-notch VIP service to its patients. No matter what operation you need, you can be sure that you will always get the best results you are looking for.

Perfect Hair Transplantation Results for You!

Losing hair is not a problem anymore. Thanks to the developing technology and medical procedures, you can naturally regain your hair again. The treatment with a sensitive and complex procedure will help you grow hair again.

During a regular hair transplantation procedure, our medical team will examine your hair follicles and transport healthy hair roots to your head, where you want it to grow naturally. Thanks to the high-tech methods of Rehair Istanbul, you will always get the best and permanent results.

High-Tech FUE Hair Transplantation

FUE hair transplantation is a popular procedure that Rehair’s high-skilled medical team can make. FUE technology allows patients to return to their daily lives after the operation. Thanks to the highly-technologic types of equipment and expert team, no cuts or lines are formed during the session.

Unshaven Hair Transplantation Procedure

Unshaven hair transplantation is a procedure that requires the utmost care and expertise. The operation that expert medical teams can make allows people to get a hair transplantation without the need to shave their hair.

This popular procedure is especially suitable for people with long hair. Rehair Istanbul’s experts will also help you to get the best results from your unshaven hair transplantation procedure!

DHI Hair Transplantation Made by Experts

DHI hair transplantation is a procedure that lowers the time between taking the hair grafts from the donor area and planting them to the desired hair roots. Thanks to the high-tech equipment that Rehair uses, DHI hair transplantation can be done without pain or scarring.

Permanent and Fast-Resulting Beard Transplantation

Beard transplantation needs expert care and a highly-skilled medical team. The popular procedure among many men can be done in a day at Rehair Istanbul!

A well-developed technology and our high-skilled team will help you start naturally growing a beard in just two days. You may also return to your daily life right after the procedure without any trouble.

Advanced Eyebrow Transplantation

Advanced technology and high-skilled medical team of Rehair Istanbul also help you to get eyebrow transplantation. Our experts’ procedure will help you fully recover in 10 days.

Natural-looking, appealing, and top-notch results are possible for every kind of transplantation needs at the Rehair Istanbul.

Our VIP services include your need, from flight tickets to accommodation in luxury hotels will provide you with an excellent experience!


Rehair Istanbul - Happy Customers

Rehair Istanbul - Hair Transplant Review

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I have experienced Rehair Istanbul as an extremely professional company. The service is top notch, efficient and well executed and thought out to perfection. All employees do everything in their power to ensure that the transplantation is fully satisfactory. All in all a very successful experience and it would advise anyone to do so. - I have experienced Rehair Istanbul as an… ideal name for hair transplantation -
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Great and knowledgeable people, perfectly supervised from the beginning to the end and even after the treatment a perfect service. The end result is exactly how I had hoped it would be, although my hair is still growing, I see after a few weeks the perfection I was aiming for. This clinic is highly recommended! - Great and knowledgeable people

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Hair transplantation costs depend on the method and size of the transplantation area. Hair transplantation costs are usually more affordable than other countries in Turkey. Median costs are between $2000 and $5000, including hotel and transfer packages.

Rehair is known as the best hair transplantation clinic in Turkey. High tech equipment, skilled medical team and other services of Rehair provides a top-notch operation with permanent results to thousands of patients around the world.

Turkey is known for the most affordable hair transplantation prices in Europe. Thanks to the latest technologies, a highly-skilled and experienced clinic like Rehair can provide you with permanent, natural-looking results in just one day.

Turkey takes the spotlight when it comes to the hair transplantation operations. Cost of travel, operation prices, postoperative care, and high-tech equipment are only a few of many great reasons that make Turkey popular.

All inclusive hair transplantation packages of Rehair include everything that you will need from A to Z. An all-inclusive package includes plane tickets, VIP transfers and accommodation, professional guidance, transplantation operation and after care.

An experienced clinic like Rehair makes its operations with various high-tech methods such as DHI and FUE. You can be sure that you will find the best options for your own needs.

DHI and FUE hair transplantation techniques are known as the most popular hair transplantation methods in Turkey. Both can be done in one day with minimal scar, and patients can return their daily lives right after the operation.

Hair transplantation operations usually take between a few hours to eight hours, depending on the method and amount of hair transplanted. Usually, patients can return back to their daily lives in a few hours after the procedure.