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Hair Transplant Before and After


Hair transplant surgery can restore natural and unhealthy hair. This method, which has been applied to many people in recent years, generally gives very positive results. As a result, the number of clinics claiming to have done hair transplants has also increased. To achieve good results, you must therefore think carefully before you decide on a hair transplant. It is important to look at the clinic, its performance and its history. The experience and expertise levels of the doctors working in the clinic are also very important. In addition, it is to view the comments of satisfied customers before the hair transplant. We always photograph patients before the hair transplant. Later, patients’ recovery processes are also photographed after the operation, so that we can follow the progress and ultimately compare the end result. Rehair Istanbul is a clinic that is established with the most experienced specialists in Turkey and is working on hair transplantation. The photos of the patients who have taken hair transplants before and after surgery are shared via the Rehair Istanbul website. We certainly do not share the photos on our website without the consent of the patients. We reflect on the healing of the hair with the same photos, so that you can see which phases await you. Choose Rehair Istanbul and experience our difference.

Hair transplantations are tailor-made operations. For this reason, different methods of hair transplantation can be applied to each individual. After hair analysis, it is decided before the operation which method will be applied. During these hair analyses, the width of the area where the patient’s hair is lost is calculated. The area of hair transplantation and the area where hair follicles will be taken are determined with precision. You can find information about all the analyses and controls made before hair transplantation operations from other articles on our website. The data obtained after hair analysis vary from person to person. The results of individual hair transplant operations can also change for some reasons, especially the genetic characteristics of those people. The results are also effective if the environmental conditions, the quality of the nutrients taken, stress factors and the treatments after hair transplantation are done properly. Yet it is contrary to the natural course of life to claim that you will get the same results on the same dates as the people seen in the photograph. It would be both too ambitious and unnecessary to say such a thing. The fact that we say, “you can’t get the same results as the people in the photo,” should not be misunderstood. Because nothing clear can be said about the subsequent processes, only a foresight can be made. We rely on our deep-rooted history and our doctors who specialize in hair transplantation. With our expert teams, we make a customized treatment plan for each individual, thereby increasing the number of satisfied customers every day.

The process after hair transplantations varies from person to person. The people shown in the photos are random patients who come to our clinic for hair transplantation just like you and whose photos are taken. The photos you see in their healing process will be similar to yours. However, on the same dates, it is not possible to see the same results. Perhaps you will be able to develop faster than the ones in the photos. So, it is not possible to tell the development process. One of the factors affecting the healing processes after hair transplantation is how hair care is done. As RehairIstanbul, we care that all our patients are our guests in Istanbul for at least 2 days. Because the 2nd day after hair transplantation we do special care. We provide detailed information to our patients about the subsequent care processes. If our patients do their care by our instructions in the following processes, the process of getting healthy hair can be accelerated even more. However, to do some corrective actions, we would like you to send a photo of the area that was transferred via WhatsApp at regular intervals. In this way, we have the opportunity to analyze your hair again to perform corrective actions in the healing process. However, we always claim that RehairIstanbul is one of the leading clinics in Turkey in hair transplant operations. We can apply the most suitable hair transplant for you in a way that will get the healthiest result for you. We will ensure that you reach your natural and healthy hair as soon as possible. With special solutions, we help you improve your aesthetic appearance and regain your self-confidence. If you want to meet RehairIstanbul, whose success has proven itself and whose reputation has spread all over the world, contact us. You will see, your healthy hair and aesthetic appearance will come back in a very short time.

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