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Eyebrow Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey

What is an eyebrow transplant? How much does an eyebrow transplant cost?

Get detailed information about eyebrow transplant surgery, eyebrow transplant before and after, and Rehair Istanbul All-Inclusive Eyebrow Transplantation package.

Eyebrow transplantation

The most important advantage that eyebrow transplantation provides to patients is that they get the natural and aesthetic appearance they want. In this way, it will be possible to get rid of the confidence problems that may be encountered due to the lack of eyebrows. The operation period of an eyebrow transplantation is very short, such as 1-2 hours. There is no need to stay in the hospital after the operation and it is possible to return to normal life immediately. The fact that full recovery is achieved within a maximum of 10 days is also among the important advantages of eyebrow transplantation.

The care process after eyebrow transplantation is a very important and sensitive process that needs to be followed by the doctor’s instructions. If these instructions are not followed, there may be a risk of infection or the healthy brows may be delayed. An inability to take a shower up to 48 hours after eyebrow transplantation may also be considered among the disadvantages. However, the biggest disadvantage of eyebrow transplantation occurs during procedures that are being performed by doctors who have no experience in this matter. Unnecessarily large designed, in different directions and right angles to the eyebrows is a serious problem.

How should you prepare for the operation?

For the eyebrow transplant you must have clear information about the surgical procedure that will be performed. It will be useful not to take blood thinners before surgery, to stop drinking alcohol and smoking. During the first meeting with your doctor he will indicate the conditions.

What you need to know before you decide for eyebrow transplantation?

Before eyebrow transplantation, it is necessary to make the right decision in terms of choosing a specialist and doctor who will restore you to your health in the best way possible. For this reason, you should get the right information and choose corporate clinics with sound references. If you prefer places that do not have adequate technical equipment, do not comply with hygienic rules and have deficiencies in the field of specialist doctors, then you may be very upset. To access the necessary and accurate information about us you can visit our site: RehairIstanbul

Eyebrow Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey


The first observed part in a person is the face in general. Thanks to the expression and aesthetics of the face, the first impression is achieved and the quality of communication increases. However, due to some problems, injuries or events such as stress and illness, it is possible to damage some of the limbs on the face. For example, the loss of eyebrows, loss or scarcity of them, people’s aesthetic image distorts. For many people, it is very important that the eyebrows have a beautiful form. Because the eyebrows complement the integrity and aesthetics of the face. No matter what the problem they have, people who have problems with their eyebrows and want to have a proper eyebrow can now reach their goals. This is possible with a simple operation that can be done in a very short time with the eyebrow transplantation method. The imperfections in eyebrow used to be fixed by applying permanent makeup or drawing with a pencil. Today, these techniques are removed and one of the latest technological developments with the FUE method of hair root transplantation application with the eyebrows is restored to their good old appearance. In this way, eyebrow transplantation has entered our lives as a much more effective and permanent solution and is becoming more and more common. Hair transplantation is an operation that requires more complex and sensitive work than a hair or beard transplantation. The first reason for this is that the field to study is narrow. The second and most important reason is that the shape of the eyebrow hairs resembles a spectrum. In other words, it is very important to be careful during eyebrow transplantation because the aspects of eyebrow hair are very different. The hairs from the donor area should be transplanted according to the direction of the eyebrows. Otherwise, the appearance of the eyebrows will go away from naturalness, resulting in an unwanted image.

Eyebrow transplantation is a surgical operation that needs to be performed with precision due to the differences in the specific structure and angles of the eyebrow hairs. This operation should not be started without determining the angle and direction of the hairs on the eyebrow and planning for them. Local anesthesia is performed in eyebrow transplantation and the patient is provided to be affected by the operation at a minimum level. The most efficient donor area for eyebrow transplantation is the hair roots in the nape. In recent years, other parts of the body, especially the armpits and arms, can also be used for this purpose. An average of 500 grafts may be sufficient to achieve a natural-looking eyebrow in eyebrow transplantation performed by applying the FUE method. However, it should be noted that this amount will vary from person to person and can vary between 100 and 700. An important detail in obtaining a natural image is the tight placement of the hairs. In this way, you will have a natural and equal length eyebrow image. It is possible to have a natural appearance within about 1 month after the eyebrow transplantation operations performed with care by expert physicians. After 1 month, it is not possible to tell if the person has had transplantation.

It may be recommended to have eyebrow transplantation for all men or women who have problems with their eyebrows. Due to the fact that the natural appearance can be achieved in very short periods and the recovery time is short, it is an effortless operation for those who have it. For this reason, there is no need to lose self-confidence due to aesthetic problems in the brow. Those who are afraid of being numbed with an injection needle during the local anesthesia method applied during eyebrow transplantation may be. For them, the sedation method can be applied, and eyebrow transplantation can be preferred by people of all ages and sexes.

As a result of the rapid recovery time of eyebrow transplantation and the rapid progress of technology, no adverse side effects related to eyebrow transplantation are encountered. In general, choosing qualified specialists for good results will be an effective step in preventing side effects. However, it should be noted that eyebrow transplantation is a simple surgical operation. Therefore, some complications may occur. Small-scale scars, short-term bleeding and scabbing that may occur due to wounds are some of these. The worst side effect is that the eyebrow hairs grow in different directions if the eyebrow transplantation is not done properly.

Although the operation takes 1-2 hours, it must be performed with precision by specialized doctors. Otherwise, unintended consequences may occur. Eyebrow transplant prices may differ for these reasons. If you have decided to undergo an eyebrow transplant, you must first have a personal analysis by the doctor, then they can prepare a quote. Our eyebrow transplants are showing great results and we organize everything especially for our guests from abroad. Reception at the airport, VIP vehicles and transfers between the airport – hotel – hospital are included in our eyebrow transplant packages. In the meantime, it is also possible to enjoy comfortable accommodation in luxury hotels and to use interpreter support when you need it. After the operation you will receive advice and you will receive all necessary cosmetic products for your care.

Istanbul and Turkey are known for their investments and great developments in the field of health. Especially after the developments in the last 20 years, all kinds of health, culture, sports and entertainment facilities have been set up in Istanbul for foreign guests. You can choose Istanbul if you want to get rid of your aesthetic concerns and want your eyebrows to look great in a short time. At the same time,you can take advantage of all the beauties of Istanbul, the most popular city in Europe.



The entire process is arranged by us from A to Z, you only need to provide a desired date.


We offer you a hair transplant with an unlimited number of grafts.


We offer you a hair transplant with an unlimited number of grafts.


We offer a VIP hair transplant arrangement for every patient. Only 1 patient is helped on a treatment day, so the patient gets all the attention.


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Leave your details and we will contact you. Or send a WhatsApp message directly.

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We ask for a deposit to reserve a treatment date, thereafter your VIP hair transplant package (including travel and accommodation) will be organized by us from A to Z.

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