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Female Hair Transplant in Turkey

A Hair transplant with unlimited number of grafts with the latest FUE Sapphire techniques. Painless anesthesia with the spray technique. No hidden costs or changes.

Hair Transplant For Women in Istanbul, Turkey


Hair loss in women is also seen due to genetic predisposition, weakening of the immune system, hormonal changes, pregnancy, unnecessary drug use, menopause, and excessive stress. In recent years, the proportion of women experiencing hair loss has increased by up to 25% -30%. Hair loss is the most common cause of hair loss in women. In these cases, it is attempted to deal with the problem by using more medicines. Women’s hair transplant operations were performed, while there are some different situations than men. In particular, some women whose hair length exceeds 15-20 cm do not want their hair to be shaved and transplanted. In these cases, the desired results can be achieved by using different methods. Naturally that this situation requires more sensitive work during women’s hair transplantations. It is possible to achieve much healthier and thicker hair after a more sensitive and longer-lasting hair transplantation procedure. The hair transplantation procedure for women requires more sensitivity than men, as well as it is more expensive. But there is not much difference between the two prices. The hair transplant cost may vary depending on the person’s hair characteristics and the width of the area to be transplanted. Therefore, it is not right to say a price without seeing the patient. However, as RehairIstanbul, we can say that we are different in terms of pricing and that we will give the best price. Because our price is fixed but we work with maximum graft. In other words, we do not offer different prices based on the number of grafts to be taken from the donor area. Our price is determined according to the method to be applied together with the hair analysis we did from the beginning. Hair transplant surgery is a procedure in which the hair follicles are removed from the donor area. We keep the price constant and save you the surprise costs.

RehairIstanbul, is one of the most popular hair transplantation clinics in Turkey. Hair transplantations for both men and women continue to be performed successfully by our specialist doctors. You can understand the satisfaction ratings by reading customers ‘ comments on our website. In the meantime, you can review the comments made by the people who have had hair transplantation about our clinic and our doctors. We also have created a visual page for you to have preliminary information about what conditions occur before and after hair transplantation.On this page, we have given some of our patients results before and after hair transplantation. You can also review this page for the formation of a prediction. As you can see from these pictures, there are many positive changes before and after hair transplantation. Because of their very sparse hair, the confidence of women who are uncomfortable before the hair transplant operation is fulfilled after the operation. We will continue to work for the happiness of women who get both healthier hair and the image they want.

RehairIstanbul has been active in the hair transplantation sector for a long time. We receive very good returns thanks to our fully equipped clinical conditions and our physicians who specialize in hair transplantation. We continue to receive thanks from people who come to our clinic from both domestic and foreign countries. We treat our patients as guests and treat them all in this way, making their lives more comfortable. One of the most important issues in hair transplant operations is dexterity. The increase in dexterity depends on how many hair transplantation operations you perform. Our doctors who work in our clinic are experts and experienced people in hair transplantation operations. Each of the doctors we have worked with for many years is known for their dozens of successful operations in the field of hair transplantation. With RehairIstanbul, which is a clinic where experience and skill combine, it is possible to achieve a more aesthetic appearance.

Hair transplantation is a simple operation that can be done for both men and women in recent years. While planning this operation, some differences arise due to the physical structures of men and women and the length of their hair. Hair transplantation surgery is performed in people with short hair by shaving the donor area. This process is more effortless and takes less time than others. However, people with long hair, especially women do not want to have their hair shaved, so newer techniques called FUE or DHI are used. Some women may experience male-pattern hair loss. However, as a result of hair loss in women, total baldness is not encountered as in men. Hair loss in women occurs in a certain part of the head, does not affect other places. During in this hair transplantations, hair roots taken from the donor area are carefully planted in the area where the hair loss occurs. In this way, positive results can be obtained in a short time. Also, there is no aesthetic disorder caused by shaving the hair before or after the operation.

For women, all the details are considered in our hair transplantation packages for our guests who will come to our country from abroad. From the moment you land at the airport, you can transfer to your luxury hotel with VIP vehicles and then to the hospital with the same vehicles. All the care you need in our clinic and all the necessary interventions are included in the package. For your language problems, a special interpreter will be provided for you throughout your trip. After a hair transplantation, all the cosmetic products you will need will be offered to you for free. In short, your hair transplantation trip to Turkey and the time you spend here will be very comfortable, healthy and happy to return home will be provided.

There are two methods of hair transplantation for women. You can access detailed information about these methods, known as a FUE method and DHI method, via our website. The FUE method is shaven, while DHI is an unshaven operation. In FUE method, women with long hair are shaved in such a way that the area between the two ears is equal to about 5-10 cm. The hair remaining on the top and not shaved will prevent this section from being seen from the outside. In this way, there is no non-aesthetic image. In the DHI method, hair roots are collected one by one from the donor area and transported to the transplantation area. This operation takes a long time, which requires fast and precise work is the main requirement. It is a more expensive operation than other types of hair transplant since at least 6 expert teams must work together during a DHI operation. We use the Sapphire FUE method for women. In this method, we do not shave the hair completely. Since this method is done with sapphire tips in our clinic, there is no risk of infection and recovery times are shortened. During this method, we open only a window in the donor region and perform the transplantation process in a comfortable way. The Sapphire FUE method is also a cheaper method than the DHI method.

Hair transplantation in women is a very successful result. Hair transplantations performed unshaven take a little longer. It is a slightly more expensive operation as it is finished in 6-7 hours with more intensive work by more specialist teams. In terms of results, women get a natural look in every method. Women who think that their hair will be shaved before the operation and therefore they will have a very bad appearance prefer unshaven hair transplantation. However, it should be known that, because very few areas are being shaved, there is no problem in terms of aesthetics as other hair will cover this area. When we look at it from these angles, we recommend the Sapphire FUE method.



The entire process is arranged by us from A to Z, you only need to provide a desired date.


We offer you a hair transplant with an unlimited number of grafts.


We offer you a hair transplant with an unlimited number of grafts.


We offer a VIP hair transplant arrangement for every patient. Only 1 patient is helped on a treatment day, so the patient gets all the attention.


Planning van het donorgebied en de haarlijn
Planning of the donor area and the hairline

After an analysis, it is determined how many grafts are needed to cover the desired area. Then, in consultation with you, our specialist signs a hairline design.

Het donorgebied scheren lokale anesthesie
Shaving the donor area & local anesthesia

At ReHair, local anesthesia is virtually painless because our technique ensures a very comfortable experience during this process. On the day of the operation, your donor area will be shaved and then the grafts will be removed.

Het verwijderen van de grafts uit het donorgebied
Removing the grafts from the donor area

After local anesthesia, the grafts will be removed from your donor area by using a micromotor. This process is important because the grafts must be stored in a special way after removal.

Opening the channels on the reception area and implanting the hairs

This is a very important process because it determines the final direction and density of the hairs.

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