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10 Location To Visit Turkey During Winter

Turkey is one of the countries that are experiencing the four seasons. Even though the summer season comes to mind when the holiday is mentioned, the winter holiday is as popular as the summer holiday. People have an idea about known places such as Uludağ, Kartalkaya and Kartepe. However, many other places in our country can have a fun time to visit during the winter holidays.


Uludağ – Bursa

When a list of places to visit in the winter in Turkey, Uludag comes across as one of the first places that come to mind. Uludağ, which has the best service in the country with its ski centre, is a place to be preferred during the winter holidays.

Uludag, which is one of the main places to visit in Bursa, is a 1-hour drive from the city centre. For those who want to go from Istanbul to Uludag, this distance varies between 2 and 2-30 hours. Uludağ is the meeting point of ski lovers, and it can be crowded, especially because winter holidays are preferred. Of course, you should ignore this situation. If you are planning a holiday in winter, you should definitely include Uludağ in your list.

Abant – Bolu

Lake Bolu, which is one of the most important places to visit in Bolu, is not only a place to visit in winter. It is preferred for all seasons. However, if you ask which is the best season to visit Abant, the answer to our question is, of course, the winter season.

Abant, where you will lose your heart with the unique view it offers, will also fill you with peace of mind. We recommend that you add Abant, which is close to Istanbul, Ankara, Eskişehir, Bursa and many other places to visit in winter.


Cappadocia, which welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists throughout the year, is one of the top locations among the places that take on a unique beauty in winter. Millions of years of natural changes created as a result of different place shapes, adds an entirely different atmosphere to the region. If you want to have a pleasant winter holiday, we recommend you to see fairy chimneys in the snow!


Şirince, one of the most beautiful villages of İzmir, takes on a different atmosphere in winter even though it attracts attention in all seasons. The scenic landscape with the snow falling on the historical houses is sure to be quite impressive for those of you who love winter! You can taste the famous fruit wines and enjoy the quietness while having a pleasant winter holiday in Şirince.


Palandöken, which is one of the most preferred locations for winter sports in our country, has very special and pleasant ski facilities. Therefore; This land, which is covered with snow for six months of the year, is ideal for those who want to have a pleasant winter holiday. If you’re going to do sports and relax, we recommend you to visit Palandöken this winter.


Kocaeli-Kartepe, which is one of the favourite stops of people living in a metropolis like Istanbul, has one of the leading ski centres of our country. The ski resort with its different difficulty grades is ideal for professional or beginner skiers. If you don’t want to ski, you can enjoy fish and fantastic nature in the tiles in Maşukiye at the foot of the mountain.

Kaz Mountain

Kaz Mountain, which is almost the breathing area of our country, provides an unforgettable experience intertwined with nature. With its lush forests, villages, waterfalls, ponds and dozens of beauty, the mountain appeals to nature lovers and adds beauty to its beauty in winter. Moreover, Kaz Mountain is a great honeymoon route for those who will get married in winter.


Bolu-Kartalkaya, one of the destinations that hold the heart of winter tourism, is home to a ski resort that must be seen at the peak of the Köroğlu Mountains. The ski resort, which is frequently visited by local tourists as well as foreign tourists, is known for its international standards. For this reason, the region is very suitable for land, skiing and accommodation.


Sapanca, one of the popular addresses of getting away from city life, is our other route where you can integrate with nature. You can plan a unique weekend getaway with friends, family or spouse in the district where you can go for a beautiful hike around Lake Sapanca, do chats by the fireplace and enjoy the spread of the village breakfasts.


For a winter trip that is good for your soul, why not turn your route to the Black Sea? Because green has an eye-catching beauty, Rize is ready to embrace you. You can experience the most memorable experience to date by making your plateau accommodation to listen to your head and witness the most beautiful winter scenery. Recently, bungalow accommodation has become quite popular in Rize plateaus.

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