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Dyeing After Hair Transplant

The most basic purpose of hair transplant operations is to restore people’s lost self-confidence and to make people regain their natural, healthy, and aesthetic appearance. We see that this basic goal can be easily achieved after many hair transplant operations. Developing technology, developments in clinical conditions, and most importantly, the increasing experience of health personnel working in the field of hair transplantation are among the important factors in this success. After a hair transplant, new hair begins to grow, acquire a natural and healthy appearance. At this time, some of the new hairs can be seen growing white. Many people are uncomfortable with this situation and even think that their hair is unhealthy. Because of this, there are even those who think that the hair transplant has failed. However, the situation is normal and is related to the age and physiology of the person. So, some questions can come to mind: Can dyeing be done for hair that turns white after hair transplantation? What are the conditions for dyeing after a hair transplant? How long should it take for dyeing after a hair transplant? In this article, we would like to discuss this issue with you.


Can I dye after a hair transplant?

Hair transplant patients begin to ask the question of can I dye after a hair transplant, especially if their new hair has started to turn white. Our answer to this question will be yes. It is possible to dye after hair transplantation, but some conditions must be met. The first of these is the requirement to wait for the necessary time required for the hair to be healthy and mature. Another condition is the need to have this process done with the help of a specialist hairdresser. Because, after hair transplantation, weak and unhealthy hair follicles may fall out if dyeing is done early. Even worse, a hair transplant may fail due to an inexperienced hairdresser who damages the hair follicles. We have one last and important warning for you. When doing hair care, be sure to examine the content of hair care products. Never use hair care products that contain harmful chemicals. Especially if you are going to have a dye after a hair transplant, be more sensitive to this issue.

How long should I wait before dyeing my hair again?

We often encounter the question of how long we should wait for dyeing after hair transplantation. Physiological conditions of people vary according to environmental factors, eating habits, age, and even psychology. Therefore, it is not possible to give the same answer to the question of how long should I wait before dyeing my hair again. For these periods, which vary from person to person, hair transplant specialists should examine their patients especially. At the end of this special examination, they should inform them of their results. It has been seen in many cases that after the hair transplant operation, it is necessary to wait at least 4 weeks for dyeing. This period may extend up to 6 weeks or even 8 weeks for many people. Therefore, it is wrong to think that I can dye my hair after 4 weeks. It is necessary to ensure that the final decision on this issue is made by the specialist doctor who conducts the special examination of the patient. Otherwise, dyeing can be done before the hair matures and gains sufficient strength. This can cause hair damage.

When can you dye your hair after a hair transplant?

As we mentioned in the question above, you should be in contact with your doctor during the care processes after the hair transplant operation. You should follow the warnings and recommendations of the doctor exactly. You can tell your doctor that you want to have dyed and ask if your situation is suitable for this. Your specialist will advise you at the most convenient time for you. In this way, it will be a much more correct course of action. However, we advise you not to dye within 1 month after the hair transplant. Consult your doctor after the first 1 month and dye your hair if he allows.

Can I color my hair before surgery?

A lot of questions come to mind about whether we can dye the hair before the hair transplant. Our answer to this is positive. There is an important condition for this answer to be positive and to cause positive results. If you want to have a dyeing procedure before the hair transplant operation, have it done a few days before the operation. In this way, it will be easier for hair transplant specialists to work on your scalp during surgery. Because the hair follicles will become clear, the doctor will work faster and more precisely. Another benefit of having hair dyed a few days before the operation is that it is important for the post-operative period. It is forbidden to dye hair within 1 month after the operation. For this reason, you will not need to dye your hair again, as the dyeing process you will do before the surgery will continue its effect. This will help you look healthier and more aesthetic.

Hair flap surgery before and after

Scalp flap surgery is performed by moving the skin, which has enough hair on it, to the bald area. During this surgery, a hair-bearing skin flap is cut from the side of the scalp on a total of three sides. After cutting, the piece of skin is carried towards the front hairline. During this process, the piece of skin does not leave the bloodstream. In other words, the scalp is not completely detached from the scalp. Thus, the coverage of the hair is increased. In case of narrow gaps between the transferred flaps, it may be necessary to perform a hair transplant or reduce the scalp afterward. This operation is a major operation compared to other hair transplant operations and should be performed by specialist physicians in a full-fledged hospital. As with all serious surgical interventions, it is necessary to be sensitive during the hair flap surgery and to be in a full-fledged hospital in case of an emergency. For this reason, this operation should only be performed by surgeons who have been trained in this special technique, have high manual skills, and have experience, in a hospital with appropriate conditions. You can contact Rehair Istanbul officials for hair flap surgery before and after photos. Our clinic is a full-fledged clinic and our specialists with sufficient experience will strive to achieve the best for you.

Why should you use Rehair Istanbul?

Rehair Istanbul is a clinic that has gained a reputation for its success in hair transplantation over the years. Our clinic in Istanbul has received all the necessary permissions from the Turkish Ministry of Health. It is a much more advanced clinic compared to other hair clinic centers in Europe and the World. All necessary equipment for hair mental operations is available in our clinic. In addition, all the necessary conditions for a surgical operation are also available in Rehair Istanbul. Specialist doctors and health personnel working in the clinic are people who have the necessary experience for all hair transplant operations and are known for their success in hair transplants. In addition, all-inclusive pricing is offered for hair transplant operations performed at Rehair Istanbul. In this way, you are prevented from encountering extra costs.

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