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How to Find the Best Hair Transplantation Clinic in Turkey?

Turkey has become the center of health tourism in recent years. Because of health investments, especially those who want to have a hair transplant prefer Turkey. How can we find the best hair transplant center in Turkey? What should we pay attention to when choosing a hair transplant clinic? What issues should we be sensitive to? What should we research and focus on when choosing a clinic and doctor? What is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey? What privileges will you have at this clinic? Here you will find the answers to these questions in this article. In this way, you will take the first step for much more successful results when getting hair transplantation in Turkey.


What should you ask to find the best hair transplantation clinic?

I wonder what questions we should ask to determine the best hair transplantation clinic. Of course, first of all, it should be investigated whether there is a clinic approved by the Ministry of Health in Turkey. After that, the clinic’s history and references in the hair transplantation sector should be examined. Here, the results of people who have had hair transplantation and the percentage of satisfaction of patients should be thoroughly examined. The condition of the equipment in the clinic, hygienic conditions, and emergency response priorities should also be mentioned. If you examine them and ask these questions, it will be easy to find the best place for a hair transplant. You can see some other questions and answers below.

Read reviews about the clinic

When starting research about a hair transplantation clinic, you should first look at the comments about it. Because people who have previously had hair transplantation in this clinic convey their experience and experience with these comments. These comments, transmitted with a neutral eye, will give you very good information about the clinic. We recommend that you browse the comments on our website. Because all comments addressed from an unbiased point of view can be considered as the best hair transplant reviews for you.

View Before – After Results

How do you get the most accurate results in your research on the best hair transplant results? Of course, by studying the results before and after hair transplantation. On our website, you can see original photos of people who have previously come to our clinic and had hair transplantation. These photos give you images of our patients before and after hair transplantation. Thanks to the best hair transplant techniques applied in our clinic, photos of people who have achieved the best hair transplant results will positively affect your decision. By looking at these photos, you can get information about the appropriate hair transplant method for yourself. In addition, you can find out what the best hair transplant treatment procedures should be after hair transplantation.

Research the doctor

One of the considerations that should be most focused on when researching hair transplantation is to research the doctor. Before getting hair transplantation, the best hair transplant surgeon research is necessarily done. Hair transplant surgery is a procedure in which a person’s hair is transplanted into a person’s scalp. After a little review, you will understand that REHAIR hair transplantation specialists are known as the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey. Because of this, we say that choose REHAIR for the best hair transplant technology and the best hair transplant surgeon.

Research the technology which is used by the clinic.

The technology used in hair transplantation procedures is very important for successful results. Because as technology has evolved, hair transplant success rates have also increased. In parallel, after hair transplantation, the recovery time and normal aesthetic appearance have been shortened. In short, when the best hair transplant technology and the best hair transplant doctors combine, your likelihood of meeting best hair transplant results will become almost certain.

Clinic staff and team.

One of the issues as important as the technology used in hair transplant clinics, the hygiene of the environment, and the qualifications of hair transplant doctors are noted as clinic staff and team. So, what are the reasons that make them so effective and important? First, your biggest supporter before the hair transplantation operation is the clinic staff and team. They give you all the information about the operation; mentally and physically prepare you for the operation. In addition, those who provide hygienic and favorable conditions during the operation are again the clinic staff and team. After hair transplantation, they are the ones who answer all your questions and apply the most appropriate hair care for you for the best hair transplant treatment. For this reason, clinical staff is important and necessary for the success of hair transplantation.

What/Which are the best hair transplantation methods?

The first question on the mind of many people who are about to decide on hair transplantation is: What/which are the best hair transplantation methods? And does it help us to ask what is the best method? Instead, wouldn’t it be better to investigate the hair transplantation method that best suits our physiology, hair and skin structure, or mental state? Our answer to that will certainly be yes. With the development of technology, a significant increase in hair transplantation methods and great improvements in techniques are observed. The most well-known hair transplantation methods can be considered as DHI Hair Transplant, FUE Hair Transplant, FUT Hair Transplant, and SUT Hair Transplant. Let’s briefly examine these hair transplantation methods.

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant, also known as Direct Hair Transplant, is one of the most effective hair transplant methods known. This method consists of two stages: removing hair from the donor area and planting it in the area where the transplant will be performed. Grafts taken from the donor area by the micro-FUE method are transported to the area to be transplanted with the help of micro-ends. All hair roots can be transplanted directly to the area where hair transplantation will be performed without opening the channel in the transplant area. There is no need to cut the hair in the area where the hair transplantation will be performed. For this reason, it offers an ideal solution for those who do not want a bad image that will occur after hair transplantation and for women who worry about this issue.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant is a type of hair transplant operation that is shown as a permanent and fast solution against baldness and is therefore often performed. FUE hair transplantation is performed by transferring hair follicles to the area of baldness on the scalp, especially in the nape area. By examining the length and direction of the hair follicles taken from the neck, it is necessary to separate carefully and accurately. During these procedures, the carried hair follicles mustn’t be damaged in any way. If the question of where the best FUE hair transplant is performed is in your mind, we recommend that you consult us immediately. The most suitable and the best FUE hair transplant method will be performed by REHAIR with our latest technology and master surgeons.

SUT Hair Transplant

 Thanks to the SUT Hair Transplant method, it is possible to get a natural hairline and a more dense and well-groomed hair appearance. One of the latest hair transplant methods, SUT Hair Transplant, allows 3-4 times more hair follicles to be transplanted than other methods. During this method, hair roots taken from the hair area, especially at the back of the head, are transported to the desired transplant area with the help of punch lenses. Since it does not require local anesthesia or a surgical operation, all possible risks are minimized. Because of this, it has recently become one of the most preferred methods.

FUT Hair Transplant/Strip Hair Transplant

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is a hair transplant technique known and practiced all over the world for about 30 years. In recent years, it is supported by advanced technology and constantly develops. Because of this, the FUT Hair Transplant method is still a method that remains popular. Hair follicles are removed in strips from the donor area and carefully planted in the area where the hair transplant will be performed. The aspects and frequency of hair transplantation are very important for ensuring a natural appearance. If the hair in the donor area is too small, this method is recommended to collect more grafts. It is also known as the most appropriate hair transplantation method as a price.

Which country is the best for hair transplant?

 If you are asking the question of where the best hair transplant is performed, you should start researching Turkey, which is the most popular country of recent times. Health investments, the best hair transplant doctors, and technological facilities in clinics have enabled Turkey to become the best hair transplant in the world. If you also want the best hair transplant treatment and want to perform it at very affordable prices, come to Turkey immediately…

Where is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

Istanbul is known as the health capital of Turkey. Because of this, very serious achievements are achieved in hair transplants performed in Istanbul. When we investigate where the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey is, because of the health investments that have been made, we are faced with the Istanbul answer. Considering the experience of doctors, clinical conditions, patient support after transplantation, the answer to the question of the best clinic for hair transplant in Turkey is REHAIR in Istanbul. Call now and get acquainted with REHAIR privileges.

What is the best/most successful hair transplant procedure? / What is the best hair transplant technique?

Have you thought about having a hair transplant? Contact ReHair Istanbul for the most suitable hair transplant that suits you. We will explain transparently which method suits you best.

What is the best hair transplant cost/price in Turkey?

Turkey is making a name for itself with its health developments and achievements. Compared to other countries, hair transplantation costs in Turkey are also very affordable. Prices differ per technique. For more information, please contact us.

Which is the best affordable hair transplant clinic in Istanbul?

ReHair Istanbul is the most affordable hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. The successful hair transplant results and satisfied customers are our references.

When is the best hair transplantation season? / When is the best time to get hair transplant?

Nowadays, a hair transplant can be performed every season. If you carefully follow the aftercare instructions, the season will not affect the result.

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