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Turkey’s Position in Health Tourism the World

Turkey is a country that acts as a bridge between Europe and Asia. Transitions, both geographically and between civilizations, happen through Turkey. Istanbul, on the other hand, is the apple of the eye of Turkey and the cradle of civilizations. Turkey is a paradise in terms of culture, art, natural beauty, and history. All nations of the world prefer this place for tourism because of the distinctive features of Turkey. In recent years, health tourism has become an important sector for Turkey. The investments made in the field of health and the positive results obtained as a result have made Turkey attractive in terms of health tourism. In this article, we will talk to you about Turkey’s position in health tourism in the world.


Why is Turkey preferred in health tourism?

Turkey is a land of opportunities. In terms of health tourism, Turkey has become very preferred due to the advantages it has. Especially in the last 15 years, Turkey has advanced in the field of health. The medical equipment in the hospitals has been increased above the world standards. The training of doctors and health personnel continues to be given at European standards. In addition to these, Turkey has a great advantage in the health sector, especially compared to European countries. Due to the price advantages of almost 90% in some treatments, Turkey has become a demanding country in terms of health tourism.

Cheap operating prices

In terms of health tourism, one of the most important advantages of Turkey is wages. With the serious health investments made, Turkey’s preference for health tourism has increased. The increasingly competitive environment caused a decrease in the operation prices in Turkey. Studies show that treatment prices in Turkey are very cheap compared to European countries. Many patients come to Turkey to be treated and to see Turkey’s natural and historical beauties. For these reasons, cheap operation prices have become one of the most important reasons for Turkey’s preference for healthcare and the increase in healthcare standards.

Well know-know due to 15 years of health tourism experience

Turkey maintains its feature of being a tourism country from past to present. The most important factors in this are the natural and historical beauties of Turkey. In addition to these, it is possible to experience almost every privilege you want to find in European countries in Istanbul. In the last 15 years, Turkey has made a serious breakthrough in the field of health tourism. As a result of the investments made, the number of experienced doctors in Turkey as well as the hospital facilities has increased significantly. As a result of the very affordable treatment fees in Turkey, interest in health tourism in Turkey is increasing. The natural result of this increase in interest is that the Turkish health sector is equipped with more up-to-date information. In addition, the surgical experience of hospital staff and doctors is increasing. Therefore, your choice in health should be Turkey for comfort, experience, health, and price advantage.

All-in-One Costs

We mentioned that treatment fees are very advantageous in health tourism in Turkey. In addition, prices in Turkey are offered by many hospitals with an all-in-one mentality. Patients are welcomed with VIP services since they take their steps to Turkey. They have enough information about the amount they will spend until they get their treatment and arrive at the airport to go to their country. Thanks to all-in-one costs, there are no extra fees and no bad surprises. In this way, everybody both gets a nice treatment and do not have to pay for the annoying new costs.

What is a Medical visa for Turkey?

Health tourism in Turkey is developing at an extraordinary rate and this situation is appreciated by all citizens of the world. Foreign nationals who want to receive treatment in Turkey can quickly obtain the necessary medical visas for Turkey. Once the validity period has expired and the need arises, the validity period of visas can be easily extended. Currently, there are two types of medical visas for your health visit to Turkey. The first of these is the Medical Visa that can be obtained from the Turkish Consulate in your country. For this, you need to apply to the Turkish Consulates in person. The second method to obtain a valid medical visa in Turkey is the Online Visa (eVisa), which can be obtained before arriving in Turkey through Turkey’s online visa system. You can contact Rehair Istanbul officials for details regarding these visas.

Best comfortable transfer and hotels

We have already mentioned how Turkey is an exemplary country in the field of tourism. However, this situation is not limited to natural and historical beauties. All tourists coming to Turkey are also amazed by the warmth and hospitality of the Turkish people. Hotel facilities suitable for every budget and Turkish cuisine with great tastes can be added to these. When we look at it in terms of health tourism, we come across additional beauties and conveniences. Our guests who come to our country to solve their health problems are still greeted at the airport with VIP methods. They are transported to their hotel or to the hospital where they will receive treatment, with comfortable vehicles specially arranged for them. In other words, everything in Turkey, including the best comfortable transfer and hotels, is organized for your health, comfort, and happiness.

Why should you choose Rehair Istanbul?

Turkey is a healthcare country that has gained a reputation for its first-class healthcare infrastructure as well as many highly trained and expert doctors. This beautiful reputation has made Turkey the preferred destination for everyone. There are many hospitals and doctors in the country, but there is one of them stands out with its distinctive features. We are talking about Rehair Istanbul. Turkey’s leading surgeons and doctors work in this clinic. They are performing very successful operations together with the clinical staff working in harmony. In Rehair Istanbul, where state-of-the-art devices are used, it is possible to adapt to the newest techniques immediately. Thanks to its continuous research and development processes, it continues to be the most popular clinic in Turkey as well as in Europe. If you want to regain your health in a short time, avoid bad surprises, and have a comfortable Turkey tour, you can choose Rehair Istanbul.

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