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What is an Afro Hair Transplant?

Hair loss is among the common problems of everyone. Every individual, regardless of race, language, religion, gender, or age, suffers from this problem. However, we know that there are different races around the world and genetic characteristics can differ. You know that black people called African Americans have curly hair. Curly hairstyles are genetic, not a preference for African Americans. Of course, in this case, the need for different hair transplant methods for different breeds arises. In this article, we will share some information about Afro hair transplants with you. It is not enough for only African American people to read this article. We recommend that people who want to learn about hair transplants and those with curly hair should also read it.


Everything You Need To Know About An Afro Hair Transplant

In this article, we will give you information about everything you need to know about an Afro hair transplant. Thus, we will reach the answer to the question of how Afro Hair Transplant should be for African American citizens, who have a very dense population around the world. We all know that hair transplant applications and methods vary from person to person. Health personnel who are experts in hair transplantation, therefore, have to apply individual and different treatment methods. When An Afro Hair Transplant is needed, clinics and health personnel with insufficient experience and knowledge may cause you to encounter negative results. Therefore, you can read this article carefully and clarify your decision.

What is Hair Transplant for Afro Hair?

An Afro Hair Transplant is applied for people with curly hair. It is a hair transplant method, especially for black people of African American race. In the light of research and scientific developments in the hair transplant sector, it has been understood that a different method is essential for people with African American structures. Because the curly structure in the hair of African American people is not limited to the visible parts. Under the skin, hair follicles continue to curl and develop there. However, people with a straight hair structure have less tight curls. For such a patient, both FUE and FUT hair transplantation can be easily performed. However, FUE Hair Transplant may not be a suitable method for African American hair transplantation. It has been seen in many cases that the FUT Hair Transplant method may be a better choice for the person who needs an Afro Hair Transplant.

FUE & FUT Afro Hair Transplant Surgery

In all hair transplant operations, your pre-controls and personal tests should be done by a specialist hair doctor before the operation. Pre-tests and controls are of greater importance in patients who will undergo Afro-American Hair Transplant. It is especially important for a physician to understand the type and cause of hair loss. In addition, the recognition of the extensions of the curly hair in the skin, the determination of the donor area and the suitability of the method to be applied to the person should also be understood at this stage. For example, the type of hair loss in Afro-American women occurs in a form called traction alopecia. Using chemical hair products or tying the hair too hard are considered the cause of these problems. These and similar reasons are examined by specialist physicians. If the patient’s hair structure is suitable, FUE afro hair transplant surgery is performed. If a different method is not required and the hair structure is not suitable for FUE, FUT afro hair transplant surgery is performed.

An Afro Hair Transplant Price

People who decide to have a hair transplant may encounter different fees when they have an Afro Hair Transplant. Because the physical structure of the patient and whether the donor area has suitable grafts for hair transplantation are very important. In addition, regardless of the method to be applied during an Afro Hair Transplant, a great deal of expertise and experience is required during the procedure. In addition, the sensitivity required during the transplantation of grafts is at the highest level. For these reasons, you should do the most accurate clinical research for you before proceeding to the stage of getting information about An Afro Hair Transplant price.

You should contact hair transplant clinics that are experts in their fields, experienced and proven with their success. It will be in your best interest to do these researches seriously. In terms of an Afro Hair Transplant price, Rehair Istanbul in Turkey will make the best price offer for your budget. When you read our article, you will understand better what we mean. “WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE ALL-INCLUSIVE HAIR TRANSPLANT PACKAGE PRICE IN TURKEY?” Because Rehair Istanbul offers an all-inclusive hair transplant package price for our valued customers. This gives you a great price advantage. If Rehair Istanbul is your first choice in this regard, you can be among our happy customers.

Why an Afro Hair Transplant Should be Done in Rehair Istanbul?

We can talk in detail for minutes to give the most appropriate answer to this question. But let’s say this briefly: If you want to do an Afro Hair Transplant, Rehair Istanbul is the best address. Because, Rehair Istanbul has specialist physicians, a high-level clinical environment, state-of-the-art hair transplant equipment, and hair transplant operations with success guaranteed and a reasonable price guarantee. For all of these and more, let’s come to Rehair Istanbul right away; let’s talk…

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