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How much does a hair transplant cost in Turkey?

When the words Turkey and hair transplantation come together, all authorities have been expressing their positive thoughts for decades. Because the number of investments Turkey has made primarily in the health field and then in the hair transplantation sector has reached very high levels. These investments have caused Turkey to become a leading country in the hair transplantation and general health sector. Parallel to this, Turkey’s share of health tourism has started to increase.

In our article titled 4 Distinctive Criteria for Choosing a Country for Your Hair Transplant, we have provided you with tips for making an easier decision about the countries you will go to for hair transplantation. However, you will be able to understand how advantageous it is to have a hair transplant operation in Turkey, with this article.

Now, we will try to remind you of some important issues so that you can choose the best clinic if you want to have your hair transplant in Turkey. However, we would like to convey how hair transplant prices are in Turkey. Thanks to price comparisons, you will better understand the price advantage in Turkey. Your attention to these issues will directly affect the success of the hair transplant operation.


Average Hair Transplantation Cost

Is there anything like having beautiful and healthy hair? Healthy hair means a good aesthetic appearance. Aesthetic appearance is one of the most important factors for a person’s self-confidence and success. Hair transplant prices are one of the most important obstacles faced by those who need and want to have a hair transplant. Hair transplant prices vary according to the physical characteristics of the people. Another variability is due to package prices and different price policies between countries. For this reason, it will not be very accurate to give average hair transplantation cost information. For example, in the Netherlands, the number of grafts and how many days the treatment will take are two very important variables in hair transplant prices. If the hair transplant treatment will be completed in 1 day, the prices vary between at least 2000 Euros and 5200 Euros. The maximum number of grafts transplanted within a 1-day period does not exceed 1750. If the hair transplant operations are extended to the 2nd day, the hair transplant prices are around 8000 Euros.

Hair Transplantation Cost in Turkey

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of affordable hair transplant prices and hair transplant success. You can understand this from the excess number of satisfied customers, as well as when you do research on hair transplant prices in Turkey. The main reason why hair transplant prices are very affordable in Turkey is the all-inclusive package price. This system, which has been implemented by Rehair Istanbul, offers very advantageous hair transplant prices for patients coming from abroad. The affordability of hair transplant prices in Turkey can also be understood from the fact that Turkey is highly preferred for hair transplant and health tourism.

Hair Transplantation Cost by Grafts?

In many countries, hair transplant prices are evaluated per graft. Because of this, after the preliminary examination of the people, the number of grafts to be transplanted is determined according to the condition of their hair. Hair transplant prices for patients who have lost a lot of hair can reach very high amounts. Therefore, instead of hair transplantation cost by grafts, the all-inclusive package price application will allow you to encounter more affordable hair transplant prices.

Hair Transplantation Cost for 500 Grafts

Hair transplant operations in Turkey are carried out by Rehair Istanbul in the form of an all-inclusive package price application and with VIP methods. However, in many European countries, hair transplant prices vary per graft to be transplanted. For example, in the Netherlands, the hair transplantation cost for 500 grafts is foreseen as 1975 Euro.

Hair Transplantation Cost for 2000 Grafts

In the Netherlands, hair transplantation cost for 2000 grafts has been determined as 5575 Euros. The reason for this is that up to 1750 grafts can be transplanted in one day due to working conditions. When there is a need for 2000 grafts, the cost of hair transplantation for 2000 grafts in the Netherlands has increased as the working time will be 1.5 working days.

Hair Transplantation Cost for 3500 Grafts

In the examinations, it has been seen that an average of 8100 Euros is requested for hair transplantation cost for 3500 grafts in the Netherlands. 3500 graft requires 2 days of work, which is the reason for the price increase.

Hair Transplantation Cost for 4000 Grafts

Hair transplantation cost for 4000 grafts is around 10.000 Euros since it is performed after a 2.5-day study in the Netherlands. You can find out detailed information on this subject by calling us.

Hair Transplantation Cost for 5000 Grafts

Hair transplant operation, in which 5000 grafts will be transplanted, requires at least 2.5 days of work. Rehair Istanbul applies package price for hair transplantation cost for 5000 grafts. However, in European countries, the cost of hair transplantation for 5000 grafts is over 10,000 Euros.

Hair Transplantation Cost for 6000 Grafts

If there are enough healthy grafts in the donor areas of people who have lost a lot of hair, 6000 grafts can be transplanted. It is also normal that the question of hair transplantation cost for 6000 grafts comes to mind. In European countries, the cost of hair transplantation for 6000 grafts is around 15,000 Euros. You can get detailed information about hair transplant prices from the officials of our clinic.

Laser Hair Transplant Cost

Laser Hair Transplant draws attention as a method that has started to be preferred in recent years. The most important factors in this are that it is non-invasive and painless. However, the absence of side effects and the strengthening of the hair are among the positive aspects of this method. Despite these beauties, laser hair transplant cost is expensive compared to other hair transplant methods. Laser hair transplant cost in European and American countries is 2-3 times higher when compared to laser hair transplant cost in Turkey.

Hair Transplantation Cost for Women

Women also make a lot of demands on hair transplants. The increase in chemical products used for hair, stressful life habits, and tiring work schedules are among the reasons for the growth of the female hair transplant industry. Hair transplantation cost for women varies according to the hair structure of women and the amount of shedding. Therefore, if you want to get the most accurate information, you should contact the authorities of our clinic. After the evaluations and controls regarding your hair, you will encounter the most suitable hair transplantation cost for women.

Why should you choose Rehair Istanbul?

Rehair Istanbul is one of the most famous hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Rehair Istanbul, whose reputation has long exceeded the borders of Turkey, is also appreciated by the citizens of the world. Rehair Istanbul, with its state-of-the-art technology and expert health personnel, pleases its patients with an all-inclusive VIP hair transplant package, including an unlimited number of grafts and flight tickets. People who are treated with VIP methods and regain their aesthetic appearance in a short time also have the chance to discover the touristic beauties of Turkey. Within this package, transfer from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the clinic is applied for each patient. All medicines and care materials needed before and after the operation are provided. Accommodation in high-end hotels, free online control, and consultancy services after the operation with a special translator are also offered within this package. The all-inclusive VIP Hair transplant package also includes pre-interview in the Netherlands, control and PRP procedures in the Netherlands after the hair transplant operation. Therefore, our patients who prefer Rehair Istanbul do not encounter unpleasant surprises and additional costs.

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