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Health Tourism in Turkey: Opportunities and Threats

Since the 1970s, our world has come under the influence of the concept of globalization. As a result of this, it became easier to access information, travel opportunities between countries became both cheaper and easier. The narrowness of health insurance coverage, especially in Western countries, the inability to obtain the desired efficiency in health services, the difficulty of accessing health services, and very high costs have brought health tourism to an upward trend all over the world. The desire to access health services faster, to see new places, and to get better health services at a more affordable price directs individuals to health tourism. As the interest in health tourism is increasing day by day, all countries have started to make serious investments in this field. Turkey, on the other hand, is one of the first countries to make serious investments in this field and to attach the most importance. As a result, it has become the leading country in the field of health tourism all over the world. For detailed information on this subject, you can access it through our article titled “Is Turkey safe for health tourism?” In this article, we will talk about health tourism in Turkey and Turkey’s opportunities and threats in this sector.


What is health tourism?

Health tourism can be defined as the travel of individuals to other countries to receive medical assistance and support. Health tourism, also defined as medical tourism, has become attractive in Western countries in recent years due to the excessive rise in health costs. Due to this, the scope of health tourism is expanding very much. In today’s modern world, healthy living, looking better, being happy and anti-aging applications are also in demand. Because of this, these issues have also been included in the scope of health tourism and different countries have been respected in these issues. Due to this growing need and demand, health tourism investments have taken a very wide place, from preventive treatment centers to rehabilitation and thermal facilities.

What kinds of health tourism sectors are available in Turkey?

Turkey has a very wide range in the field of health tourism. As a result of increasing health needs, health facilities in Turkey are also increasing rapidly. Clinics and hospitals with all kinds of medical support and surgery facilities provide services at affordable prices. In addition to these, there are many opportunities for psychological support, disability support, and health services that can be provided for the elderly. Rehabilitation clinics, preventive and alternative treatment facilities are also available in abundance in Turkey. Besides these, the natural facilities and natural beauties of Turkey have made Turkey an interesting destination both in terms of treatment and rehabilitation. Thermal facilities with hot and healing waters, therapeutic qualities of some streams and lakes, and facilities established on forest and mountain slopes with high oxygen supply are among Turkey’s health tourism opportunities.

Why Turkey? What are the opportunities in Turkey?

Turkey, thanks to its natural and historical beauties, is always a favorite country for tourists. Serious investments made in the field of health have also led to an explosion of health tourism in Turkey. In particular, as a result of the seriousness of health education and the fact that the best students in the country underwent a very serious medical education, there were large increases in the quality of medical personnel. As a result, Turkey is one of the most experienced countries in the field of health. At the same time, the traditional hospitality and warmth of the Turkish people make it possible for everyone from abroad to access all kinds of comfort and convenience from the moment of their arrival in Turkey. VIP transfers, accommodation in 5-star hotels, personalized interpreter services, and other conveniences are among the opportunities Turkey will offer you in terms of health tourism. In addition, there were no long waiting times for foreign patients to receive medical services in Turkey. The visa procedures required to enter Turkey for medical tourism purposes are quick and easy for most countries. In addition, one of the most important opportunities is that the costs of medical tourism in Turkey are very low priced. You will see that with the money needed to get the same health care in your own country, you can get this health care service in Turkey and have a nice holiday.

What are the risks and threats?

Due to the high quality of services provided at an affordable cost and the fact that it offers a wide range of health facilities, Turkey is one of the most attractive countries in health tourism. In addition, there may be some risks in terms of health tourism in Turkey. At the very beginning of them is the risk of clinics and hospitals that have not received approval from the Ministry of Health, are operating unauthorized and unlicensed. It will be very risky to get medical services from such facilities. Due to the political instability in the countries neighboring Turkey, the large number of foreigners in Turkey is one of the other risk factors for health tourism. However, the medical services provided by experienced and competent clinics are very adequate and good. In addition, close attention and special services provided for people who want to take advantage of medical tourism against all possible risks reduce the impact of risks.

How to choose the right clinic?

For medical tourism, it is necessary to contact clinics and doctors in a foreign country, get the service from them. It is a serious risk factor for individuals to purchase this service from a country they never knew about. The way to minimize this starts with choosing the right clinic. People who need medical tourism should do very detailed research on alternative clinics before making their decisions. The competence and experience of doctors and medical personnel in clinics should be examined. The opinions and recommendations of people who have previously received medical services from this hospital should be carefully followed. In addition, the condition of the medical equipment in the clinic and whether it is suitable for modern times should be investigated. In addition, research should be carried out on issues such as the amenities offered for health care, the sensitivity shown to the rules of hygiene and cleanliness in the clinic. As a result of the research conducted on these issues, it will be easier to choose the right clinic.

Read reviews and compare before-after photos

We are living in an information age where we have witnessed the rapid development of the internet and social media in recent years. The most important thing that the information age has added to us is to take advantage of the experience of people who have experience in any subject. Thus, we have the opportunity not to make the mistakes that others have made, but to access the beauties they have experienced in a short way. If you are also in search of the best clinic for hair transplantation, you should follow the comments, opinions, and suggestions pages on the Internet. Thus, it is possible to access the most accurate and clear information about this clinic. In addition, before-after photos, which contain images before and after the operation, especially of people who have had a hair transplant, will be very useful to you. Thus, you will be able to personally see with your own eyes the recovery rates of people who have previously had a hair transplant and the success of the operation.

Get in touch with the clinic

One of the researches you will do about the clinics where you will have a hair transplant is the approaches of these organizations to their patients. If you are going to get services from a clinic, you should have a close relationship with the clinics both before and after the surgery. You should be able to reach the clinic quickly on issues such as how you should do hair care, what you should pay attention to before and after surgery, and what your movement style should be in an emergency and risky situation. In short, the fact that the patient and clinic relations are at the highest level before and after the operation will ensure that the processes proceed very accurately.

Why Rehair Istanbul?

Rehair Istanbul is one of the most famous clinics in Istanbul and Turkey, specializing in hair transplantation and hair diseases for many years. Our specialist doctors and surgeons, who have been working in our company for many years, are committed to your health. However, all our medical staff does their best for your comfort and faster recovery. Along with these, Rehair Istanbul’s health equipment and facilities are also above world standards. In our clinic, where the latest technology is used, new hair transplant methods are also being successfully applied. In addition to all this, Rehair Istanbul is also notable for its experience in the field of health tourism. In order to ensure patient satisfaction, all the needs of our patients from abroad are fully met by us. In order not to encounter unpleasant surprises, the necessary information is provided in full. All of our patients are greeted, sent off, and hosted with VIP methods. In short, all of your expectations from health tourism and even more are offered to you by Rehair Istanbul.

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