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Best countries offering hair transplantation!

We said goodbye to the old healthy days due to environmental factors, busy work life, air pollution, negative effects of radiation, and stress. Now everyone gets sick more quickly and loses their healthy and fit look more quickly. Hair loss comes first among the health problems experienced by people. As the number of people suffering from hair loss increases, the number of people who need hair transplants is also increasing. Receiving hair transplant services from foreign countries, also known as health tourism, became very common in this process. In this article, we will try to give information about the best countries offering hair transplantation within the scope of this subject.


What are the countries offering hair transplant surgery?

The fact that people around the world want to have a healthier and more aesthetic appearance has revealed the need to pay more attention to their physical appearance. As a result of this, countries have made very serious investments in the field of health. In this way, they want to get a bigger share from health tourism. Hair transplantation covers a very important area in terms of health tourism, and countries are making important breakthroughs for the hair transplantation sector while increasing their investments in health.

We observe that important steps have been taken for hair transplant surgery in many countries in the world, especially in European countries. Many countries are struggling to have the latest technology for hair transplant operations. However, they give more importance to education to train hair transplant surgeons. Globalizing world conditions allow new techniques and models in hair transplantation to spread rapidly. As a result, competition among countries increases.

Are all hair transplantation surgeries offered by all countries?

Hair transplantation surgeries are a very demanding and rapidly developing and changing sector. As the needs increase, the interest in faster, more painless, and more effortless hair transplant methods is also increasing. Increasing interest helps create an enabling environment for the emergence of new methods.

It is not possible to say that every country investing in the field of hair transplantation has made the necessary interest and investment in this field. Countries’ health policies, perspectives on the health sector, visa policies, and pandemic conditions are some of the reasons for this deficiency. For this reason, it is important for people who want to have a hair transplant to examine the investments made by countries for hair transplant surgery.

Price difference according to the countries

We have said that the necessary investment has not been made in hair transplant surgery and that some countries do not show enough interest in this issue. In addition, price differences between countries are also a very important criterion for the preferability of countries.

Hair transplant prices are also quite high in countries with a higher nominal currency value than in some less developed countries. However, in developing countries such as Turkey, a hair transplant operation can be done at relatively affordable prices. The low currency value of these countries causes hair transplant fees to be lower. At this point, you may think of the question of whether there may be a decrease in the quality of hair transplant operations. The evaluations and the results of the hair transplant operations show that the results of the operations performed are very successful, even if the hair transplant prices are low in Turkey. Therefore, patients from many countries of the world come to Turkey for hair transplants.

What are medical safety rules in different countries?

The health sector contains certain universal rules regarding human and environmental health. However, in some countries, serious medical rules in the field of health are being relaxed. In countries where adequate controls and inspections are not carried out, important deficiencies in medical safety rules are observed.

Our advice to you is to conduct research on Medical safety rules, first of all, investigate whether measures are taken to prevent bloodstream infections. Assess hospital patient safety culture. Find out how the hospital’s follow-up system is for discharged patients. Also, check whether the hospital is well designed for the patient and their relatives. You need to know that the medical devices are placed correctly and that the patients are adequately informed before and after the operation.

One of the most important criteria in terms of medical safety rules is the working conditions and shift times of the hospital staff. If you want to receive hair transplant services in different countries, you should pay attention to the above-mentioned issues regarding medical safety rules.

Are packages available in each country?

Some countries apply certain packages for hair transplant operations. In these packages, pre-checks and visa procedures can be applied before leaving your country. In addition, organizing your flight tickets and travel facilities, VIP reception at the airport, and transfers to the hospital can also be included in these packages.

In addition, some countries can provide tours of the country’s historical and touristic places within the scope of the hair transplant packages they apply. Within the scope of this package, controls and consultancy services performed after the hair transplant operation can also be provided. Before going to another country for a hair transplant, you should carefully examine the hair transplant packages that will be applied to you. Thus, you avoid the risk of encountering unpleasant surprises.

Best hair transplant clinics

One of the researches you will do while researching the countries you will prefer for hair transplant should be about hair transplant clinics. The status of the clinics in the country you are visiting, the answers to the question of which is the best hair transplant clinics, and the doctor-patient relations in the clinics should be among the important considerations in your preference.

Best hair transplant doctors

In hair transplantation, one of the most important factors affecting the success of the operation is hair transplant clinics, and another is hair transplant doctors. Because hair transplant doctors, who are well-educated, have experience in the field of hair transplantation, and have developed manual skills are among the important factors in the success of hair transplantation.

Why choose Turkey as your destination

Turkey has been making large investments in the field of health tourism in recent years. In addition, Turkey is one of the countries where the newest technologies and techniques are used in the field of hair transplantation. The level of interest and knowledge of doctors and health personnel trained in Turkey is at a very high level. Operation prices, on the other hand, are at an incomparably low level compared to other countries.

In addition to all these, Turkey’s historical and natural beauties, hospitable people, and culinary culture where you can taste different flavors in every season will make you choose Turkey for hair transplant. If you want to be among the happy people who have preferred Turkey in the fields of hair transplant and health tourism, we are waiting for you in Turkey.

Why choose Rehair Istanbul?

Rehair Istanbul has now proven itself in the field of hair transplant. So, Rehair Istanbul, one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey, serves both Turkish and foreign patients. The latest model technology is used in the clinic, and the newest hair transplant methods are successfully applied by expert hair transplant surgeons. Thanks to its friendly and caring staff, Rehair Istanbul maintains its feature of being one of the most preferred Turkish hair transplant clinics.

In addition, Rehair Istanbul has become one of Turkey’s most well-known brands in health tourism. With hair transplant packages designed for patients, all the comforts of people coming from abroad are considered. If you want your hair transplant to be successful and to regain your healthy and aesthetic appearance in a short time, you can choose Rehair Istanbul.

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