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Body Hair Transplantation Procedure

A traditional hair transplant procedure is performed by using the hair taken from the back of the patient’s head and nape as a donor graft. However, in some cases, there are not enough grafts that can be safely taken from this region. In these cases, additional grafts can be taken from the beard and chest of the patients. Hair transplantation done in this way is called Body Hair Transplantation. Thanks to the Body Hair Transplantation Procedure, the total number of transplanted grafts increased.

More grafts mean more healthy hair follicles. This means that we can cover a larger area affected by hair loss. It is also an important indicator that higher density implantation will be produced. Most importantly, the body hair transplantation procedure is the shortest way for people suffering from excessive hair loss to reach their old and healthy appearance in a shorter time. The body hair transplantation procedure starts with online tests that will be given to you by the clinic authorities after you choose Rehair Istanbul. Afterward, the hair transplant method suitable for you is determined and your organization to come to Turkey is made.


Arriving in the hospital

After you get off at the airport, you will be greeted by Rehair Istanbul officials. You will be transferred first to your hotel and then to our clinic with VIP methods. Upon reaching the hospital, you will meet our hospital staff and the expert team who will perform hair transplants. With your arrival at the hospital, it means that there is very limited time left for hair transplant procedures. All information about the surgery will be given to you in detail by specialist physicians.

Preparation for the surgery

After you reach the clinic and meet the healthcare team, the preparation for the surgery process will begin. You will be informed about the surgery and the points you need to pay attention to before the surgery. You mustn’t use blood thinners, and if you do, you should stop one week before the operation. Harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol may adversely affect the course of the surgery. For this reason, we recommend that you do not consume cigarettes and alcohol. In addition, you must avoid caffeine-containing drinks such as tea and coffee, excessively fatty, sugary, and salty foods a few days in advance.


At this stage, final preparations will be made for body hair transplantation surgery. In this process, which we can also call the last check-ups before the operation, if you experience extraordinary mental and physical changes, be sure to inform your doctor. Body hair transplantation is performed with local anesthesia and it is unlikely that you will feel pain during the operation. On the other hand, the warnings of doctors and clinical staff should be paid attention to. Otherwise, you may cause body hair transplantation to fail due to infection or other problems.

Defining body hair characteristics

One of the most important issues during body hair transplantation is body hair characteristics. Because, from which region and how much the grafts will be taken, it will be determined during defining body hair characteristics. Thanks to the accurate determination of which region has healthier hair follicles, the success rate of the hair transplant operation will increase significantly. This process is carried out by Rehair Istanbul in Turkey, you can call for details.

The transplantation

Body hair transplantation is done by transplanting the grafts from the nape or beard section to the desired area. During the transplantation, the doctors must pay maximum attention and act fast and meticulously. If care is not taken, an incorrectly transplanted hair follicle may not be able to hold on to the new area. Worse than that, it may progress at a wrong angle and spoil the aesthetic appearance of the person. The reason why the hair transplant team has to act quickly is that the hair follicles must be transplanted alive.

The adaptation process of grafts transplanted in a live and healthy way will be much faster. From the patient’s point of view, the transplantation process can take between 3 and 8 hours. In the meantime, it is necessary to be patient and avoid unnecessary attitudes and behaviors. We also want you to know that you will not experience any pain during the transplantation thanks to local anesthesia.

What to avoid after surgery

The post-surgery period should be known as a period that determines the success of the hair transplant operation for many people. During this process, everything that the doctor says and is conveyed to you by the clinic should be applied sensitively. Excessive physical load activities and sports should be avoided. After the surgery, you should not do things that will cause you to sweat, and you should not go out in extremely sunny or cold and windy weather.

Putting a pillow on your neck while lying down or trying to sleep at a 45-degree angle is among the important post-operative warnings. Clinic officials will inform you about some hair care instructions after the hair transplant operation. In the meantime, you will be able to learn how to care for your hair and which lotions or creams you can use. You must refrain from using anything other than the products permitted to you.

Leaving home

All kinds of processes that you will encounter while coming to our country for hair transplant operation or during the leaving home are organized by us. At Rehair Istanbul, we have very high experience in hair transplant operations and health tourism. Thanks to this experience, we tell you all the procedures before and after leaving home one by one.

We also prepare our alternative plans in case of possible problems that will disturb you or disrupt the process. You do not face additional costs after these services, which are offered to you at reasonable prices within a package. Unpleasant surprises and pricing that will disturb you will not happen at Rehair Istanbul.

What you should take off after the operation process

Hair transplant operations, albeit minor, are surgical operations. Therefore, it is possible to see swelling or light bleeding on the skin. There is a risk of infection due to wounds, bleeding, or blisters that may occur in the operation area. For this reason, care after hair transplantation should be carried out seriously and completely.

Hair transplant operations, albeit minor, are surgical operations. Therefore, it is possible to see swelling or light bleeding on the skin. There is a risk of infection due to wounds, bleeding, or blisters that may occur in the operation area. For this reason, care after hair transplantation should be carried out seriously and completely.

In short, after the operation process, you must fully comply with what the specialist doctors and clinic representatives say. In this way, it will be possible to reach your aesthetic and natural appearance much faster.

Recovery Control

You will be sent off from our hospital right after the hair transplant operations. Returning to your country or staying in Turkey for a while depends on your choice. If you stay in Turkey, we can bring you to our clinic and perform the recovery control procedures face to face. Many of our patients want to return to their country immediately after the hair transplant operation.

Rehair Istanbul officials describe the post-operative processes and explain the patients’ approach in detail. We follow the recovery control processes of our patients who have returned to their country, using online interviews. Using applications such as Whatsapp, the post-operative condition of our patients’ hair is frequently and routinely followed. In emergency and unusual situations, our doctors also perform additional checks. Our patients can also make an emergency meeting with the hospital authorities when they experience abnormalities.

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