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Health Tourism Growth in Turkey

Tourism is one of the most important income sources of the chimneyless economy. All countries compete with each other to earn more income in the field of tourism. Due to relentless competition, tourism quality and standards are constantly increasing. Along with this, expansion and diversification are also seen in the tourism sector. Travels that used to be made only as summer and cultural tourism have started to be seen in quite different areas. For example, winter tourism has become a revenue-generating concept for countries. In recent years, another sector has joined the spectrum in the tourism sector: health tourism.

Currently, almost all countries are competing with each other to get a bigger share from health tourism. However, of course, countries that did not have sufficient investments in an important field such as health, and did not have sufficient medical education and health personnel, lagged far behind in this race. However, Turkey has taken a step forward in health tourism thanks to its investments in the field of health for many years.

In this article, we will give you information about Health Tourism Growth in Turkey. Thanks to the comparisons we will make; you will better understand why you should choose Turkey or a different country for health tourism.


Health Tourism in the world

Health tourism around the world has developed very rapidly in the last fifteen years and continues to develop. In the research, it is seen that the number of people who go to other countries for emergency health services, surgery, or treatment exceeds 10 million. However, not only surgery and treatments are included in the field of health tourism. As you can see in our article titled HEALTH TOURISM IN TURKEY: OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS, thermal tourism, medical SPA, and pool tourism, and care services for the elderly and disabled are also considered within the scope of health tourism. When we take these into account, we come across huge numbers and the size of health tourism in the world is revealed.

Let’s come to the countries that attract the most patients in terms of health tourism and the most preferred countries in the world in terms of the number of patients. In parallel with its economic power and progress in medicine, the USA ranks first in world health tourism. Although the treatment fees are very expensive; the preference of America can be attributed to the development of technology in health services. The USA is followed by Germany, Thailand, and India, respectively. In these countries, both technology and health services are very advanced. The country that follows these countries is Turkey. It seems certain that Turkey, which has become one of the top 5 countries with its attack in recent years, will rise to higher positions.

Health Tourism in Turkey

As we have just said, Turkey is one of the world’s leading countries in health tourism. It was not surprising that Turkey’s natural and historical beauties, being surrounded by the sea on three sides and having bridges connecting two continents, make tourism one of Turkey’s important sources of income. Despite this, investments made in the field of health in recent years have increased the quality of both health personnel and health facilities. However, innovations in the field of health technology began to affect Turkey much faster. Thus, health tourism in Turkey gained great importance and became an important sector. Currently, Turkey is on its way to becoming the most preferred country for health tourism among European countries. It can be seen that as long as investments in health continue, Turkey’s health tourism will be number one in both Europe and the world. Because Turkey is a country that has important advantages not only in the field of treatment but also in areas such as healing waters, thermal facilities, rehabilitation of the elderly and disabled. For more detailed information on these subjects, “IS TURKEY SAFE FOR HEALTH TOURISM?” You can check our article.

What is the hair transplantation growth rate in Turkey?

Turkey’s investments in the field of health made Turkey the leading country in terms of health tourism. Hair transplant operations, on the other hand, serve as a locomotive in Turkey’s investments in the field of health. Health clinics opened with official permission from the Ministry of Health helped Turkey become the most preferred country in terms of hair transplant operations.

We see that the success rate of patients who have a hair transplant in Turkey approaches 100%. Because the best clinical facilities and state-of-the-art technology are available in healthcare facilities in Turkey. Accordingly, qualified surgeons and good-humored health personnel strive to help patients regain their health faster in hair transplant operations. When these important supports are brought together, all patients regain their healthy hair within 12 to 18 months after hair transplant in Turkey.

Health Tourism impact on the Turkish economy!

Turkey’s economy, like many European countries, has become fragile with the pandemic. However, the growth rate in the field of health tourism continues to increase. That is why the Turkish economy has breathed a sigh of relief thanks to health tourism. It is thought that providing more specialized services in high-potential areas such as health tourism, care for the elderly and disabled, thermal and SPA tourism, and wellness in Turkey will attract more health tourists and generate more income.

It is aimed to treat 2 million international patients in Turkey in 2023 for the health tourism revenues, which increased to 1.1 billion dollars in 2019 before the pandemic. This will provide an added value of 2.5 billion dollars and make a significant contribution to the Turkish economy.

Why is Turkey preferred?

In the field of health tourism, there is a global market of 100 billion dollars. In this market, Turkey has more competitive advantages than ever before. You ask why? Because the global spread of COVID and other epidemic diseases caused people’s perspectives to change. Previously, the first selection criteria of health tourists were affordable treatment costs and high service quality. In addition, the approach to the patient, the modern medical technology owned by the country, and the ease of access to health services were among the preference criteria.

Turkey has already developed itself in these fields for nearly 20 years and has become the preferred country. Epidemics enabled the addition of health security to these criteria. The large clinics established with large investments in Turkey and the largest hospitals in Europe, as well as the fact that doctors undergo rigorous training, made Turkey stand out in terms of health safety.

Why should you choose Rehair Istanbul?

Rehair Istanbul is a very rare health clinic located in the province of Istanbul in Turkey and its reputation has exceeded the borders of the country. For many years, they have been acting with the vision of being the best clinic in the world in the field of hair transplantation. Hair transplant specialists and surgeons, who are the best in their fields, are employed in the clinic. In addition, together with other health personnel and clinical officials, health service is provided that is much higher than the universal health rules.

In addition to these; Rehair Istanbul provides VIP service for all its patients. The patient’s arrival and return tickets to Turkey from abroad, meeting at the airport in Turkey, providing interpreter support, VIP transfer services between the airport hotel and the clinic, and all procedures related to the hair transplant operation are covered over the package price. In this way, additional fees are not requested from the patients, and maximum quality and a comfortable process are ensured. If you want to get detailed information about Rehair Istanbul, whose hair transplant success rate is around 100%, you can also examine the before and after photos.

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