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Hair Thickness With Hair Transplantation

A one-year process after hair transplant surgery is enough to restore hair health and hair thickness with hair transplantation. Proper selection of the donor area increases the amount of success in hair transplantation. Because the hair roots in the nape area are the strongest hair found in the body. Hair follicles taken from here adapt to the place where they are transplanted in a short time. It begins to grow and thickens.


Is it possible to increase hair thickness with a hair transplant?

Hair thickening is possible with hair transplantation operations. Because, where weak hair follicles are located, solid and more vibrant hair follicles are transferred. Transplanted hair roots maintain their development and vitality in harmony with the body. Over time, it gets used to its new place and begins to thicken.

Does the hair transplantation process make the hair thicker?

The number and nature of hair transplantation operations are increasing every day. The power of instruments used in clinics and the experience of specialist doctors are effective factors in the success of hair transplantation. In addition, factors such as choosing the most appropriate hair transplant method for you, choosing the right donor area are also known as critical stages. If all of these stages progress properly, the thickness of their hair will also increase.

Can you get thicker hair with a hair transplant?

A successful hair transplant operation gives you a healthy and natural hair appearance experience. Your hair grows and thickens healthily. Hair follicles become clear and the possibility of loss is eliminated.

Does hair thickness change according to hair transplantation technique?

Hair transplant methods vary from person to person. Because each individual’s genetic characteristics and psychological structure are very different. It is very important to make the most appropriate hair transplant method for the person, to ensure the hair thickness with hair transplantation and therefore for the success of the hair transplant.

Fue Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant method is one of the most requested hair transplant techniques in recent years. The most important reason for this is that the success rates in this method are high. Hair transplantation surgery is a procedure in which the hair follicles are removed from the scalp. Along with healthy hair, thicker hair after FUE Hair Transplant technique will make it easier for you to decide on your hair transplant choice.

Dhi Hair Transplant

If you ask if thicker hair after DHI technique is possible, you will encounter a yes answer without thinking. Because DHI hair transplant method is performed with the latest technological devices, in tailor-made sessions, and with great precision by specialist doctors. In this way, hair thickening will be seen at the end of the 3-month period after the hair transplantation operation. Hair loss and other hair problems are also at minimum levels, making the DHI hair transplant method popular.

Does the thickness of the hair change according to the donor area where the graphs used in hair transplantation are taken?

One of the most important factors in making the transplanted hair thick and healthy is the strategy to be followed in choosing the donor area. If your nape area, where the hair follicles are the healthiest, is selected as a donor, your hair will reach a thicker image in the processes after the transplantation. It is very important to follow the doctor’s recommendations in this regard. Choosing places where hair follicles are weaker as a donor region increases the likelihood of failure.

What is the best way to make the hair thicker after hair transplantation?

As we mentioned earlier, choosing the donor area in accordance with the doctor’s advice and following the person’s genetic structure is important for making the hair healthier and thicker. However, it is also necessary to mention the use of vitamins and supplements with diet, maintenance, and the used products after hair transplantation.


A balanced and healthy diet is essential for a healthy body. By consuming healthy foods, you can also contribute to the beautification of your hair health. Before or after hair transplantation, you should pay attention to your nutrients. Diet lists prepared by specialist doctors will be given to you by many clinics. By applying these lists, strong hair and healthy hair become more quickly available.


Immediately after hair transplant operations, the doctor performing the operation will give you some instructions on how to care for your hair. You must carefully note these things that are said and perform them completely. Strong hair and hair thickness with hair transplantation needs to be smooth in the first one-year process after hair transplantation.

The used products

There are too many products used for hair care. The chemical content of some of these products is harmful to hair health and human health. Especially people who want strong hair and have hair transplantation should not use hair care products that they never knew about. The use of a product that is compatible with the hair and genetic structure recommended by doctors is important and necessary for hair thickness.


Excessive and unnecessary use of supplements can also cause serious problems in terms of hair thickness and hair health. It is necessary to discuss this issue with the clinical authorities and follow their recommendations. In this way, you can learn more clearly what amount of supplements to use and what products you can use.

Can thickened hair fall out after hair transplantation?

It takes about 1 year for the hair to fully thicken and fully adapt to the body. After that, you can enjoy your thicker and healthier hair. Thickened hair is considered healthy hair, and thickened hair loss after hair transplantation is not a very common condition. Improper behavior and improper practices cause hair loss, but it is possible to prevent them.

What should be done to prevent hair loss after hair transplantation?

After hair transplantation, the recommendations of doctors should be fully respected. The necessary hair care should be done immediately. Hair should be protected from hard impacts and bad weather. Excessive sweating, which can cause infection, and movements that will force the hair follicles, should be avoided. Plenty of water should be consumed, necessary vitamin supplements should be taken. The sensitivity should be shown in the use of cosmetic products, avoid products with chemical content. For more detailed information on these issues and for strong hair, you can contact the authorities of Rehair Istanbul.

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