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Are ​Covid Regulations Given for Hair Transplantation in Turkey

As in other countries, the spread of Covid 19 in Turkey is being tried to prevent. It should be said that a wide range of measures has been taken for this purpose. In addition to the need to wear a mask, social distance and sensitivity to hygiene rules are some of these measures. However, quarantine practices can also be carried out within the borders of Turkey, taking into account the number of cases of countries. Covid data and restrictions for countries are constantly changing. For this reason, you can contact the clinical authorities of Rehair ISTANBUL for the most up-to-date data.


Should a Covid Test be Taken Before Hair Transplantation?

When the words hair transplantation surgery and covid come together, the first question becomes about the covid test. It is important and necessary to have a covid test before hair transplantation. During hair transplantation, which lasts at least 3 hours and can last up to 12 hours, the covid test is very important to avoid transmission of the disease. However, covid cases in countries differ day by day. For this reason, the rules of each country differ, and countries can request tests at different times.

Does Covid Affect Hair Transplantation?

Data obtained on Covid disease does not cause a negative comment on hair transplantation. After scientific studies, it is stated that anyone who slightly survives Covid disease and does not have serious damage to his body can quickly return to his normal life. Hair transplantation is also one of the normal processes. For these reasons, hair transplant after Covid has now become a normal procedure. If you also want a hair transplant after Covid, you can consult in detail with specialist doctors working at Rehair ISTANBUL.

Does the effect of covid in hair transplantation change according to hair transplantation types?

Hair transplantation operations are among the very simple surgical operations performed with local anesthesia. It is known that it does not push the body too hard and does not damage the body. Poor hygienic conditions or failure to provide a sterile environment in the clinic trigger the risk of infection and disease. If a hair transplant after Covid is desired, the patient’s physical condition and health should be examined by specialist doctors. After this examination, it will be decided which type of hair transplantation is the most appropriate method for the patient. For this reason, you should choose a proper clinic; consult specialist doctors about hair transplants after Covid.

Covid in Fue Hair Transplant

Hair transplant after Covid is asked about the FUE technique, one of the most well-known hair transplant methods, is also necessary to talk about. The Covid in FUE hair transplant question is one of the questions that hair clinics face the most. But we can easily express that anyone who has no damage to their body as a result of covid’s disease can easily perform an FUE hair transplant. However, you need to consult with specialist doctors and clinical authorities for detailed information on this issue. After a detailed consultation and examination for you, you will have access to the most detailed answer to the Covid in Fue hair transplant question.

Covid in Dhi Hair Transplant

After the Covid processes, those who want to have hair transplants began to come to clinics. Dhi Hair Transplant is one of the most preferred methods in this sector, where there is a strong demand. The healing process of this method, which allows direct and rapid hair transplantation, is also quite short. Well, let’s move on to the question of Covid in Dhi Hair Transplant. A patient, who has had Covid, has no restrictions on having a hair transplant. Already, before the hair transplantation process, all patients are undergoing detailed checks for risks that may occur in terms of health. Doctors and other medical staff who will perform the surgery are also constantly being tested for Covid. Because of this, there are no problems with Covid in Dhi Hair Transplant from the point of view of human health.

Does COVID-19 Affect Hair Transplant Cost?

Restrictions in the post-COVID-19 period have led to decreased tourism revenues in particular. As a result, the states ‘ tourism incentives increased. In short, COVID-19 did not increase hair transplantation prices. In contrast, reduced costs also led to lower hair Transplant costs.

Having a Hair Transplant during Covid 19

Having a hair transplant during Covid 19 is now safer and cheaper. Health measures and affordable prices have made hair transplantation very attractive.

Does getting the Covid vaccine in hair transplantation affect the treatment negatively?

All the citizens of the world are being vaccinated quickly not to spread the covid epidemic. There is no information that covid vaccination negatively affects hair transplantation surgery and subsequent healing processes. Therefore, there is no harm in having a hair transplant after getting the Covid vaccine.

Covid and Hair Transplantation Process

After the measures taken in the Covid process, the sensitivities shown in all health procedures have increased. You can also visit our Rehair Istanbul clinic for your observations about Covid with hair transplants.

Do the effects of the Covid vaccine in hair transplantation differ according to the type of hair transplant or the type of Covid vaccine?

Vaccination against Covid 19 disease has been started for about 2 years. After vaccination, Covid vaccines were not observed to affect the success of hair transplant operations. However, there is no scientific evidence that the type of Covid 19 vaccine or the type of hair transplant operation negatively affects each other.

If we get Covid after hair transplantation, can we use drugs?

If you get Covid after hair transplantation, you should consult your doctor about drug use. You can get clear information about this by talking to both your hair transplant doctors and your doctors who treat Covid.

How long after the Covid vaccine can hair transplantation be done?

After receiving the Covid vaccine, there is no time limit for the start of the hair transplantation process. After consulting with your doctor and feeling good, you can have a hair transplant at any time.

How long after hair transplantation can the Covid vaccine be vaccinated?

The purpose of Covid vaccines is to enable our power to promote the virus and then improve immunity to this virus. Hair transplant surgery is a surgical process and everyone’s physical structure is different, so you should consult your doctor when you will return to your normal life. Taking into account your doctor’s answers and warnings, you can decide when to get the covid vaccine.

Will Covid-19 Infection Affect my Transplanted Hair?

Damage and attachment problems in the body along with covid 19 affect all body functions, as well as the healing processes of hair transplantation. Since it will take a foundation for the body to become healthy, the healing processes after hair transplantation can also take longer.

Does Covid-19 Infection cause hair loss?

At the end of the research, no link was found between Covid-19 and hair loss.

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