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What Is The Difference Between Unshaved Hair Transplant and Shaved Hair Transplant?

The nature of hair transplantation changes every day. depending on the years out there to take new methods for getting successful results. Which of these methods is the best? Which method do patients prefer for a hair transplant, which method has the shortest recovery period? What are the differences between shaved and unshaven methods? According to which criteria is a shaved hair transplant or unshaven hair transplant preferable? Does it recover faster than with an unshaven hair transplant? Which method do you prefer? What should be considered when choosing a hair transplant method? Answers to these and questions can be found in the article below. Let’s start.


What is an unshaven hair transplant?

Unshaven hair transplantation is one of the most modern methods of hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a method much preferred by those who do not want it to be obvious and do not want to lose their natural appearance. In this method, the donor area where the healthy hair roots are harvested is partially shaved and the area where it will be transplanted is not shaved. In unshaven hair transplantation, no channels are opened on the receiving area. Healthy hair roots are moved one by one with the Choi Implant Pen.

What is shaved hair transplantation?

A shaved hair transplant is a more classic and simple method. application a shaved hair transplant is performed, the hair is completely shaved. Thanks to the shaving process, the doctor who will cut can see the hair roots more comfortably and work more comfortably. There are two methods known as shaved hair transplant methods; the FUT and the FUE methods.

What are the advantages of an unshaven hair transplant operation?

Unshaven Hair Transplant is the most popular and most preferred method by patients. Faster recovery and less painful operation process are experienced. Because the hair is not shaved, everybody adapts to normal life faster.

What are the disadvantages of an unshaven hair transplant operation?

From the point of view of surgeons, this method is difficult to apply. More precision and a longer-lasting operation are needed. Because the hair roots are taken one by one, they should be extremely sensitive. A natural appearance may not be achieved in unshaven hair transplantation performed by a doctor who is not an expert in his work. Because, during the transplant process, healthy hair follicles must be placed at the right angle. The risk of infection is greater in unshaven hair transplantation. Because a channel for hair does not open. For this reason, the patient should pay close attention to hygiene and hair care after hair transplantation.

Who is suitable for an unshaven hair transplant?

Unshaven hair Transplant is a more suitable method for anyone who wants their hair to go through the transplant process without shaving. It is especially preferred by women and men who want to return to their normal lives faster. But before deciding to have an unshaven hair transplant, you should consult your doctor.

Procedures That Do Not Require Many Grafts

It is known that in some hair transplant methods, fewer grafts are collected and better results are obtained. DHI hair transplant, for example, is the most well-known among these methods. It has become the most preferred method in recent years since it is an unshaven method and allows quick recovery.

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplant is a hair transplant method, also known as Direct Hair Transplant. In this method, healthy hair roots are collected from the donor area one by one using surgical pens called Choi. Hair follicles collected, without wasting time, are again planted in the hair transplant area using these pens. Depending on the experience of the doctor and at the same angle as the live hair transplant took place, the time to achieve a natural appearance is very short.

Women Hair Transplants

There are huge increases in hair transplant procedures for women. Especially increased stress, radiation, environmental pollution, alcohol and cigarette consumption and faulty eating habits cause excessive hair loss in women. In this case, women especially prefer the DHI hair transplant method. Thanks to unshaved hair transplants, women get their natural and healthy hair in a short time.

Men with A Minimum of 8-10 Cm Long Hair on the Nape

Hair transplantation is the first choice of men who have long hair as well as women. Especially men with a minimum of 8-10 cm long hair on the nape, may prefer the method of unshaven hair transplantation. In this case, there is no need to shave the donor area and the area to be transplanted. But if FUE hair transplantation is preferred, shaving will be performed in the donor area.

Patients with Previous Transplantation

People who have had a hair transplant before can apply to clinics to have a hair transplant again. At the beginning of the reasons for this are mistakes made in hair transplantation. In addition, lack of attention during hair care also prevents the hair from healing properly. For people who have previously had a hair transplant, a hair transplant can be performed again. A full-fledged clinic and specialist surgeons should be preferred for this procedure. After examinations by a specialist surgeon, a decision will be made on which hair transplant method to apply.

People with Sparse Hair Can Apply For Density Enhancement

People with sparse hair may want to have a hair transplant to increase the density of their hair. In this case, they must be examined by a specialist doctor. After this check, it will be understood which hair transplant is suitable. Hair transplantation is recommended for people with long hair and rarity in certain areas of their hair. We also recommend DHI Hair Transplant or FUE Hair Transplant for people with sparse hair.

Is unshaven hair transplant expensive? What does the unshaven hair transplant cost?

Unshaven hair transplant is slightly more expensive than other hair transplant methods. But the faster healing and faster recovery of normal-looking natural hair make this method attractive. Unshaven hair transplant cost varies from person to person. Because everyone’s physical characteristics and hair structure are different. If you want to find out the most suitable method and the cheapest unshaven hair transplant cost, you should call Rehair Istanbul.

What does the shaven hair transplant cost?

Shaven hair transplant is a traditional method and has been practiced for many years. Thanks to developing technology and expertise, it is possible to make shaven hair transplantation in shorter periods. In parallel, shaven hair transplant cost is relatively suitable. Considerations such as the characteristics of the person to be applied, the amount and nature of the hair to be transplanted, change the shaven hair transplant cost. For these reasons, it would be helpful to contact the authorities of Rehair Istanbul to find out the most appropriate shaven hair transplant cost.

Does an unshaven hair transplant injure existing hair?

Hair transplantation is a procedure in which the hair follicles are removed one by one from the scalp. When the procedure is performed by a specialized team, the existing hairs will not be damaged.

What is the successful results rate in unshaven hair transplants?

Are you curious about the successful results of unshaven hair transplant Turkey? According to the results of unshaven hair transplants in Turkey Istanbul in recent years, the success rate of the operations performed by Rehair Istanbul is 99%.

Unshaven hair transplant Turkey.

For unshaven hair transplant Turkey, first ask for Rehair Istanbul. You will see that the best unshaven hair transplant in Turkey is performed by Rehair Istanbul. Everyone is welcome.

How much does an unshaven FUE hair transplant cost?

Wondering about Unshaven FUE hair transplant cost? As you know, in this method, the donor area is shaved, and the area where the hair will be transplanted is not shaved. This is why it is called a partial unshaven hair transplant. Unshaven FUE hair transplant cost varies depending on the state of the person’s hair. If you are looking for the most suitable unshaven FUE hair transplant cost in Turkey, your first address should be Rehair Istanbul…

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