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What is a hair transplant with unlimited grafts?

Hair transplants for people with hair loss or partial baldness are obvious, but for people with a large problem area in their hair, this is an important topic. In this article we give you information about a hair transplant with an unlimited number of grafts. What is the maximum number of grafts that can be transplanted using this method? What are the costs of a hair transplant with an unlimited number of grafts and the recovery times? We answer these and similar questions in this article. As Rehair Istanbul we assist you in all your questions about hair transplantation.


What is a graft?

A graft is a structure of skin that is removed from the donor area during a hair transplant and that contains hair roots. Hair follicles with grafts are completely different things. Between 1 and 4 healthy hair follicles can be found in one graft. To understand the number of hair follicles in the graft, it is necessary to examine the proportion of the skin. During a hair transplant, the hair follicle is not transplanted; the transplanted things are the grafts.

How many grafts can be planted in unlimited hair transplantation?

A hair transplant is a procedure in which the hair follicles are removed one by one and transplanted to the appropriate area. However, the grafts are taken one by one and transplanted to the area where the hair transplant will be performed, preserving the viability of the roots. The number of grafts that can be transplanted depends on the condition of the donor area. The grafts must be removed without damaging the donor area. So the amount varies from person to person.

Regions where grafts can be taken in unlimited hair transplantation:

During a hair transplant, grafts from three different regions can be used respectively.

– It can be taken from the hairy part of the back of the head: this is the most suitable area for hair transplantation. It is the area where the healthiest grafts are found. In addition, you will also find the most natural hair here.

– It can be taken out of the beard area: If the hairy area of the back of the head is not enough, the beard area can be used as a donor. It can cause a weaker and abnormal image than the neck area. It can also increase recovery time.

– It can be taken from the chest area: If there are not enough grafts in the neck and beard area during a hair transplant, the hair can be taken from the chest area. It prolongs the operation time and the healing process.

Turkey hair transplant cost per graft?

As a result of the evaluations made, it is thus understood that Turkey’s hair transplant cost per graft is very cheap. The most important reason for this is the experience and expertise provided as a result of investments in hair transplant operations in Turkey. The experience gained over the years has increased the success of hair transplantation but also provided price competition. For information about Turkey’s hair transplant cost per graft, you can contact the authorities of Rehair Istanbul thus.

What are the prices of graft hair transplantation?

The prices of graft hair transplantation vary from person to person. Because the area of baldness in each person’s hair determines how many grafts should be transplanted. The number of transplanted grafts increases the operation time and the prices of graft hair transplantation. For this reason, it is not possible to give price information without seeing the patient. Call us for the most appropriate prices for graft hair transplantation.

How long does an unlimited hair transplant take?

The duration of the unlimited hair transplant process varies depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted. Operation times ranging from approximately 6 to 12 hours. At this time, it will be possible to achieve successful results thanks to the efforts and experience of specialist physicians.

How long after hair transplant are grafts secure?

During hair transplantation, grafts taken from the donor area should be transplanted very quickly. The most important reason for this is that healthy and viable grafts have little time to maintain their viability. In the periods after hair transplantation, transplanted grafts begin to adapt to the skin. For the grafts to adapt safely to the body, time is required between 4-8 weeks. The full recovery period can take up to 1 year.

Do you have pain from an unlimited hair transplant?

Unlimited hair transplant will be more painful compared to other hair transplantation methods. Because, if there is not enough graft on the back of the neck during unlimited hair transplantation, beard and chest hair can be used as a donor area. Thanks to techniques developed in recent years, there has also been a decrease in the amount of pain caused by unlimited hair transplants.

Can hair transplantation be performed with unlimited grafts?

A hair transplant can be performed with an unlimited number of grafts. The first element that determines the limit for the number of grafts is the spatial size of the balding area. In addition, the number of healthy hair follicles in the neck, beard and chest that can be selected as a donor area can also influence the number of grafts.

Grafts in hair transplantation with FUE method

The FUE method is one of the most preferred hair transplantation methods. The number of grafts can be up to 6000.

What is the maximum number of grafts?

The maximum number of grafts depends on the donor area. The quality of the grafts in the donor area of the patient concerned and the size of the area to be transplanted are important for a maximum number of grafts.

What should be the maximum frequency of hair transplantation?

People who have had a failed hair transplant may want to have another hair transplant soon. We, as Rehair Istanbul, do not recommend a new hair transplant within 1 year after a hair transplant. After 1 year after the hair transplant, it can become clear to what extent a 2nd hair transplant is possible. The most appropriate method for the patient can be determined more accurately.

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