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Which Method is Used in a Women’s Hair Transplant?

Who does not want to have an aesthetic appearance and physically impress others? Now, at least as much as women, men also take great care of their appearance. The most striking common point about the appearance of men and women is their hair. Regardless of whether they are men or women, everyone takes care of their hair. However, hair loss has started to pose a significant problem for both men and women. As a solution to this problem, hair transplant operations were started. The success rates in hair transplant operations have increased so much that both men and women can regain their old healthy appearance very quickly. However, there is not much information about hair transplant methods applied especially for women. That’s why “which method is used in a women’s hair transplant?” The question can be wondered by everyone. In this article, let’s examine the answers to this question in-depth and get enlightened together…


What are the causes of hair loss in women?

We all know that if a woman is sick in a house, all functions in the house stop. Yes, women are very valuable and important to us. Hair loss in women can indicate an important health problem. Hair loss caused by stress and malnutrition is the main cause of hair loss in women. However, problems experienced during menopause, environmental pollution, excessive consumption of oily, salty, and sugary foods can also be counted among the causes of hair loss. Irregularities in hormones, excessive drug use, excessive use of vitamin A unnecessarily, problems caused by blood pressure, and birth control pills can also trigger hair loss. Along with these, harmful chemicals used in hair care and brushing the hair too hard are among the causes of hair loss in women, as well as the negative effects of air pollution and toxic gases. In these cases, a hair transplant may be required for women.

Which treatments can be applied for hair loss in women?

To treat a disease, the cause must first be eliminated. For this reason, individual controls should be made and the causes of hair loss belonging to that person should be determined. If stress-induced hair loss is experienced, treatments to reduce stress can be applied. If the problem is an unbalanced diet, eating habits can be changed. Even if there is hair loss due to the harmful chemicals in the hair care products used, the use of such products should be abandoned. However, it may be possible to get rid of hair loss by taking Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, B Vitamins, and calcium and Omega-3 supplements. Apart from these, the method is applied to many women with successful results in hair transplantation. You can also read our article titled HAIR TRANSPLANTATION PROCESSES OF WOMEN for information on hair transplant operations for women.

The most suitable hair transplant methods for women

There are great differences between female hair loss and male hair loss. Baldness may occur after hair loss in men. However, sparse hair in women is one of the more common types of hair loss. This is why the classical, shaved hair transplant methods applied for men differ from the hair transplant methods applied for women. Since women have thicker and longer hair, shaved hair transplant methods are not applied. Instead, the hair on the nape, which is selected as the donor area, is collected unshaven and transplanted into the sparse area. It is considered that the most suitable unshaven hair methods for women are the DHI (Direct Hair Transplantation) technique and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique. You should read our article titled DIFFERENCES BETWEEN FUE AND DHI TECHNIQUES to learn more about these two methods and the differences between them.

Women’s hair transplant prices

The cause of hair loss in women, the amount of shedding, and the physical characteristics of women vary greatly. In some women, a simple hair transplant operation can provide sufficient success. It should also be known that hair transplantation should be applied with personalized procedures after individual evaluations are made. Therefore, a definite assessment cannot be made about the price of female hair transplants. For this reason, women who want to have a hair transplant should undergo special control. The hair transplant method suitable for him and how the transplant will be done should be decided. As a result, it will be determined how much hair transplantation fee will be requested for which patient. Rehair Istanbul applies the all-inclusive hair transplant package for all hair transplant pricing. In this way, you can have healthy and beautiful hair with the most affordable hair transplant prices by the expert and experienced surgeons in Turkey’s best hair clinic.

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