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The 10 Best Kebab Restaurants In Istanbul

There are many restaurants in Istanbul where you can taste delicious kebab and other meat dishes. Istanbul has a rich culinary culture. In this article we have examined the places in Istanbul where you can taste the most delicious kebabs and meats. Come on, let’s go on a tasteful trip together.…


Adana Ocakbaşı

Adana Ocakbaşı, located in Kurtuluş district, gives guests the feeling that they are in the city of Adana. This place has been praised for years, because the appetizers and the meat are delicious, the cooks are very specialized and the prices are cheap. Most of the guests ‘ favorite dishes are the çöp şiş and Adana Kebab. Adana Ocakbaşı, which is very busy even during the week, is one of the places that visitors of Istanbul must experience.

Address: Bozkurt Mahallesi, Ergenekon Caddesi, Baysungur Sokak No 2/D, Şişli, Istanbul

Adana Dostlar Kebapçısı

The kebabs of this excellent place, which has served the same quality in Ataşehir for years, are pretty good. The appetizer is always fresh and delicious. Don’t forget to save another place in your stomach for the dessert Kadayif they serve with homemade ice cream.

Address: Barbaros Mahallesi, Halk Cadesi, Batı Ataşehir (Palladium AVM Karşısı)

Bağdat Ocakbaşı

Bağdat Ocakbaşı is a place in Güngören that serves its guests excellent kebabs with affordable prices. Thanks to the delicacies, this place is busy with guests every hour of the day.

Address: Merkez Mahallesi, Tayfun Sokak No: 8/10 Güngören / Istanbul

Kilisli Kebapçı Ali Usta

Kilisli Kebapçı Ali Usta; is in the Big Bazaar. It is a rather cosy place and loved with its simple and pretentious design. The Cook prepares everything by the fireplace you can see at the entrance. Guests ‘ favourite dishes are the hot appetizer with cumin and Mardin Kebab. Don’t forget to taste Künefe or Baklava with peanuts as after dinner.

Address: Beyazıt Mahallesi, Tacirler Sokak, Kapalıçarşı Mercan Girişi, No: 2, Kapalıçarşı / Istanbul

Şeyhmuz Kebap Evi

The Şeyhmuz Kebab House that lies between Çemberlitaş and Beyazıt has a very friendly and warm atmosphere and dishes worth tasting. This kebab house serves flavours from the city of Mardin and the most popular dish is Şeyhmuz kebab.

Address: Mollafenari, Atik Alipaşa Medresesi, Sokak 4/A, 34120 Fatih/Istanbul

Kebapçı Murat

Kebapçı Murat is a kebab restaurant that has managed to get the attention of its regular customers for years. This is due to the taste of the dishes and the abundant treats. This restaurant is known for the Kebab with peanuts and the Beyti Kebab. Don’t forget to drink the homemade ayran served in copper cups and to eat the Irmik halva for dessert.

Address: Topkapı Caddesi, No: 19, 34093 Fatih / Istanbul

Sur Ocakbaşı

Sur Ocakbaşı is an excellent kebab restaurant that appeals to both the eye and the stomach. It has a spacious and classic decoration. Even though it’s always busy, they’re never late serving. The Büryan Kebab and the Saç Tava are the most favourite dishes of this place.

Address: Itfaiye Caddesi, No:19 (Fatih Kadınlar Pazarı) Fatih/Istanbul

Öz Kilis

Öz Kilis is a small restaurant located in Fatih. This place is always full and popular with its Turkish pizza, mixed kebab and Kilis Tava.

Address: Akşemseddin Mahallesi, Bedrettin Simavi Sokak, 5/A, 34080 Fatih/Istanbul,

Emin Ustanın Yeri

The kebabs prepared by the chef and the owner Emin Usta are definitely worth tasting. The most popular dishes of this place are the Adana, Urfa and eggplant Kebab!

Address: Hırka-i Şerif Mahallesi, Karabulut Sokak, No:4, 34091, Karagümrük, Fatih/Istanbul,

Bursa Garaj Kebap

Bursa Garaj kebab has maintained its quality since the first day. The intimate atmosphere and taste make this place one of the best kebab restaurants in Istanbul. Don’t forget to try the delicious pickles and pumpkin dessert next to the kebab!

Address: Levent Mahallesi, Hanımeli Sokak, No: 2, 34330 Beşiktaş / Istanbul

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