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How to sleep after hair transplantation?

Nowadays, hair transplantation surgeries are no longer perceived as a luxury need. Because having an aesthetic image is the most natural right of every person. In addition, it is also considered an indispensable aspect in terms of business life and personal relationships. As it happens, the number of people who have had a hair transplant operation is increasing every day. In parallel, the number of questions before and after hair transplantation is constantly increasing.

Although some questions are perceived as details, they are very important for the person undergoing the operation. Because even small details can be confusing. In addition, the success rates of hair transplantation operations of people who cannot find answers to these questions may decrease due to incorrect comments. Here is one of these questions about sleeping after hair transplantation. Let us read together…


What are the best sleeping positions after hair transplantation?

A lying position after hair transplantation is very important for the success of a hair transplant. Especially in the 10-day process after a hair transplant, it should be treated very carefully. It would be much better on the first day to try to sleep on an armchair instead of lying in bed. Sleeping in an upright position on the sofa with a material such as a neck pillow that will be placed behind your neck is useful for you on the first day after a hair transplant.

It is worthwhile that your sleeping position is on your back and, if possible, supported by an additional pillow. In addition, it is not a problem for you to lie in the donor area. But it is more convenient to wrap it with a cloth so that blood does not get on the pillow.

Which pillow should be preferred after hair transplantation?

In the days after a hair transplant, it is necessary to avoid blows and contacts that may occur to your scalp. Therefore, it is also very important to choose a pillow to protect yourself from contact that may occur while you are sleeping. In the early days, the scalp can be protected from contact by using a pillow such as a neck pillow. In later days, we recommend sleeping on a small hard pillow.

So you can have a healthier process as soon as your head gets into the pillow. At least 10 days are required for the roots transplanted during a hair transplant to hold on to their new channels. During this time, efforts should be made to prevent the hair transplant area from coming into contact with the pillow. It will be useful to consult a specialist doctor for additional details and recommendations

The most important detail after hair transplantation is cleaning!

The most important detail and trick for the success of hair transplant operations is hygiene and cleanliness. To ensure this, an accurate choice of the clinic is required first. It is useful if clinics that pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness are preferred. However, you should pay close attention to cleanliness during the days after the hair transplantation operation. Any factors that may cause infection in the area where the operation is to be performed should be avoided. In other words, cleaning at any time while eating, lying down, sitting, or walking will be a factor that directly affects the success of a hair transplant. To get more detailed information about this, please read the article in the link below.

How soon after hair transplantation can you return to a normal sleeping position?

The first 10 days after a hair transplant are important critical days when you should avoid bumps and contacts. At this time, you should either lie on the couch in an upright position or on your back on the bed. On the first day, it is better to sleep on the sofa. In the following days, you should sleep in bed, but on your back. In the meantime, it is also useful to take measures to prevent turning right and left. After 10 days, the transplanted hair follicles will be completely attached to the skin. Therefore, after the tenth day, you can rest in a normal sleeping position. During this period, you should pay close attention to your hair care; and you should follow the instructions given by your doctor.

Should a neck pillow be used after hair transplantation?

It is very necessary to use a neck pillow after hair transplantation surgery, especially in the first days. The first reason for this is to prevent hair from touching the area where it was transplanted. On the other hand, because the nape region is usually selected as the donor region, there may be bloating, pain, and slight bleeding in this region in the first days. Thanks to the neck pillow that you will use at these times, these problems will be prevented from increasing.

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