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NeoGraft Hair Transplant vs. FUE

Today we will talk about the latest fashion, the latest innovation and even a groundbreaking method in hair transplantation operations. This method, also known as NeoGraft Hair Transplant, has attracted the attention of many people in recent years. It has become one of the most applied techniques in hair transplant clinics. However, the differences between NeoGraft Hair Transplant and other hair transplant methods have been started to be investigated. We started to encounter many questions, especially about the differences between the FUE method and NeoGraft Hair Transplant. In this article, we decided to give some information about NeoGraft Hair Transplant for you. Afterwards, we will try to examine the differences between NeoGraft Hair Transplant and FUE. If you have any other questions on the subject, we are ready to answer as RehairIstanbul. Let’s start together now…


What is NeoGraft hair restoration?

The two most widely known and most preferred techniques in hair transplantation operations are known as follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit excision (FUE). With the support of years of experience and technology, both methods provide you with natural-looking hair. They also have the potential to produce very aesthetically pleasing results. NeoGraft hair restoration is a semi-automatic version of the FUE method. The biggest advantage of being a semi-automatic method is that it eliminates some possible human errors that may occur during a surgical operation. It is currently being touted as one of the most modern hair transplantation techniques. It is also reported by many experts that it is more effective than FUE hair transplant and other techniques.

How much does a NeoGraft cost?

What is my hair transplant cost before the hair transplant operation? Asking questions can cause the process to start wrong. How much does a NeoGraft cost? Asking the question may also lead you to some mistakes. Because hair transplantation prices can vary from person to person and situation to situation. If you are investigating NeoGraft hair transplant, do not start your research with NeoGraft cost. Consult with your specialist doctor and consult which hair transplantation method may be suitable for you. Afterwards, if your doctor has recommended NeoGraft hair transplantation to you, you will have satisfactory information about NeoGraft costs. During hair transplant operations performed with NeoGraft, the entire transplant procedure is performed with a special hair transplant device. This may cause the price to rise. At this stage, I want to tell you a secret. If you want to regain both a natural and aesthetic appearance and achieve this in a short time at reasonable prices, contact Rehair Istanbul right away.

How is NeoGraft recovery?

Even if the NeoGraft hair transplantation operations are surgical, there is no suture scar. During this procedure with the robot, the hair follicles taken from the donor area are not damaged. Since the quality hair follicles are collected very quickly with the help of a robot, the operation time is shortened. The shortening of the period is very important for the vitality of the hair follicles. This significantly shortens recovery times. The care to be done after the hair transplantation and the quality of the materials to be used during these cares are very important for you. Even if the NeoGraft method shortens the recovery processes after hair transplantation, unfortunately, this process may be prolonged if the post-operative hair care is not done properly.

What are the NeoGraft benefits?

The NeoGraft system helps minimize human errors. Wounds, pain, trauma and minor damages that may occur in the hair follicles during the traditional FUE and FUT surgeries can be significantly reduced with NeoGraft. By reducing these problems in this way, the survival and survival rate of the transplanted hair can increase. Compared to the FUT hair transplant method, which is performed by cutting a skin strip from the scalp, the possibility of surgical complications and infection that may occur after the operation can be reduced to very low levels. There is no strain on the scalp during NeoGraft, it does not require any stitches. Thanks to the use of very sensitive robots during the operation, errors that can damage nerves or blood vessels can be eliminated.

What are the NeoGraft side effects and precautions?

If too much is transferred from the donor area during NeoGraft hair transplantation, a bad image may appear on your head. In the meantime, the appearance of visible hair loss may occur. Some wrong calculations cause the appearance that disrupts the aesthetics, and in some cases, the grafts can be damaged. In addition, if too many follicles are removed from an area during a hair transplant planned by a surgeon, the success rate of the NeoGraft method will be delayed. If the follicles are not implanted at an appropriate angle to your hairline during hair transplantation, the natural appearance may be lost. Shock hair loss, swelling, bleeding, inflamed hair follicles (folliculitis), scalp numbness, ingrown hairs and infections, which can be seen after every hair transplant operation, may occur. Another disadvantage that can be said in this regard is related to the costs of NeoGraft hair transplantation. NeoGraft hair transplant prices in Turkey are much higher than in other hair transplant operations.

How does NeoGraft Transplantation work?

A person who wants to have a hair transplant undergoes a serious examination by specialist doctors after applying to the hair clinic. After this examination, the most suitable hair transplant method for the person is determined. If NeoGraft hair transplantation is to be performed, individual hairline calculations are made. The donor area is determined. The patient’s allergic reactions are examined and an appropriate operation plan is prepared. After the operation, if the hair care is done well and the doctor’s instructions are followed, it will be possible to reach healthy and natural hair in a very short time.

Who needs a NeoGraft procedure?

The most known and preferred methods in the hair transplantation industry for many years are the FUT and the FUE hair transplants. During the FUE hair transplantation operation, the hair follicles are taken one by one by the specialist surgeon. While performing the FUE hair transplantation operation, the hair on the nape, which is known to have the strongest hair follicles, is removed as a strip. Both methods take longer than NeoGraft hair transplants. More incisions, scars, pain, swelling and various problems may occur. It is possible to overcome these problems with a specialist and experienced doctor. When using the NeoGraft technique, hair follicles are carefully removed with the help of a robot and transferred to the relevant area in a very short time. Unlike the FUT technique, long and thin scars do not occur on the scalp after FUE and NeoGraft operations. NeoGraft hair transplantation is very fast compared to other traditional methods, but it is also more expensive in terms of price. In short, NeoGraft is advantageous in some aspects and disadvantageous in some aspects. You and your doctor should decide which hair transplantation method you will prefer.