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Can I fly after my hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation has become a very popular operation all over the world. We also need to say that thanks to the globalization of the world and the Internet, all kinds of research can be easily done, and it has become very easy to access information. Thanks to these developments, the number of hair transplantation operations performed outside the country has also increased significantly.

In particular, there are many hair transplantation centers, large and small, in the province of Istanbul in Turkey. The number of people coming from very different countries, far or near, to have a hair transplantation operation in Turkey is constantly growing. The first questions that come to the heads of people from outside the country are: Can I fly after my hair transplantation? How many days after a hair transplant is it right for me to fly? If I make a flight after a hair transplant, will it do me any harm? In this article, we will discuss this issue with you.


Is it safe to fly after hair transplantation?

Flying immediately after a hair transplant is not a problem. Thanks to hair transplantation operations performed using extremely modern methods, the ban on flying after surgery has disappeared. However, we will have a few recommendations to improve your flight safety. First of all, it is necessary to stay away from any contact that may touch you during the flight.

For example, you should avoid hitting overhead luggage. It will also be useful to sleep with a neck pillow. These are the main points that you must adhere to. At this point, I want to insist on telling you that you should fully follow the instructions given to you by the doctor who performed your hair transplantation. Your doctor will make sure to provide you with all kinds of information about your flight specifically.

When can I fly after my hair transplantation?

People with very urgent jobs can take a flight immediately after a hair transplant, provided that they follow the recommendations of their doctor. But in the first 2-3 days, slight pains, swelling, and redness of the scalp may occur. During this time, a load may be placed on your scalp due to pressure differences during flights. These loads can cause your pain to increase, small hemorrhages to form on your skin, or bloating to not come down. In addition, contacts that may occur to your head during the plane can prolong the healing process of your hair.

What should I pay attention to during the flight after my hair transplantation?

If you are going to make a flight on the first day immediately after a hair transplant, it is always good to talk to your doctor. If you pay attention to some minor issues during your flights in the following days, there will be no problems for you. For example, if you use a neck pillow, there is no contact with the donor area or the area where the hair transplant was performed. But even with your hand, it’s not good to touch the area where the hair was transplanted.

Following your doctor’s care instructions and warnings will also eliminate any problems that may occur. Your doctor may help you improve your flight comfort with the cream or medications he will give you. In addition, alcohol, as we all know, has a blood-thinning effect.

Drinking alcohol for the first two weeks after hair transplant operations helps prolong the healing process. Therefore, it is important to stay away from alcoholic beverages even if alcohol is served during the flight. It may also be useful for you to avoid other actions that may cause sweating inside the aircraft.

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