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10 Steps Guide of Hair Transplantation in Turkey – The Whole Journey

10 Steps Guide of Hair Transplantation in Turkey – The Whole Journey

Turkey is a paradise with its natural beauties, where green and blue coexist, as well as its historical structures. In recent years, it has become a very serious attraction center in terms of health tourism with investments made in the field of health. After hair loss, to have a hair transplantation operation, citizens of many countries, especially European countries, have started to prefer clinics in Turkey. In this article, we will tell you what steps you should follow when you want to have a hair transplantation in Turkey. It is important to read this article carefully, which will be an important resource for your trip to Turkey and your hair transplant operation.


1. What is a hair transplant?

A hair transplantation is a local surgical procedure performed to restore healthy hair and aesthetic appearance to men and women whose individual hair becomes scarce or shed. Hair loss, which begins especially after the twenties, becomes very noticeable by the age of thirty. It disrupts the aesthetic appearance of people, causing loss of self-confidence. In these cases, many people want to get their hair back by getting a hair transplantation. In hair transplant operations, where there are many different methods, it is important to determine the most appropriate method for you by your hair transplant surgeons. In recent years, the percentage of success of hair transplantation operations has increased considerably. In particular, Turkey is the country that provides the most remarkable services in this field thanks to the technological infrastructure of hair transplantation clinics and the specialization of its doctors. If you also want to have a hair transplant, Turkey will be the right choice for you. But when choosing between hair clinics in Turkey, you should examine the references of clinics, and you should see if they are approved by the Ministry of Health.

2. Learn factors affecting the cost.

Before getting a hair transplantation, you should know about the cost of the operation. Although the price of the operation is not the most important factor, it will necessarily be among the very important preference criteria. However, some important factors cause the prices of hair transplantation surgery to increase or decrease. For example, what technique to use when performing a hair transplant, how many hair follicles are enough for you and the time you will spend while staying in Turkey and additional requests other than standard services can cause hair transplantation prices to change. You can access detailed and adequate information from our clinical authorities on these issues. But we don’t want to go through without saying this. Thanks to the health packages that we have prepared for our esteemed guests as Rehair, you can have hair transplantation surgery in our country at very affordable prices. With a reasonable price and a healthy hair guarantee, you will be able to leave our country, free from hair loss and happily.

3. Research in which country you want to get the surgery.

One of the most important stages when deciding on a hair transplantation operation is in which country the operation will be performed. Although hair transplantation can be done in many countries, it is the right choice to choose Turkey when looking at both the price advantage and the success percentages of the operations. Reasonable prices in Turkey and the experience of expert hair transplant surgeons in this field should be important to you. Besides these, tourist and historical beauties in Turkey are a separate reason for choice. You can find both the contemporary structure of the West and the authenticity of the East in Turkey. For these reasons, our advice to you is to choose Turkey if you want to get healthy hair while making a tourist trip that will increase your overall culture. It is certain that you will be very professionally entertained before and after the operation in Turkey and that you will return to your country happily.

4. Arrive in the country, check in to your hotel and relax until surgery day.

Turkey is also very good in terms of organization thanks to its vast experience in the field of hair transplantation. Clinics that have proven their maturity in this area make maximum efforts for your comfort from the moment you reach our country for hair transplantation. They pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel with your private transfer vehicles. At your hotel, where all kinds of details are considered, you can also get translator support if you want. Before the operation, you can take a tour of the city or relax if you want. In this regard the decision is yours. However, there will be some things that your clinic and private doctor will ask you to do or avoid. Some of these are that you do not tire yourself too much before the operation, avoid alcohol and cigarette consumption, and do not eat excessive fatty foods. So it will be in your best interest to rest in your hotel until the time of the hair transplantation operation.

5. You will be driven to the hospital.

Yeah, it’s time to get rid of your hair loss. Before the operation, you will be put on a special transfer vehicle for you at the specified time. You will reach the clinic with this vehicle, which is very comfortable and designed for your convenience. If you wish, you can contact your interpreter during your journey and find out the latest information about the hair transplantation operation.

6. How will you get prepared to the surgery?

The most important stage of preparation before the operation is the negotiations with your hair transplant surgeons. Because you need to decide with your doctor about critical factors, such as the nature of the operation and what technique to use. After you decide to have a hair transplantation operation, you should again act according to the doctor’s instructions. Alcohol and cigarette consumption should be avoided one week before the operation. Consumption of all tea products should be reduced, even if it is green tea. A doctor should be consulted about the use of drugs and vitamins. However, blood thinners should not be used before surgery. Before the operation, make sure that the scalp and donor area are cleaned very well with non-chemical shampoos. Avoid very fatty foods, a light nutrition meal should be preferred, but be sure to be full when entering the operation. Along with these, you should choose wide and comfortable clothes that will not disturb you during the operation, which can be easily removed. Clinical authorities will inform you of detailed information on these issues.

7. What do you need to know before surgery?

Before the operation, you must undergo a detailed health check and confirm whether you are suitable for the operation. For people with infectious diseases, allergic diseases and chronic problems, having hair transplantation surgery may not be appropriate, as it can cause side effect.People who will have a hair transplantation should be informed in great detail about the processes before the hair transplant, the moment of the hair transplantation, and after the hair transplantation. For example, avoiding sea and sand for at least three months after hair transplantation is an important detail. People need to decide the time of operation knowing these details. Besides, private health insurers charge fees for hair transplant procedures. You may need to complete the necessary procedures by discussing the details of this issue with your insurance company. By paying attention to such considerations, you will be able to perform a much healthier and more peaceful hair transplant operation. Therefore, hair growth will also be faster.

8. What happens after surgery?

If your operation has been successful in competent hands of hair transplant surgeons, you can now call your loved ones with peace of mind. Because the risk of infection and side effect in hair transplantations performed in a specialist doctor and sterile environment is very small. You need to know that in one year period there will be a complete recovery. Pain that may occur on the first night can be eliminated with simple painkillers. On the second day, you can be called to the clinic to dress your hair. Because of tiny cuts, mild bleeding that may occur in your head during the first 3 days is very normal. During this time, you should continue to do your hair care in full with the help of care treatments recommended by your doctor. From the third week, shock falls can occur in places where hair transplantations are performed. These are also normal processes that indicate that hair growth begins and your hair will begin to shine with health.

So, after hair transplant surgery, what should we pay attention to for faster and healthier hair growth? First and foremost, you must act according to your doctor’s instructions. Do not wash your hair on the first day; do not go out to extreme cold or sunny weather for the first three days. Also, it is very important to be careful not to hit to the small cuts in your head and not to consume substances such as alcohol, tea and cigarettes. Avoiding heavy sports and strenuous physical activities in the first month will also benefit you. Thus, the problem of hair loss ends for you.

9. Can you just leave after surgery?

After hair transplantation operations are performed in our clinic, our guests from foreign countries can return to their country immediately if they wish. The steps you need to follow after the operation, the care you will do to your hair, and how to make the dressing will be explained in detail. Besides, all healing processes will be monitored online. We will tell you specifically what you need to do concerning your hair. As a result of this, both the photos you will send via WhatsApp and the interviews will make with you, we will contribute to the healthy hair growth.

10. Do you need to come back for a control treatment?

After hair transplantation surgery, you do not need to come to our country to check. If you wish, you can be our guest, but all healing processes will be monitored remotely online by your hair transplant surgeons. By using online communication channels, it is desirable to provide the right healing process for you. You can also consult us with all kinds of questions and problems. Our specialist doctors and clinical authorities will respond to all your questions very quickly.

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