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Why Do Hair Transplants Fail? What Is The Success Rate?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that requires expertise and must be performed in a clinic where the necessary physical conditions are present. Hair transplantation will fail if it is not performed by a specialist and experienced surgeon without regard to hygiene conditions. In addition, the physical and psychological characteristics of the person who will undergo a hair transplant must also be taken into account.


Can hair transplantation fail?

In recent years, the success rate in people who have undergone hair transplantation has increased significantly. The main reasons for this are the development of technology, increasing the importance of clinics for this sector and increasing the experience of specialist doctors. Can a hair transplant still fail? Failure of a hair transplant is possible if a personalized hair transplantation method is not used and if the physical condition of the person is not taken into account at all. The method directly affects the success of the operation. After a hair transplant, hair care procedures performed according to the doctor’s instructions and medications used will also affect the success of a hair transplant.

What causes a hair transplant to fail? What are hair transplant failure reasons?

There are many reasons why hair transplants fail. One of the most common reasons is that the doctor does not have sufficient expertise and the clinic is inadequate. If the clinic does not have the necessary equipment, a hair transplant can fail. Furthermore, the patient who has had a hair transplant must take good care of his hair, if this is not done according to the doctor’s advice, a hair transplant may fail. The main cause of hair transplant failure is that the patient is actually not suitable for a hair transplant. People with very weak hair roots in the donor area are more likely to have a failed hair transplant.

What should we do for a successful hair transplant?

If you want to achieve a good result, there are some criteria that you should pay attention to both before and after the hair transplant, a careful clinical selection before a hair transplant is one of these criteria. ReHair Istanbul, the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, is a good choice for you. After choosing a clinic, the specialist who will perform a hair transplant will inform you about the most suitable hair transplant method. If your physical structure is appropriate, the chances of hair transplant success will increase. In addition, having close contact with the clinic affects success.

Choose the right clinic

The first step to a successful hair transplant is to choose the right clinic. How to choose the right clinic First, the clinic’s physical conditions, emergency equipment, hygiene and sterile structure should be sufficient for a hair transplant. The ratings and reviews about the clinic by those who have previously had a hair transplant at that clinic should be taken into account. The qualifications of the specialist doctors working in the clinic are also very important in choosing the right clinic.

Read reviews

Do you think it is useful to read the comments made about the success of clinical, doctor, and hair transplant operations? Research shows that internet comments and recommendations about a product or service are very effective in decision-making. If you want a successful hair transplant, you can also read the comments and reviews about the results of the hair transplant. With the reviews you read, you can understand why you should choose a clinic.

Look at before – after result photos

If you are thinking of a hair transplant in Istanbul, we have one more advice for you. Go to and see before and after hair transplant photos. Why would you do that? You should do that to consider your expectations. Being knowledgeable about the hair transplant timeline will allow you to accurately control the process. This will have a positive effect on the success of your hair transplant.

Choose the right country

What is the best country for a hair transplant in the world? To find out, the best hair transplant results should be explored. When examining the success rate of hair transplantation, Turkey emerges as the right country in the hair transplant sector. For years, investments in clinics and education in the hair transplant sector have been the main factor that distinguishes Turkey. Also, the behavioral procedures towards patients, all details taken into account for the comfort of patients, are other positive aspects of Turkey.

Research about the surgery and ask questions

Hair transplantation is a simple surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia. Before having a hair transplant, even if it is a simple surgery, you should research the surgery and ask your doctor questions. You should consult your doctor for any problem and make sure the doctor knows the characteristics of yourself as well. This research that you are about to do will lead to very important results in the success of hair transplantation and your health.

What percentage of hair transplants fail? What is the fail rate?

Have you ever heard that a hair transplant has failed? Today, the results of hair transplantation are usually very successful. The causes of hair transplant failure are incomplete research and hair transplantation, which is attempted to be performed on people who are not suitable for hair transplantation. The development of technology has reduced the failure rate in hair transplants to about one percent. With the right choice of clinic and doctor, you can also take a big step towards a successful hair transplant.

What happens if the hair transplant fails? Is a recovery treatment possible?

Bad choices can cause your hair transplant to fail. If the hair transplant fails, you can contact ReHair Istanbul for a recovery treatment. Our specialist doctors offer the most suitable solution for your hair. In the meantime, the main thing to be careful not to make another mistake is to correct the mistake.

When can a repair treatment be performed?

If a hair transplant fails, should we hate life or give up everything? As ReHair Istanbul, our answer is of course no. Our team will help correct mistakes that occur as a result of making mistakes in your first hair transplant. All types of hair transplantation errors, including an unnatural appearance of your hair, insufficient hair or missing hair roots in the donor area, are resolved in our clinic. Especially 1 year after the failed hair transplant, you will achieve very successful results with your application to us. Your destiny is no failure; ReHair Istanbul finds the solution for you.

Can anyone have a hair transplant?

Anyone over the age of 18, who does not have a serious health problem and whose hair roots are suitable, can undergo a hair transplant. In men, hair loss becomes very noticeable, especially after the age of 30. Therefore, hair transplantation gives more effective results from this age.

What is the most successful hair transplant procedure?

Some of the questions that arise with a hair transplant are about the price and what the most successful hair transplant procedure will be. Before worrying about both the price of a hair transplant and the method of a hair transplant, the first thing to do is to ask if you are suitable for a hair transplant. Which hair transplant method is right for you? Which method gives you less time access to healthier hair? For these questions you should be in constant contact with the consultants of your hair transplant clinic and your specialist doctor. Adequate testing and consultation will make it easier for you to find the most successful hair transplant procedure.

Why should you choose ReHair Istanbul for your hair transplantation?

Health is an issue to be taken seriously. Hair transplants should be taken very seriously because of the positive or negative consequences they will have later on. A successful hair transplant ensures your self-confidence; pave the way for you to live happier and more peaceful lives. Therefore, you must be very careful when conducting clinical examinations prior to hair transplantation. ReHair Istanbul, the number one of the clinics that perform hair transplantation in Istanbul, should also be your first choice. The clinical environment, the state-of-the-art equipment used, the experience of specialist doctors and their approach to the patient are among the hallmarks of ReHair Istanbul. Moreover, the proven results will be an indicator for you to choose us. Choose ReHair Istanbul for the best results.