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All You Should Know About PRP Treatment (Hair Treatment)!

With PRP treatment, it is possible to heal some diseases in the body and rejuvenate the skin with a person’s own blood. In PRP treatment, where the person’s own blood is used instead of a drug, slowing cell regeneration is prevented, especially with environmental and genetic factors. We fancy giving information about PRP, which is used in hair loss, skin rejuvenation, pain treatment, and treatment of many orthopaedic diseases.

Daily 100-150 hair loss is considered normal. If the numbers are more than this, hair loss should be taken seriously. PRP also provides thriving results in hair treatment. Especially in patients with hair loss was found to be beneficial results. During the PRP procedure, the patient’s own blood is taken and passed through a device. Here, the part that will feed the roots called fibroblast, which will provide the development is separated and injected into the shed area. This method is particularly useful in genetic losses. Hair mesotherapy can also be applied in combination with PRP to those with genetic losses.

In the PRP application for hair, 10 CC is taken from the patient’s venous blood (1/10 of a tea glass). The centrifuged blood is divided into two parts as white and red blood. Red blood contains white blood cells, platelets, clotting factors, PGF (Platelet growth factor). After a special operation, the red blood is injected into the dilated area by napping. The basis of this application is tissue regeneration. Hair treatment with PRP lasts up to 30 minutes; no pain felt during application. After PRP, there is no scarring, and the person can continue his / her routine life immediately.

Hair treatment with PRP is applied for a maximum of 30 minutes every 15 days on average and usually lasts for 3-4 months. Then once a year it will be enough. The most important advantage of this method is that the plasma is obtained from the patient’s own blood and does not carry any allergy risk.


When does PRP Hair Treatment Work?

With the application done several times, no immediate results are obtained. PRP hair treatment is more harmless and more comfortable than other methods, but the effects appear a little later. So you need to be patient. Hair bruising, shine and loss of hair cease only after the third session. Therefore, it should be applied regularly, and the periods must be observed.

Are There Side Effects of PRP Hair Treatment?

PRP treatment has no known and observed side effects. It is not harmful as it is made with content taken from a person’s own blood. However, since the application is carried out with micro-needles, a headache may be experienced for half a day after the application, even if no pain is felt during the application. Also, hair loss may be seen for a short time after the treatment. There is no need to panic! That is a natural result of the treatment.

Is PRP Supported Hair Transplantation Possible?

It is known that mesotherapy method is applied as supportive treatment in hair transplantation. PRP hair treatment is a favourable method in FUE hair transplantation. Following the healing process after hair transplantation, the effect of hair transplantation is maximized by applying PRP treatment in 3 sessions at intervals of 2 -3 weeks.