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Istanbul Asian Side to See (Places to Visit)

Istanbul, with its historical and natural beauty, is one of the most popular settlements not only in Turkey but also in the whole world. Istanbul, which has attracted interest in health tourism in recent years, has gained a reputation for both price advantage and successful health practices. Detailed and statistical information about this issue is mentioned in our article titled “What is required for a successful hair transplantation operation“. Although ReHair Istanbul is particularly known for its activities in the field of hair transplantation, it attracts attention by offering VIP applications and a unique Istanbul experience for its patients. The Anatolian side of Istanbul is dazzling with its historical texture, azure sea, and lush woodlands. Thanks to this article, you will have information about the places we recommend to visit and see on the Anatolian side, and you will be able to plan your days before your trip.…


Historical Sites on The Asian Side of Istanbul

Palace, located in Üsküdar, was built during the Ottoman Empire to welcome
foreign dignitaries. In addition to its magnificent texture and historical
features, it attracts the attention of domestic and foreign tourists with its
interior architecture. The Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, also located in Üsküdar, has
survived from the reign of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman and has a magnificent
architectural feature. The Adile Sultan Palace in Kandilli is an artifact that
has survived from 1876. In Kadıköy, the historic Moda Pier and Haydarpaşa Station
are among the historical places that must be visited and seen.

Natural Beauties on The Asian Side of Istanbul

One of the places that must be seen by those who go to the Anatolian side of Istanbul is Fethi Paşa Forest which is located in Kuzguncuk district. Thanks to its location overlooking the Bosphorus and its unique view, you can view Istanbul from the top. The Suadiye Coast and Moda Coast in Kadıköy are ideal places for those who want to take a stroll by the sea and experience Turkish cuisine. One of the places you need to visit in Kadıköy is Bağdat Street, and in the meantime, the Toy Museum should also be visited.

Places to visit and see on the Asia side of

of course, are not limited to these. The historical
Kuleli Military High School in Çengelköy and the breakfast places under Big
Sycamore are worth a visit. Paşabahçe glass factory in Beykoz, Yusha Hill,
Beykoz Grove, Riva and, Anatolian Kavak should also be seen. The Anatolian
Fortress and the Genoese Fortress will be the most interesting experiences you
can experience on the Asia side of Istanbul.


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