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Frequently Asked Questions After Hair Transplantation


What should be considered after the operation?

In particular, the treated area should be protected from any trauma. Prevention of oedema can be limited by lying on the back. Because of oedema due to the operation, the hairline may be asymmetrical or far behind to mislead the patient. Such assessments will only be possible after eight months. The patient is not recommended to drive on the way his/her home. He/she can start using the medicines prescribed by his/her doctors at home. It is recommended to eat light meals after the operation. Smoking and alcohol use is not recommended for an average of 10 days after the procedure.

Is there any special care after hair transplantation?

The bandages will be opened 2-3 days after the operation, and the area where the hair is taken and the area to be transplanted should be washed properly. These washings will last an average of ten days a week, once a day. In these washings, firstly the medicines which are applied to the scalp after the operation will be cleaned. Subsequently, the skin pieces on the surface of the grafts that have been transplanted will fall. In the meantime, yellow, white patches that may be seen between the transplanted grafts may be lotion residues.

Are we going to have any hair loss after the operation?

Approximately 3-4 weeks after the operation, some of your hair will be lost. This situation is called a shock spill. In fact, productive follicles are planted. As the hair falls, these follicles remain under the skin and begin to produce hair. They start growing after an average of 3 months. They do not all come out at the same time. Its output continues for an average of 5 months to increase the intensity and continues until the eighth months.

Is any rash shown after hair transplantation?

There may be a rash in the wound healing process. In non-sensitive skin, this redness is expected to resolve within ten days. However, these skin redness may also last longer.

Is there any disadvantage of hair transplantation in terms of patient health?

This procedure is entirely risk-free under local anaesthesia. No side effects that harm health in the post-procedure period have yet to occur.

Is the appearance of new hair a controllable condition?

The result of transplanting depends entirely on the technique. The size and orientation of the grafts used during planting determine the outcome. When the grafts are placed in the appropriate size and direction to the natural origin of the hair, hair transplantation provides an extremely natural result.

Is there any change or loss of healthy hair after hair transplantation?

Transient shedding and weakening may occur on your own hair around the transplanted grafts, which gives the impression that there is further opening in the transplanted area. This condition returns entirely after a few months and heals itself.

Does all the transplanted hair survive? What is the growth rate?

There is no expert or method/technique to answer this question fully because it is difficult to say which hairs have already existed after the hair has emerged. Besides, it is impossible to count the individual hairs that come out after planting.

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