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Everything about Hair Grafts and Hair Grafting

Hair transplantation is preferred by many people in recent years. Hair grafts and hair graft donor area topics, concepts that people who will have a hair transplant do not know much about. In this article, you will learn everything about hair grafts and hair grafting, including graft cost and graft prices.


What is a hair graft for a hair transplant?

People who want to have a hair transplant often encounter the term hair graft. The area where a person who wants a hair transplant has enough hair follicles is the donor area. Pieces of tissue taken from this region and prepared for planting in the balding area are called hair grafts. In the hair graft determined by specialist doctors, there is a certain amount of skin with healthy hair roots.

The grafts collected for the hair transplant operation can be of different sizes depending on the characteristics of the person who will undergo the hair transplant and the type of hair transplantation operation. The hair graft donor area is usually the area between the two ears of the nape.

How many hairs is a graft?

In hair transplantation, how much hair can be planted in the area where the hair completely falls out or becomes scarce directly affects the result of the operation. Hair grafts come into play at this point and their importance is revealed. According to the need, hair grafts can contain double, triple, and quintuple hair roots. However, the most basic point to remember is that the number of grafts and the number of hair follicles are not the same. So you don’t have to focus on how many hair grafts to plant during a hair transplant. The main issue that you should pay attention to is how many hair follicles are in the grafts to be planted. Acting according to the recommendations of your specialist doctor on these issues will increase your success in hair transplantation.

Why is graft so important for hair transplantation?

For a hair transplant to be successful, the number and quality of hair grafts are very important. However, we cannot determine how much hair will grow in the area where the hair is planted by the number of grafts planted. The frequency of hair is directly proportional to the number of hair follicles in hair grafts. How many hair follicles will be in a graft that will be taken from your donor area depends on the structure, quality, and density of your hair.

Is hair graft necessary for hair transplantation? Can I have a hair transplant surgery without any graft?

Hair transplantation is a very important procedure in the literature. However, technological advances in recent years have led to the emergence of different hair transplant methods. At the beginning of these, vitamin supplements and drug treatments lead. Along with these, some treatment methods such as PRP, Mesotherapy, Growth Factor, and Hair Laser are among the methods that have started to be successfully applied in recent years.

Are there any hair transplantation techniques that don’t need to use hair graft?

For people who experience hair loss, many different treatment methods can be applied. In addition to vitamin supplements and drug treatments, there are some treatment methods such as PRP, Mesotherapy, Growth Factor, and Hair Laser. These hair transplant methods must be applied by a specialist personally. During PRP, platelet-rich cells obtained from the person’s blood are used and successful hair transplant results are achieved. In mesotherapy, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids needed by hair are painstakingly injected into the scalp. In Growth Factor application, just like in the mesotherapy method, vitamins and proteins needed by hair are applied to the scalp to grow hair faster. In the hair laser method, the hair roots are stimulated by lasers. In this way, blood circulation in the scalp increases, hair becomes stronger and healthier.

How to know how many grafts do I need for my hair transplantation? How to calculate it?

The question of how many grafts is needed for successful hair transplantation is often raised. To calculate this, you need to examine the area in the spilled part of your hair. Normal and healthy hair has an average of 60-70 grafts at 1 cm2. This corresponds to a strand of hair between 120-140. During hair transplantation operations, 40 grafts for 1 cm2, that is, 80 to 100 strands of hair transplant is sufficient. The most important reason for this is that the human eye cannot distinguish between 40% hair density and 100% hair density.

How many hair grafts are needed at least for successful hair transplantation?

As mentioned above, for successful hair transplantation, it is enough to transplant 40 grafts or 80 to 100 strands of hair into a bald area of 1 cm2. Before you have hair transplantation, you can figure out how many hair grafts you need by calculating the area you want to have a hair transplant. But let’s remind you, do not make a clear decision about the number of grafts to be transplanted without seeing your specialist doctor and getting his ideas. Your doctor will tell you the number of hair grafts that best suit your physical structure and are necessary for your hair transplantation to be more success

How many grafts are needed for a full head?

Everyone’s hair structure and physical characteristics differ from each other. These differences prevent a clear answer to the question of how many hair grafts are required for a successful hair transplant. A hair graft has 2-3 strands of hair on average. Before a hair transplant, hair transplant specialists carefully examine the hair structure of the people concerned. During this examination, the areas where the person needs hair transplantation are calculated. In this way, it is determined how many hair grafts a person needs for a healthy and natural hair appearance.

What is the cost of each graft?

Hair transplant clinics may charge different fees for each hair graft. The reasons for this are differences between the equipment used and the techniques applied. Clinical conditions, doctors ‘ experience, and success rates in hair transplants can also change the prices of hair grafts. In addition, as ReHair Istanbul, we can guarantee that we offer you the most appropriate hair transplant prices. If you want to get healthy hair with the most appropriate hair transplant prices, you also choose ReHair Istanbul.

Do hair grafts and their cost vary according to the hair transplantation technique?

During hair transplantation, the number of hair grafts to be transplanted depends on the width of the patient’s baldness and rarity area. In addition, the patient’s hair frequency also affects the number of hair grafts to be transplanted. Hair transplant specialists perform hair and skin analysis before the operation. As a result, they determine how many hair grafts transplants the patient needs. After this analysis and determination, it is also revealed what the cost of the hair transplantation operation will be.

FUE Hair Transplant Grafts

In FUE hair transplant technique, hair follicles (hair grafts) are taken from the donor area one by one and planted in the transplantation area one by one. This application extends the duration of the hair transplantation operation but also increases the success rate of the operation. Although the number of hair grafts to be transplanted using the FUE technique varies from person to person, an average of 4000 FUE grafts transplants can be performed. Such a hair transplant operation can take about 6 to 9 hours.

DHI Hair Transplant Grafts

In DHI hair transplantation technique, a maximum average of 2500-3000 roots is planted from the hair graft donor area. Before application, local anesthesia is applied to the donor area and the hair roots are relaxed. Hair follicles or DHI grafts are collected with special pencils called Choi. The collected hair roots are placed on the scalp thanks to this special device. It is extremely important that this operation, which lasts about 6 to 10 hours, is performed by experienced and specialized doctors.

FUT Hair Transplant Grafts

In the FUT method, roots can be taken and planted from the hair graft donor area collectively. In general, a total of 2000-3000 FUT graft transplantations can be achieved in a single session. It is an older method and is also known as one of the shortest methods of hair transplantation.

How are the hair grafts created? How is the donor area determined?

Hair grafts are provided from the donor area where the hair follicles to be planted are located and collected by the operation. Determining the donor area is one of the most important procedures in hair transplant operations. The density of the donor area is calculated by the number of hair follicles per cm2. Expertise and experience are required for accurate identification of the donor site. In hair transplantations, hair areas behind the nape and two ears are preferred primarily and usually as donor areas. If there are not enough healthy hair follicles in these areas during the check-up of a specialist doctor, the chest, back, lower, and upper jaw areas, as well as the legs and arms, can also be a donor site.

Why should you choose ReHair Istanbul for hair transplantation surgery?

ReHair Istanbul is Turkey’s most established and famous hair clinic with its achievements. Thanks to the thousands of successful hair transplants it has performed so far, its reputation has spread all over the world. ReHair Istanbul mobilizes all facilities for its guests from different countries to Turkey from the moment they land at the airport. Both the comfort of patients and the faster recovery of healthy hair are among the priority criteria for ReHair Istanbul. Choose ReHair Istanbul If you want better clinical conditions, hygienic environments, affordable hair transplantation, and appropriate graft prices with healthy and natural-looking hair in a short time.

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