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9 Historical Places To See In Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most important cities of Turkey and the world with its cultural wealth, natural beauty and deep-rooted history. As a result, it welcomes millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year. What sights are worth seeing? Let’s find out together.


Topkapı Palace

Topkapı Palace is one of the most important buildings to visit in Istanbul. It was built in 1459 and was home to the Sultan and his family for many years. The palace has mansions, apartments, dikes and flower gardens. Topkapı Palace, which is known to be built on an area of seven hundred thousand square meters in total, welcomes its visitors with all its splendour.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is one of the precious buildings of the historic peninsula. Built on behalf of Emperor Jüstinyen, the building is considered one of the most important architectural structures in the world and today welcomes visitors as a museum.

Yerebatan Cistern

The Yerebatan Cistern is one of the most striking places in the historic peninsula. It is located near Sultanahmet Square, the building is one of the largest dumpsters in Istanbul. Today, as a museum, it is open for the visit of local and foreign tourists.

Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is the most prominent structure of Sultanahmet Square. Although the structure is similar to the Hagia Sophia, it was actually built about a thousand years after the Hagia Sophia. This beautiful building is one of the most successful examples of Turkish-Islamic architecture.

Archaeological Museum Istanbul

The Archaeological Museum of Istanbul is one of the most important museums in the world and is one of the finest examples of neo-classical architecture. The building, which now serves as a museum building, was built in 1891. It has hundreds of works of art that are worth seeing in the museum.

Suleymaniye Mosque

Suleymaniye Mosque is one of the buildings you should see on the historic peninsula. This important structure was built in the 16th century as the most beautiful complex in the city, fitting to a sultan. The building also houses the graves of Suleyman the magnificent and Hürrem Sultan.

The Galata Tower

The Galata Tower is regularly visited by both local and foreign tourists. Although not much is known about the construction of this beautiful structure, it is believed that it’s been built in the time of Emperor Judinian. The tower, which is 69.90 meters high and weighs about 10,000 tons, was used as a prison, shelter, fire warning and observatory.

Turkish Islamic Art Museum

The Museum of Turkish Islamic Works was established during the Ottoman Empire. The museum is located in the Suleymaniye Mosque square and an important work of Mimar Sinan. The museum contains many artefacts collected from religious buildings and the museum hosts exhibitions.

Binbirdirek Cistern

One of the must-see buildings in Istanbul is Binbirdirek cistern. This building is the second largest water body in Istanbul. Today it is visited as a museum and houses a variety of events.

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