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Types of Hair Loss

When you get out of bed in the morning, the hair that will be seen on the pillow or the excess of hair that is shed on the floor while bathing will upset everyone’s morale. Hair loss, which is seen in everyone for a wide variety of reasons, regardless of men or women, sometimes reaches the size of a nightmare. Treatment is possible, but after misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment methods, irreversible ways can be entered. It is important to know the types of hair loss and to diagnose the cause of hair loss to make the hair transplant procedure right. Some of the information we will give in this article will give you a general opinion about hair loss. However, all the problems you have with your hair will be in your best interest to consult your specialist.

Types of Hair Loss by process

When determining the types of hair loss, experts focused primarily on duration. Because hair that is shed for less than 6 months is defined as scattered or isolated hair loss. This problem can sometimes occur and usually ends within 3-4 months. In general, sudden stress burdens, hormonal problems, malnutrition processes, climate, and residence changes and intense air pollution are the causes of isolated hair loss.

If hair loss lasts longer than 6 months, such problems are called chronic or regular hair loss. Some of the most important causes of chronic hair loss are diseases and genetic problems. In such cases, the hair roots that enable the growth of the hair lose function and then the hair is lost.

Other causes of Hair Loss

According to the evaluations of experts, one of the most important causes of hair loss is the problem with the scientific name Telogen Effluvium. Stress as a source of this problem is known as exposure to a long-term feverish disease or infection. Hair loss can occur as a result of the side effects of certain drugs or as a symptom of diseases such as sarcoidosis, lupus erythematosus, syphilis, thyroid and skin cancer.

The formation of fungi on the scalp (Tinea Capitis) is a serious type of hair loss. In this case, the hair is broken and shed where it comes out. Hair loss can be caused by excessive tugging, washing with very hot water, exposing to a very hot curling iron or a hairdryer. This condition is called hair trauma and is one of the problems caused by people themselves.

No matter what type of hair loss, from the moment the symptoms appear, care should be taken with precision. For this reason, the hair loss problem should be considered, the causes should be carefully determined. Treatment methods should be determined after the diagnosis to be made by the expert of the subject.

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