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Things To Know About DHI Hair Transplantation Method


What is DHI hair transplantation method?

DHI hair transplantation method, one of the most preferred operations in recent years, is one of the applications used in hair transplantation processes. DHI method, also known as “pen technique” or “direct hair transplantation” is not a hair transplantation technique, but a form of application. Although the DHI method is a new application, it is highly preferred due to its advantages.

DHI Hair Transplantation is an application where quality hair follicles selected from the donor area are placed in the planting area with the help of special pens. In the DHI method, a medical device that resembles a pen, which helps to insert grafts, can perform grooving and root placement at the same time, it enables the roots to be planted in a shorter time. DHI hair transplantation procedure performed under local anaesthesia starts by loosening the hair follicles with the help of a particular device and collecting them individually. The grafts, which also have a piece of tissue on them, are placed in the transplantation area after they have been separated by a special medical pen.

Advantages of the DHI technique

  • The main advantage of this technique is its density. The density provided is twice as much as the strip / lateral incision technique, 40 to 60 grafts per square centimetre. This density provides a large coating on the spilt area.
  • The area to be transplanted provides more successful results with a more natural look, mainly when applied to sensitive areas such as hairline, which allows hair transplantation at different angles depending on the natural growth angle of the hair.
  • Thanks to the fine-tipped needles used in DHI hair transplantation technique, it minimizes the risk of any scar formation.
  • Since it is a compassionate technique that should be applied one by one, a highly specialized and highly successful team takes part in the hair transplantation centres where this technique is used.
  • The hair design made by DHI technique in hair transplantation process achieves the most natural and successful results.
  • The survival rate is increased during and after hair transplantation since the waiting period of the hair follicles is minimized.
  • With DHI Hair Transplant Pen, angle and direction are more comfortable, and aspects of hair follicles can be determined more quickly.
  • DHI hair transplantation, which provides the possibility of direct planting in the required area without damaging the existing hair, is also an advantage for the people who have not finished their hair loss yet.
  • During the hair transplantation process, holes are drilled in the width of the hair follicle; thus, the operation is completed with the least damage.

Naturalness in DHI Hair Transplantation

There are some factors that affect the naturalness of DHI Hair Transplantation. In order for the patient to obtain a hair transplant as he / she imagined, he / she must have knowledge about the important factors affecting naturalness. The naturalness of DHI hair transplantation is primarily due to the best preparation of the front line and a natural appearance. For this, there are some points that the doctor and the patient should pay attention to separately.

Another point that has improved in DHI Hair Transplantation Method is the sowing angles of hair follicles. Sowing angles of hair follicles, which basically affect the concept of naturalness in hair transplantation, were determined at the time of grooving in normal hair transplantation. In DHI hair transplantation is combined with planting, the doctor determines the angles and depths of the hair follicles more easily with a single move. This accelerates the recovery time for natural looking hair.

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