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Important Points To Consider Before A Hair Transplant

A hair transplant offers people with hair loss problems a successful, natural and effortless solution. Today, this treatment is very often carried out and it changes the lives of men and women in a positive way.

Hair transplantation should not be regarded as a procedure for aesthetic purposes only, but consideration should also be given to whether it meets the necessary health conditions. The procedure must be carried out by experts, based on a personal analysis and under hygienic conditions.

Hair transplantation should not be considered as a simple treatment. What needs to be taken care of before a hair transplant? Let’s go over it together.

  • Put on easy clothes, preferably a sweater with zippers or buttons.
  • If you have recently had an operation, a chronic illness or some medications you should report this to your contact. For example, you should not take blood thinners one week before surgery.
  • You must not smoke or drink alcohol one week before surgery.
  • Get enough sleep for the treatment. Try to sleep for at least eight hours.
  • Don’t drink coffee on the operation day!

A reliable and fully equipped health centre should be preferred for the success of the hair transplantation operation.

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