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What Happens After A Hair Transplant?

Deciding for the hair transplant is already a difficult phase, but then the questions about hair growth come up. What about after the hair transplant? How long will it take for the hairs to grow? As a result of a hair transplant performed by staff who are not specialists, you may experience unnatural problems such as pain, oedema, asymmetry and infection. Even if the patient does not comply with the after-care rules and don’t protect the new hair roots, there is a chance that the hair transplant will fail.

The most critical period for the roots transferred to the new area is the first 48 hours, therefore the first day of the hair should not be washed. The day after the treatment, the first washing should be carried out with caution by an expert. Although the hairs are rooted after 8-9 days, there is still a chance that they will fall out when they are damaged. It takes up to 3 months to adapt. Until the 3rd month the hairs will fall out and you can’t expect a result, after 3 months the real hair growth begins. After 6 months, you will notice that the hairs have grown considerably and no longer hair loss.

After about 10 months you can see the result.

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