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DHI (Direct hair implantation) is a type of operation in which the quality hair follicles taken from the donor area are placed in the transplantation area with the help of special items. In this method, the hair follicles should be loosened with the help of a special device called a pencil in order to be placed in the transplantation area with the help of special pens. In this case, the hair follicles must be collected one by one with local anesthesia. The most important difference between the DHI method and other hair transplant methods is that the roots taken with surgical pens are placed in the area where the hair transplant will be done without opening any channels at once. This procedure is called a direct hair transplant because it allows the procedure to be performed at once, which normally requires two stages.

In DHI hair transplantation, grooving and root placement operations can be performed simultaneously and therefore grafts can be planted in a shorter time. Both during and after the operation, the loss of hair follicles is very little. Due to the lack of incision in DHI method, tissue damage and bleeding do not occur. In this way, recovery times are shortened. The DHI method, which can be done without pain and scar, gives good results if applied by qualified physicians. Unlike some other methods, it can be applied without the need to shave the hair. In this way, it is preferred by women like men who love long hair.

DHI Hair transplantation is an operation that requires more expertise in contrast to other methods, where delicate procedures are intense. Hair transplantation is unlikely to return after. Therefore, it is considered to be an operation with an increased risk. In addition, it is observed that the DHI method requires a longer time in some applications than in other methods. Hair transplant surgery is a procedure in which the hair follicles are removed from the scalp. While the slow progress of the process bothers patients, it also leads to increased costs. These are also considered as disadvantages of the DHI method.

The pen device required for the DHI method is a very expensive apparatus. However, during the DHI method, the hair follicles taken from the donor area should be placed quickly in the area where the hair transplant will be performed. Therefore, a team of surgeons of at least 6 people should be present during the operation. It is understood that the DHI method will be expensive in terms of fees when the time is long and requires serious precision. Prices vary from person to person as they are determined by the person’s characteristics. However, if you want to find out about the prices you can contact RehairIstanbul.

When comparing FUE and DHI methods, personal differences of patients should be taken into account. Physical and biological conditions will help determine which technique is more appropriate. While DHI is recommended for those with long hair who do not want to shorten their hair, FUE method is recommended for those with large areas of hair to be transplanted. However, the FUE method is advantageous when the evaluation is made in terms of recovery times, price and natural appearance. During this comparison, it is especially useful to give an example related to Operation times. How long DHI hair transplantation will last according to FUE technique will be better understood with this example. For example, an FUE hair transplant operation with 3 thousand grafts can be completed within 1 day and approximately 6 hours. However, when the same operation is performed with DHI hair transplant technique, it will take a total of 12 hours and can only be completed in 2 days. The Sapphire FUE method, which is an advanced version of the FUE method, is our first recommendation for you thanks to the positive results it provides.

A new method of hair transplantation, DHI method is not yet possible to talk about a serious side effect. However, it should be known that all surgeries carry certain risks such as infection, excessive bleeding, permanent wounds or healing too late. However, local anesthesia during hair transplantation and unconscious use of drugs used against pain after the operation without consulting the expert can cause serious side effects. If interacting with different drugs can trigger another disease or damage an organ. For these reasons, the process should be improved by following the recommendations of the expert physician. In order to get detailed information on this subject, you can meet the specialist physicians who work in RehairIstanbul.

You should consult a specialist doctor before having a hair transplant with DHI method and you should choose an equipped clinic. You should carefully follow the advice and warnings made by your doctor. You should not insist on any method of hair transplantation, you should accept the type of operation recommended by performing hair analysis. If you thoroughly investigate the price information and recovery times and natural appearance of the DHI method, you will not be disappointed afterward. Therefore, it is important to be in close contact with your specialist doctor before you have a hair transplant with DHI method.

Hair transplantation with DHI method should be preferred by those whose body is considered to be suitable for DHI method after analysis. However, long-haired men and women who do not want their hair shortened may prefer this method with the approval of the doctor. Since more than 2500 grafts cannot be collected at once in the DHI method, it will not be appropriate for people with large areas of hair to be transplanted.

RehairIstanbul is a center established in Istanbul, Turkey’s eminent city for hair transplant operations and its reputation has exceeded the boundaries of the country. In our clinic, hair transplant procedures are carried out in a package with all the needs of the patients considered to the utmost detail. Within this package, all transportation services are provided by VIP vehicles from the moment you land at the airport until you get back on the plane. Free accommodation in the best hotels in Istanbul, with the support of a special interpreter and consultant who knows the language of the patient.All cosmetic products needed for hair care are also provided free of charge. After the operation, the evaluation processes of the success of the operation (Check-up) are also included in the package.

Istanbul, with its stunning natural beauty and historical texture, is always at the top of the list of places to be seen by people all over the world. Istanbul, which combines two continents, is a metropolis known as the center of sports, arts, and entertainment. Turkey, on the other hand, is a country that must be visited because of its cosmopolitan structure as well as its respect for every culture and its hospitable people. Hair transplant procedures, especially in the field of Health showing great development in Turkey, have become the most popular country in this respect. In addition to these, a very reasonable price advantage in operations will be added to the answer to the question of why Istanbul and Turkey should be preferred.

Hair transplantation with DHI technique is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. However, regardless of the type of operation, the risk of complications will be reduced thanks to the preparations that will be made before. People who have hair transplant surgery should be sure that their overall health is in good condition before the operation. In this context, the necessary blood tests should be carried out and the pre-treatment instructions given by the DHI surgeon should be followed to the letter. Smoking and drinking alcohol should be stopped two weeks before the operation. No drugs or vitamins that dilute the blood should be taken. 3 days before treatment, a drug may be used to control bleeding if the doctor has advised.


ReHair Istanbul is one of the best-known hair transplantation centers in Turkey thanks to its talent, experience in the sector, affordability policy and professional approaches. The clinic uses the latest technological methods, especially the Sapphire FUE technique. The reputation of ReHair Istanbul, which performs hair transplant operations with these methods, has also exceeded the country’s borders. ReHair Istanbul, which has been serving in Turkey for more than 12 years, has performed more than 24,500 hair transplant operations with a 98% success rate. As of 2016, ReHair Istanbul has started to provide services to Holland and Belgium.

ReHair Istanbul is headquartered in Istanbul, one of the most popular cities in Europe. Our clinic is not an agency. ReHair Istanbul is a professional clinic with a corporate philosophy with its own operations team and specialist doctors.

Pricing in ReHair Istanbul is not determined by the number of grafts. Although the maximum number of grafts are transplanted, a fixed price is applied in operations.

ReHair Istanbul is a clinic where patients can consult not only at the decision-making stage but also after making decisions. Patients benefit from a continuous counseling service where they can find answers to every problem very quickly.

For ReHair Istanbul, customer satisfaction precedes any financial gain. The counseling provided after the operation will last for a lifetime for all our patients.

ReHair Istanbul is closely related to the results of the hair transplant operation of its patients. After the operation, our patients are asked to send photos from their country for periods of 3-6-9-12 months. In this way, the healing processes of our patients and the current state of their hair are monitored. The necessary warnings and recommendations are provided by specialist doctors through this means.

Our patients who decide to have a hair transplant in ReHair Istanbul are faced with all kinds of comforts since they set foot in Turkey. Assistance is provided in their own language (Dutch or English) to make everyone feel as if they are in their own country.

This service starts from the decision-making stage and continues until the discharge process is finished. The interpreter and counseling needs required in the next process are made through phone calls or WhatsApp calls.

ReHair Istanbul offers VIP hair transplant services for every patient (only 1 patient is operated on the same day and the patient is treated all day).



The entire process is arranged by us from A to Z, you only need to provide a desired date.


We offer a VIP hair transplant arrangement for every patient. Only 1 patient is helped on a treatment day, so the patient gets all the attention.


We offer you a hair transplant with an unlimited number of grafts.


We offer you a hair transplant with an unlimited number of grafts.


Planning of the donor area and the hairline

After an analysis, it is determined how many grafts are needed to cover the desired area. Then, in consultation with you, our specialist signs a hairline design.

Shaving the donor area & local anesthesia

At ReHair, local anesthesia is virtually painless because our technique ensures a very comfortable experience during this process. On the day of the operation, your donor area will be shaved and then the grafts will be removed.

Removing the grafts from the donor area

After local anesthesia, the grafts will be removed from your donor area by using a micromotor. This process is important because the grafts must be stored in a special way after removal.

Opening the channels on the reception area and implanting the hairs

This is a very important process because it determines the final direction and density of the hairs.



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