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PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a method prepared from one’s own blood and used today in many areas of medicine to cure diseases, solve and regulate skin and skin problems. In this method, the person’s own blood is used instead of chemical drugs. It is particularly useful in both genetic problems and cell deceleration problems caused by the harmful effects of the environment. In addition to dermatological problems such as hair loss and skin diseases, it has become a method used for pain treatment and orthopedic problems. Before the PRP method is applied, a very small amount of blood is taken from the patient. Then, this blood is decomposed into their plasma in a laboratory environment. The platelet cell in these plasmas is responsible for the clotting of the blood. However, due to its ability to provide growth, it has the ability to perform cell regeneration. Once the plasma rich in platelets is injected back into the body, cell regeneration begins. In this way, healing wounds, reducing cracks, providing a youthful appearance of the skin without giving any drugs or foreign substances to the body is provided. In addition to these, it has become one of the methods used in the treatment of hair loss. Hair treatment with PRP is applied in sessions of 30 minutes on average. After this painless application, no scars occur in the hair or skin area. Patients can continue their routine lives where they left off.

Although PRP seems to be a state-of-the-art miracle treatment method, it is actually due to the use of a naturally existing cell regenerative feature in one’s own blood. The cell-regenerating platelets in the blood taken from the body are injected into the desired area of treatment. At this time, the body’s natural wound healing feature is activated in the non-wound location. This method does not work in some people. The most important reason for this is the PRP treatments that are not under the supervision of a specialist physician and are not performed in a competent clinic. Quality PRP kits are not used in this type of location in accordance with international standards. Cheaper and unhealthy kits can be applied here. This may reduce the chances of success of PRP. Another reason for the failure is that PRP needs to be implemented regularly in order to be effective. It is not right to think that PRP is a one-off practice. PRP is a practice that must be repeated 1 or 2 times every month for at least 2-3 months. In some applications, a total of 4 sessions can be performed with a range of 2 weeks, depending on the advice of your doctor. In fact, it should be done 1 time a year if necessary or with additional applications in case of need.

The effect varies from person to person but cannot be completed in one session. It should usually be applied once or twice a month and repeat once or twice a year after a while.

Within a few days immediately after skin treatment with PRP, a difference or noticeable brightness will be felt on the skin. This becomes permanent when the treatment is carried out a few times. If you want to remove wrinkles or deep scars, more sessions and time are required. That is why it is necessary to act according to what the doctor says. It is not correct to think that the PRP method will yield a very fast and lasting benefit, or to assume that health will return after a single session. PRP is a treatment that requires a long process and must be spread through sessions. After a 2-month treatment, successful results may be obtained, or it may be necessary to repeat the treatments for a while

No foreign substances or drugs are given to the body in the treatment of PRP. There is no harm in this application made by completely natural methods. It is important that it can be applied without pain and that it does not leave any traces in the patient. In this way, people can continue their routine lives without interrupting them. One of the important advantages of PRP is that the dry and dull image on the skin begins to improve after the first session, especially during skin treatment. The fact that PRP can be applied in many medical fields, especially in body aches, skin problems, and orthopedic ailments, also stands out as an important advantage.

The main disadvantage of this method is that it is a very long process and requires patience. Treatments must be carried out once or twice a month for 3-4 months and then repeated every year. The emergence of extra costs in all sessions is also one of the biggest problems.

People of any age or gender who want to solve the medical problems they experience in a natural way will be able to choose the PRP method. However, our advice is to be prepared for long-term treatment and be patient about it.

PRP is a painless and easy-to-use method and has no side effects that are felt very clearly. The PRP method is completely compatible with the body and does not cause allergic reactions due to the fact that it is a natural method. However, a very small amount of bruising in the area where the blood is taken, slight redness or short-term swelling may occur in the areas where the needle is inserted.

It is not possible to give a net price for PRP prices without seeing the patient. The area of PRP application and the type of PRP treatment are important factors in determining the price. For example, the PRP prices planned to be performed in the face region are more expensive than the PRP treatment to be performed on the hand or for hair. In addition, the number of PRP sessions to be recommended by the doctor is one of the factors that cause price variability. You can find out about the most appropriate PRP treatment prices by contacting RehairIstanbul.

RehairIstanbul has planned to the utmost detail for all patients coming from abroad within the packages prepared for PRP treatment. Welcome at the airport, travel and transfer with VIP vehicles, accommodation in the most luxurious hotels and free use of all services in our clinic are included in this package. In addition, the operation period will be provided for you with a general health check and a free supply of necessary care products. Our goal is for you to get the health care you deserve, without dealing with any details.

Istanbul is the largest province in Turkey and even Europe. Besides its historical heritage, its natural beauty is also of great interest. In these aspects, Istanbul has become an important center of attraction in the area of cultural, sporting, artistic and tourism. In the field of health tourism and PRP treatment, the city is known for its modern technology clinics, which have the most qualified surgeons. Choosing clinics in Istanbul, which are also known for their very affordable prices, will be advantageous for your health first and then your pocket.

You should be in contact with your doctor and clinic prior to the treatment. Before this treatment, which does not requirevery detailed preparation, you should make a clear decision and start treatment by following the advice of your doctor.

Before starting PRP treatment, you should know very well that this will require long-term treatment. There have been some practices that have seen rapid changes in a single session. However, PRP is generally a year-long treatment. This method, which can be applied for many treatments, is not recommended for people who cannot show the necessary patience. In addition, long-term session fees vary. Therefore, it will be in your interest to provide a prediction about the prices.


ReHair Istanbul is one of the best-known hair transplantation centers in Turkey thanks to its talent, experience in the sector, affordability policy and professional approaches. The clinic uses the latest technological methods, especially the Sapphire FUE technique. The reputation of ReHair Istanbul, which performs hair transplant operations with these methods, has also exceeded the country’s borders. ReHair Istanbul, which has been serving in Turkey for more than 12 years, has performed more than 24,500 hair transplant operations with a 98% success rate. As of 2016, ReHair Istanbul has started to provide services to Holland and Belgium.

ReHair Istanbul is headquartered in Istanbul, one of the most popular cities in Europe. Our clinic is not an agency. ReHair Istanbul is a professional clinic with a corporate philosophy with its own operations team and specialist doctors.

Pricing in ReHair Istanbul is not determined by the number of grafts. Although the maximum number of grafts are transplanted, a fixed price is applied in operations.

ReHair Istanbul is a clinic where patients can consult not only at the decision-making stage but also after making decisions. Patients benefit from a continuous counseling service where they can find answers to every problem very quickly.

For ReHair Istanbul, customer satisfaction precedes any financial gain. The counseling provided after the operation will last for a lifetime for all our patients.

ReHair Istanbul is closely related to the results of the hair transplant operation of its patients. After the operation, our patients are asked to send photos from their country for periods of 3-6-9-12 months. In this way, the healing processes of our patients and the current state of their hair are monitored. The necessary warnings and recommendations are provided by specialist doctors through this means.

Our patients who decide to have a hair transplant in ReHair Istanbul are faced with all kinds of comforts since they set foot in Turkey. Assistance is provided in their own language (Dutch or English) to make everyone feel as if they are in their own country.

This service starts from the decision-making stage and continues until the discharge process is finished. The interpreter and counseling needs required in the next process are made through phone calls or WhatsApp calls.

ReHair Istanbul offers VIP hair transplant services for every patient (only 1 patient is operated on the same day and the patient is treated all day).




The entire process is arranged by us from A to Z, you only need to provide a desired date.


We offer a VIP hair transplant arrangement for every patient. Only 1 patient is helped on a treatment day, so the patient gets all the attention.


We offer you a hair transplant with an unlimited number of grafts.


We offer you a hair transplant with an unlimited number of grafts.


Planning of the donor area and the hairline

After an analysis, it is determined how many grafts are needed to cover the desired area. Then, in consultation with you, our specialist signs a hairline design.

Shaving the donor area & local anesthesia

At ReHair, local anesthesia is virtually painless because our technique ensures a very comfortable experience during this process. On the day of the operation, your donor area will be shaved and then the grafts will be removed.

Removing the grafts from the donor area

After local anesthesia, the grafts will be removed from your donor area by using a micromotor. This process is important because the grafts must be stored in a special way after removal.

Opening the channels on the reception area and implanting the hairs

This is a very important process because it determines the final direction and density of the hairs.



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