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What You Need for A Successful Hair Transplant Operation

Because hair loss is one of the most important problems of today, approximately 1 million people in the world have hair transplantation every year. Skin-related problems, feeding problems, stress, genetic factors, environmental factors, personal problems, vitamin and mineral deficiencies are the causes of hair loss. In this regard, you can access the details from our article titled “Types of Hair Loss” published on our site. Turkey, which has a 50% price advantage compared to other countries as a cost, is one of the most competitive countries in hair transplantation. We will also tell you what you need for a successful hair transplant in this article.


Choosing A Team of Experts Before Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation is a process that must be taken seriously before and after the operation. It is one of the basic rules of success to choose competent and expert teams and to understand them with clinics that have proven their maturity. Therefore, meeting with the sector’s experienced clinics, such as ReHair Istanbul, whose references are solid, will prevent you from encountering unpleasant surprises.

Hair Analysis and Sensitive Evaluation of The Causes of Hair Loss

Another important reason that makes hair transplantation successful is that hair analyses are done in detail and carefully before the operation. In this way, the decision of which method to apply while hair transplantation can be made more accurately. And also, the causes of hair loss can be understood and thus the treatment process will be planned more accurately.

What Should Be Considered During Hair Transplantation Operation

After providing a team of experts and the right clinical environment, proper hair analysis can now be carried out. Hair roots should be collected with precision and accuracy. The collected hair roots should be kept in a clinical setting in maximum compliance with the hygiene requirements. The goal during hair transplantation is to achieve a natural hair appearance after the operation. For this reason, the direction, angle and how often hair roots can be placed should be paid attention.

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