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What is the Fue Hair Transplantation Method?

Hair transplant operations have become a necessity nowadays. Loss of self-confidence due to hair loss and stress and psychological problems caused by aesthetic problems can be easily prevented by hair transplantation. We say easily because the success rates have increased up to 100% thanks to hair transplant operations that have been applied for many years. FUE method is one of the most known and preferred methods among hair transplant methods. The FUE method, which is called Follicular Unit Extraction in the literature, is very popular due to both its price and success rates. In this method, the nape area is generally chosen as the donor area for the removal of hair follicles. Grafts taken one by one from the selected area with the help of a micromotor are transplanted to the desired area by specialist doctors, not as a group, but one by one in the same way. For this reason, hair follicle transplantation with FUE leads to longer sessions compared to other methods. For this, an experienced healthcare team and fully equipped clinical conditions are needed.


What is the FUE CT method?

The FUE CT and the normal FUE technique do not differ from each other. Both are performed with the FUE method. CT is a way of adding extra vitamins and does not change the technique or the hair roots. With the normal FUE Technique, the extra vitamins are administered with the PRP treatment, this is a vitamin boost for the current and new hair.

Importance of a healthy donor area

Many factors affect the success of the operation during hair transplantation. The first of these is a healthy donor area. Because, during hair transplantation, healthy grafts in the donor area are transplanted to other areas with less hair. The health of the transplanted hair is directly related to the healthy donor area. Thanks to the healthy grafts taken from the healthy area, it is possible for the hair to regain its health in a shorter time. More healthy grafts mean faster recovery. However, the qualification and experience of the surgeons performing the hair transplant operation are very important. Because hair transplant operations require speed, careful work, and experience. Clinics that comply with hygienic conditions are equipped with state-of-the-art devices, and expert surgeons working here will increase the success of hair transplant operations. In the hair transplant sector, where personalized examinations and methods are applied, the success rate of hair transplants for people with a healthy donor area is increasing. To better understand the topic of the healthy donor area, it is necessary to have information about grafts and hair follicles.

Is FUE CT something new or just a “cooler” expression for the known FUE Sapphire method?

FUE CT hair transplant is the same as FUE and FUE Sapphire methods. In all of these methods, hair follicles are collected one by one and transported to the area to be transplanted. In the meantime, it is important to be fast and to keep the hair follicles alive. The FUE Sapphire method is a nice method in which a little more advanced technology is used compared to the FUE method. Tips that allow finer and more detailed work is used during the operation. Thus, the success rate increased in situations requiring more sensitive work, and it became possible to transplant more hair. FUE CT hair transplantation is applied in the same way as these methods. This method, which does not bring any innovation, was launched as a new invention and a marketing strategy was determined. So, we can easily say the FUE CT is not something new. It is just a “cooler” expression for the known FUE Sapphire method.

Why should you prefer Rehair for an FUE Sapphire hair transplantation?

Hair transplant operation directly affects the physical and mental health of people. Choosing the wrong clinic and doctor by saying “Let me try, what can happen at most” can cause sad results for you. Just think about the loss of time and money caused by the failure of hair transplant operations, which require 1 year for a full recovery. However, deterioration of your aesthetic appearance can also cause psychological depression. Therefore, the clinical selection is very important in the success of hair transplantation. FUE Sapphire hair transplantation is a new hair transplantation method and requires a detailed study, a highly experienced and expert healthcare team. However, it is very important that the clinical environment is hygienic and suitable for surgery, and that all necessary technical equipment is available. After all, the success of any method depends on the suitability of the conditions, the competence of the clinic in this field, and the knowledge and skills of the health personnel who apply it. Hair transplant specialists and clinical facilities working in Rehair Istanbul increase the success of hair transplant operations. Rehair Istanbul experts have performed thousands of operations over the years. They have achieved the best possible results for their valued customers while developing their own experience and skills. Therefore, you can call us for all your hair transplant needs and requests, especially FUE and FUE Sapphire hair transplantation. We will be honored and happy to welcome you to Rehair Istanbul, Turkey’s best hair transplant clinic.

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