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How many grafts do I need for full hair coverage?

As the interest in hair transplantation operations increases, the curiosity about this issue increases at the same rate. We are also trying to satisfy your curiosity in our articles. What is a hair transplant? The question was asked a lot 10-20 years ago. However, as the importance given to aesthetic appearance increases, the importance of hair transplantation has started to increase. Therefore, this question was not asked. But still, we can say the following briefly: Hair transplantation is a surgical operation performed to regain the old hair in case of complete loss or thinning of the hair on the head due to genetics, stress, illness, accident or unexpected different situations. After the hair transplant, natural and healthy hair will be achieved in about 1 year. One of the questions we encounter many times is about grafts. So how many grafts are needed to achieve healthy hair? Let’s talk about this topic in this article.


What is a hair graft?

A graft is a structure that contains both skin and healthy hair follicles. Many people do not know the difference between a graft and a hair follicle, but they are two different things. A graft consists of at least 1, sometimes 4 hair follicles. The more skin cells there are in the graft, the higher the number of hair follicles. There are 4 graft types in total as single, double, triple and quadruple. Therefore, graft transplantation is performed during hair transplantation, not hair follicle transplantation. It is possible to transplant 4 hair follicles at the same time, thanks to the graft.

How much hair can be extracted from the donor area?

Hair transplantation operations include some applications that vary from person to person. Because everyone’s hair and skin structure are different, as well as the amount of hair shedding is different. For example, the need for 1000-2000 hair follicles may be sufficient for people who only experience regional thinning in the hair area. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to transplant 6000 – 8000 hair follicles from the donor area for people whose hair is almost completely lost. The decision to be made in this matter is determined by specialist doctors, not the patient. For this reason, it is very important to see a specialist doctor before the hair transplant operation and to act according to the doctor’s instructions in a nice clinic.

Types of hair loss patterns

It is normal for a person to lose 50-100 hair strands a day. In the meantime, new hair will be formed, so it does not cause any problems for anyone. However, as the hair loss accelerates, it means that the hair loss pattern has been entered. Androgenetic hair loss is a pattern also known as male and female hair loss. Men have the problem of shedding, especially on the top of their heads, starting from adolescence. Women’s hair, on the other hand, falls out as a thinning on the entire scalp and is noticed in this way. In case of hair loss, men may become bald, while women’s hair becomes sparse and loses its vitality. Baldness can be seen very rarely in female pattern hair loss.

Non-surgical hair loss treatment

Hair transplantation operations are traditionally performed locally. As a result, in some cases, sudden problems, situations that need to be intervened or the risks of infection after the operation may occur. However, non-surgical hair loss treatment has been started thanks to the diversity in technological devices and techniques that have developed in recent years. This procedure, which does not require a surgical operation, can be performed in shorter times. In parallel with this, it can be said that the risk of infection is reduced and the recovery times are shortened as very advantageous aspects in terms of non-surgical hair loss treatment.

Assessing your needs!

Do you have some problems before hair transplantation? Haven’t decided exactly what you want? Do you have any trouble identifying your needs? It is normal to be confused and indecisive about these issues. Come to RehairIstanbul. Meet with the world’s most experienced and expert doctors at the best hair center in Turkey and Istanbul. Let’s examine your situation in detail and decide on your needs together. It is up to you to evaluate them and make the final decision. Come and see our difference.

How many hair grafts do I need?

Before a hair transplantation operation, every patient wonders how many grafts will be transplanted from the healthy hair area to the shed hair. If little research is done, it will be understood that this number varies from person to person. The first reason for this is the area of the hair loss area. Fewer grafts are needed for smaller areas. Even 10.000 grafts can be transplanted for people who have lost their hair completely. The best way to avoid this confusion is to consult your doctor before the hair transplant operation. After your first examination and controls, you will be informed in a healthier way of how many grafts you will need.

What is the cost of a hair transplant?

The answer to this question is the same as the previous question. Because while determining the hair transplant prices, different fees may be requested from person to person. This is due to the differences in the number of grafts to be transplanted. In addition, another factor that the cost of a hair transplant is variable is the differences in the hair transplantation methods used. More classical hair transplant operations such as FUT and FUE are more affordable than newer methods. If you want to have cheap hair transplantation but want to reach this service through qualified clinicians, call RehairIstanbul right away…

Why Understanding the Norwood Scale very important?

The Norwood Scale is an invaluable study for the classification of male pattern baldness stages. Thanks to this scale, the stages of men losing their hair can be classified into 7 different scales. With the Norwood scale, the stages of hair loss are determined, and it also helps to determine and stop the progression of these hair losses. Knowing these helps hair transplantation doctors to make an accurate diagnosis of people. Most importantly, it can contribute to the determination of the most appropriate hair transplant method and treatment options for each patient.

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