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How Long Does It Take to Regrow Hair After a Hair Transplant?

In recent years, we have all been paying more attention to aesthetics and looking beautiful. It is as if the globalizing world and changing life conditions are dictating us to be like this. And yet, if I ask where is the place that affects our aesthetic appearance the most, I think most people would answer it as hair. Yes, our hair is the first and most aesthetically important part of our appearance. That’s why we all value and take care of our hair. Having healthy and full hair is everyone’s dream. Despite this, the number of people who lose their hair due to many factors, become sparse and lose their vitality, or lose their hair completely is not small. The first method that comes to mind for people who are faced with such a problem is hair transplantation. We have a lot of hearsay information about hair transplants. But whether these are accurate and clear information, here is doubtful. If you follow this website of Rehair Istanbul hair clinic, you can access the most accurate information shortly. In this article, we will look for an answer to the “How long does it take to regrow hair after hair transplant?” question. Let’s get started…


How long does it take to get new hair after a hair transplant? (First 6 months)

Since the hair transplant operation is a surgical process, slight bleeding and scratches may occur on the scalp after the operation. As this area begins to heal, red crusts may appear. Patients can remove this crusting by washing their heads with shampoos recommended by the doctor once a day, taking into accounts the warnings of their doctors. If this process is repeated continuously during the first week, the crusts will fall off completely within 10 days at the latest. This means that the transplant site has healed. Along with the spilled crusts, the transplanted hair also begins to shed. This process, also called shock shedding, starts in the second week and continues for 3 months. During these periods, patients may feel as if they have never had a hair transplant. However, this is a normal process. If you patiently and faithfully do what your doctor says, new hair will start to grow slowly after 3 months. After the hair regrowth period, which lasts for 2 months, the change in the patient reaches its peak in the 5th and 6th months.

Process between 6th month and 12th months after hair transplant

The first 6-month period after hair transplantation is the period that patients should spend patiently, but eventually, they start to regain their hair. At the end of the sixth month, the patient now notices the beautiful developments in his hair. After this stage, it is necessary to continue to apply exactly what the specialist doctors say about the care and control of the hair. You should never apply hair care products that contain harmful chemicals to your hair. You should not be in extremely cold or sunny environments, and you should avoid heavy sports and physical activities. If you pay attention to these issues, you will notice a noticeable growth in your hair every month. After reaching the 9th month after the hair transplant, you will see that almost all of your hair has come out.

What can be done to accelerate the regrowth of hair after hair transplantation?

Many people can’t wait to regain their healthy hair after a hair transplant operation. However, to speed up this process, you must do everything you are told and follow the recommendations given by your doctor and clinic. If you do what is necessary for your health and aesthetic appearance, the process of to regrow hair after a hair transplant will also accelerate. For example, by reading the article BAD AND HARMFUL HAIR INGREDIENTS TO AVOID IN HAIR PRODUCTS, which we previously published on our website, you will learn which hair care products you should stay away from. Then, by consulting your doctor, you will understand the importance of how to wash your hair and what you should pay attention to while sleeping or doing sports. You should also know that you should not shave your hair in the first 3 months and that using a razor can cause harm. You can learn from the clinic authorities that the use of a comb or brush should be delicate while combing your hair and that you should show the same sensitivity when drying your hair with a towel.

Hair Transplant Center recommendation for faster regrow hair after hair transplant

If you want hair center advice for faster regrow hair after a hair transplant, we call you Rehair Istanbul. Because Rehair Istanbul has been the best hair clinic in Turkey and Istanbul and it still maintains this feature. Expert and experienced health personnel and the most suitable clinic environment for hair transplants are waiting for you in Rehair Istanbul. With the latest technological devices and the most modern techniques, we also guarantee the cheapest hair transplant prices to our esteemed guests.

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