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Can I Do Sports After a Hair Transplant?

Is it possible to bring the hair back after your hair has fallen out? Can I regain my healthy and beautiful hair as before? What should I pay attention to in order to recover faster after a hair transplant? These and similar questions are some of the top questions of people who will have a hair transplant. However, there is serious confusion about sports after a hair transplant. People who have sports habits want to continue these habits in the process after a hair transplant. However, physicians and hair clinic staff who are experts in this subject can enlighten you with very good answers to the question of can do sports after a hair transplant. In this article, we would like to answer all your questions about sports after a hair transplant.


Is Hair Transplant a Surgical Operation?

The first question we started our article with will be about whether hair transplant procedures are surgical operations. If this issue is clarified, we can reach much more accurate results. All kinds of procedures necessary for a surgical operation are also applied during hair transplantation. Local anesthesia is used in many cases during hair transplant operations. The patient is not fully put to sleep, there is a comfortable environment where you can chat with each other during the operation. However, small incisions and slight bleeding may occur during the separation of the grafts, namely the hair follicles, from the skin and their transfer to the bald area. Before the operation, just like before other surgical operations, some restrictions may be imposed on your life habits. In addition, warnings may be made from your doctor about some drugs you use. Therefore, before the hair transplant operation, it is necessary to consult your doctor and complete all necessary checks.

Things to Consider after Hair Transplant

Before the hair transplantation, various restrictions are made for all patients who will have hair transplantation. After the hair transplant operation, some restrictions are imposed and efforts are made to help you recover faster. If you take care of yourself and take good care of your scalp after a hair transplant, your healing process will accelerate. Therefore, you should quickly abandon harmful habits such as excessive tea, cigarettes, and alcohol in this process. You should care for your hair carefully and sensitively. You should never apply chemical-containing hair care products that your doctor does not recommend to your scalp. You should avoid extreme cold and hot, sunny and windy weather. After hair transplant operations, you should even delicately balance your sleep pattern and sleeping style.

Does Exercise Affect Hair Transplant Success?

After hair transplantation, you will encounter restrictions on heavy exercise and sports. Because the human body consists of various cells and organs that work in conjunction with each other. When an abnormal situation is encountered within the body, most of the cells make an effort to eliminate this abnormality. The same situation exists after hair transplantation, which we describe as a surgical operation. Because the cells start to work for the healing of cuts, wounds, bleeding, and temporary redness, swelling, and rashes that will occur after hair transplantation. Exercise affects hair transplant and prevents cells from concentrating on the area they need. Since the tired body will try to repair other areas as well, it will spend the energy it will apply to the scalp elsewhere. In addition, exercise affects hair transplant and also causes sweating. Sweating can cause infection of cuts and wounds in the scalp area. In such a case, the recovery time of the scalp is prolonged, and the growth rate of the hair slows down. Because of these problems, you should not exercise affect hair transplant and act according to your doctor’s instructions.

 When can I start sports after a hair transplant?

We told you what you should pay attention to before and after hair transplant operations. If you want to get more detailed information about hair transplant processes, our article titled “HAIR REGROWTH TIMELINE” is just for you. So what can be said about sports after a hair transplant? In this regard, it is very important that you first talk to your doctor and get his advice. To put it in general terms, sports to be done after a hair transplant cause your body to get tired and your immunity to weaken. This reduces the rate of cell regeneration. However, sports after a hair transplant causes your blood pressure to rise. In this case, unnecessary bleeding may occur, and the loss of transplanted hair may occur. Our recommendation is that you do not exercise at all for 14 days after the hair transplant. In the first week, stay away from all sports-related activities. At the end of the first week, you can start activities such as light sports and yoga that will not tire your body. During the first two months, you should also protect yourself from physical contact with your scalp or from playing materials such as balls. If you follow the general rules we have mentioned and consult Rehair Istanbul, you will see that the success of your hair transplant has increased. Rehair Istanbul continues to give you a healthy appearance, thanks to its specialist physicians with years of experience and qualifications.

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