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Are You Suitable For A Hair Transplant? What Are The Terms?

Today, a hair transplant is almost possible for everyone, but there are several conditions. Who’s fit for a hair transplant? Let’s go over the terms and the main points together.…


Health and age

The most important factor is the state of health. Hair transplantation surgery is micro-surgical surgery, and for such surgery, the general health of the person must be good. In the case of heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, anaemia, certain skin diseases and infections, the doctor concerned must first authorise a hair transplant. The age of the person and whether he is psychically ready for it is also very important.

The donor area

One of the most basic conditions for hair transplantation is the competence of the donor area. In the case of a hair transplant, the healthy hairs are moved from the donor area to the problem area. The donor area is the area on the back of the head between your ears. Persons who do not have enough hair in their donor area are not suitable for a hair transplant. An analysis of the hair transplant doctor will assess whether the donor area is good enough. The donor area is the first choice, but if the person doesn’t have enough hair, there’s a chance that body hair can be used as donor hair.

The amount of hair loss

The level of hair loss is also a point to consider. If the hair loss has only just begun, you should wait until it has progressed, otherwise you may need a second treatment. Be on time, because if the calving area has grown very large, a hair transplant cannot give a good result.

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