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Additional opportunities to increase the success of hair transplantation

The most important question about hair transplantation is to what extent these operations are successful. Almost everyone wants to get healthier, natural, and bushy hair. Everyone also wants this to be short and to happen with an affordable hair transplant. Today we will talk to you about the success of hair transplantation and ways to increase this success. As Rehair Istanbul, we are a phone call away from you to answer all your questions. Call and have our experts answer.


What should you know before having a hair transplant?

Before a hair transplantation operation, you should do some research about the clinic and examine your suitability for the operation. Is the clinic really a hospital specializing in hair transplantation? Are the clinical conditions clean and hygienic? How to sterilize the room and equipment to be used for the operation? Is the technology used in the clinic enough? What hair transplantation methods are applied, and is the recommended hair transplantation method suitable for you? What’s the doctor’s specialty? What are the capabilities of the auxiliary teams? What are the facilities and amenities that will be provided to you when you come from another country and land at the Turkish airport? Will all your needs be met in Turkey? What will be the care that will be provided to you after the hair transplant operation? How will your relations with the clinic be when you return to your country? Who and how will deal with your questions and problems? As you can see, there are dozens of questions you need to know before a hair transplantation operation. By researching them, you can choose the clinic that suits you best.

What is the success rate in hair transplantation?

In recent years, the success rate of hair transplant operations performed by specialist doctors and experienced clinics has increased to 100%. The most important reason for this is the developing technology, the quality of the equipment used, the beauty of the techniques applied, and most importantly, the increasing experience of specialist doctors. However, it is not possible to find these beauties and success rates in hair transplantation in clinics that have not received authorization from the Ministry of Health, are unlicensed, or inadequate.

The effect of the technique used on the success rate

The techniques used in hair transplantation operations directly affect success rates. Because, over the years, techniques that are specialized and facilitated thanks to new technological opportunities increase the percentage of success of hair transplantation operations. However, as well as the hair transplant technique used, the adaptation of this technique to the person is also important for success. Because the method successfully applied to one person may not be suitable for another. Everyone’s physiological structure, psychology, state of baldness, characteristics of their hair are very different from each other. Because of this, a personalized hair transplant method should be determined by a team of experts before the hair transplantation operation.

The effect of the expert on the success rate

There is a very close relationship between the success of the hair transplantation operation and the choice of a specialist surgeon and a specialist team. A specialist surgeon increases the success rate of hair transplantation thanks to his experience, knowledge, and dexterity. However, the harmony and knowledge of teammates working with a specialist surgeon also play a significant role in the success of hair transplantation operations.

The effect of the patient’s gender on the success rate

Success in hair transplantation operations has little to do with being male or female. But men’s hair loss and more need for hair transplantation have increased the specialists to develop more expertise in men. But in recent years, success rates in hair transplantation operations for women have also approached 100%.

What are the factors affecting success in hair transplantation?

Many factors affect the success of hair transplantation operations. At the beginning of them comes the selection of a clinic approved by the Ministry of Health, known for its success in hair transplantation. This is a mandatory process to increase the success of hair transplantation. Choosing a specialist surgeon and team to operate, choosing a hair transplantation method that is suitable for the person is also very important. The hygienic environment provided during the hair transplantation operation and the proper care after the operation will reduce the risk of infection in the hair. Therefore, the success rate of hair transplantation will also increase.

Can Hair Transplant Success?

The question of whether hair transplantation can be successful has now become an unnecessary question when we look at the success rates in recent years. Because now, almost 100% success rates are achieved for both men and women in hair transplants. In this regard, you can also meet with the authorities of Rehair Istanbul to make the right choice and meet with the most experienced doctors.

How to understand a successful hair transplant?

For the success of hair transplantation, the first thing to look at is whether it is a natural and healthy look. If natural-looking hair has been restored, the hair transplant operation has been successful. Another important consideration is recovery time. If a full recovery is achieved after about a year, the success of the hair transplant operation is revealed.

Can a failed hair transplant be corrected?

People who have had a failed hair transplant still have a chance to fix them. Because, thanks to the developing technology and the experience of surgeons specializing in their work, unsuccessful hair transplant operations can be corrected. For this to happen, it takes 1 year after the first hair transplant. Discuss the details with Rehair Istanbul.

How much are successful hair transplant prices?

The price of a hair transplant operation performed in an ordinary clinic can be very low. However, in a well-equipped and proper clinic, the prices for hair transplantation, which will be performed by specialist doctors and is guaranteed to be successful, are slightly higher. For this reason and to increase the success of hair transplantation, you should choose the right clinic and the right surgeon.

Are unsuccessful hair transplant correction prices different from normal hair transplant prices?

After a failed hair transplant, operations to correct the problem are more difficult and more expensive. There is a certain price difference between the price of a Normal hair transplant and the price of a hair transplant performed to correct a decadent hair transplant. Hair transplants to correct failed operations can be uncomfortable, both in terms of being more expensive and requiring a repeat Operation. For these reasons, it is necessary to choose a clinic that will perform a successful hair transplant from the very beginning.

Do I need to use an additional product or medicine for a successful hair transplant?

Before hair transplantation operations, talking to specialist clinical officials, using their experience, will be the answer to all the questions in your head. During or after the hair transplantation operation, you will be informed by expert teams which products you should use, how it will be useful to care for your hair. For these reasons, you can decide what to use and how to use it by consulting your doctor.

Can a hair transplant make you look completely old?

After a hair transplantation operation, you get a very natural and healthy look. Your hair becomes original. You become a younger and more well-groomed person. After hair transplantation surgery, situations such as looking completely old, taking on an unhealthy physical structure do not occur.

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