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8 aspects that a good hair transplant clinic should have

A hair transplant is a process with aesthetic concerns, and it is difficult for most people to take the first step. Of course, everyone who undergoes this treatment wants healthy and full hair as a result. That’s why it is important to choose an expert team that understands your needs and concerns. A hair transplant is a treatment to be carried out by experts specializing in this field, but what qualities should the clinic you choose have? We investigated it for you.

The main factor of hair transplantation is the specialisation of the doctor. A natural result can be achieved with a natural hairline and a special analysis carried out by the doctor.

A good clinic for hair transplants:

  • Has an expert team and specialized doctor.
  • Has a sterile room.
  • Is free from noise and air pollution.
  • Is located in a fully equipped structure and has a certificate of approval from the Ministry of Health.
  • Has the technological infrastructure to be used during the treatment.
  • Provides airport transfer service to ensure that the patient from abroad has a comfortable pre-op process and offers a comfortable stay in a fine hotel.
  • Employs an assistant and/or interpreter specifically for the patient, who will support the patient at every step throughout the process.
  • Provides 24/7 support so the patient doesn’t feel alone during the process.

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