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4 Distinctive Criteria for Choosing a Country for Your Hair Transplant

In today’s world, where health tourism has become very common, people benefit from opportunities outside the country for all their health needs. It is getting harder and harder to choose between these possibilities. Every country and every clinic claims that the facilities they offer are better. So, what criteria should patients examine when they go out of the country for a hair transplant? Which countries offer the best opportunities for hair transplantation? What distinguishes these countries from others? In this article, let’s examine the 4 distinguishing criteria when choosing a foreign country for a hair transplant…


Need for Hair Transplant and Change

Have you ever thought about what real change is? Do you want and need change? Can a hair transplant be an element of change for you? Where and in which country can the hair transplant be best performed, which is the need of many?

There is no change with a material income or an increase in the material assets you have. True change begins within you and continues with your true self. Achieving the life you want, your dreams, beauties, emotions and the look that will make you happy are the first steps of a real change. Because only in this way will you have the chance to embrace your true self. Hair transplant operations are an important step for this change.

Why is Hair Transplantation Needed?

Let’s think together: Most people with hair loss feel uncomfortable because of their physical appearance. In today’s world, the importance of aesthetic understanding is increasing day by day, and the number of people who are unhappy because of their physical problems is increasing day by day. This situation can lead to loss of trust first and then to psychological problems.

Hair transplantation ensures that everyone has the life they want, the look they like, healthy hair, and the feeling they feel most comfortable with. With Rehair Istanbul, you can reach the real change you deserve and realize your real value.

Country Evaluation Criteria for Hair Transplant Operations

Yes, as health tourism opportunities increase, the number of countries that offer hair transplantation has also increased. However, when you read this article, if you are going to have hair transplantation, you will have clear ideas about which country you should choose and why. You can examine this subject from different aspects when you read our article titled ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES TO INCREASE THE SUCCESS OF HAIR TRANSPLANTATION, which we have previously published on our site. Today, we would like to explain this issue to you under only 4 headings:

1. Investments in the Health Sector:

Due to the economic crises, epidemics, political instability, and political stability problems in recent years, countries have faced a serious economic contraction. As the economic problems deepen, we witness that the investments made in the field of health and the developments in the health sector stagnate.

Even if health tourism develops, the preference of countries where there is no improvement in the health sector may cause you to encounter unexpected surprises in a critical health need such as hair transplantation. Countries full of clinical environments where old technology is used, medical personnel unaware of new techniques and equipment, or surgeons who are both unhappy and distracted due to busy working hours due to the shortage of doctors cannot offer you a successful hair transplant opportunity.

You should examine the investments made in the health sector in recent years by the countries that offer you the best opportunity for hair transplantation. When you calculate the ratio of this investment amount to national income, you realize the importance of health in terms of country policies. In addition to these, it will be to your advantage to examine the country’s achievements in the field of hair transplantation and the investments it has made in this field.

2. Training and Experience of Doctors in the field of Hair Transplantation:

Hair transplantation is a surgical operation that requires expertise in itself. Not every doctor can perform this operation. Because it may require serious concentration, patience, and dexterity. It is not possible for surgeons who are inadequate in terms of manual dexterity to be successful in the hair transplantation sector.

When we look at some countries, we can observe that they show serious sensitivity to the health sector and specifically to the field of hair transplantation. We are witnessing that the number of hair transplantation specialists in those countries is increasing day by day. With this increase, we can notice that the education quality of hair transplantation specialists in some countries has also been increased.

These are the indicators of the importance that a country attaches to the field of hair transplantation. Doing these is an indication that the knowledge and interest of the surgeon and other health personnel operating in this field will be at a high level. In addition to all these, the high number of hair transplantation operations performed in these countries will result in an increase in the manual skills of surgeons. You should also carefully examine these issues when choosing a country for hair transplantation.

3. Visa Procedures and Facilities Provided for Bureaucracy:

If you are going to a foreign country for health tourism or hair transplantation, visa procedures for that country should be one of the important selection criteria for you. If the country you will go to does not provide health visa convenience for your country, you may experience great difficulties in this regard.

It is very difficult to get a visa, especially from some European countries. In order to get a visa, you may encounter too much bureaucracy and waste your time. Because the lengthy visa processes and the excess of the conditions required obtaining a visa may cause great obstacles in front of you. It has become almost impossible to get health care from some European countries, especially due to the stricter visa rules during the COVID period.

If you want to avoid this problem, you should add the article of convenience provided in terms of visa procedures and bureaucracy to your research on the best countries offering hair transplantation. It will be possible to make the best choice by evaluating the health visa facilities provided to your country.

4. Hair Transplantation Price:

If you ask what is as important as the 3 items mentioned above or even more, of course, we say hair transplantation prices. Because we all live in an economic order where resources are scarce and financial means are limited. If we are in such an order, we should all have the right to do good research on wages.

It is very easy to have information about the price while researching which country you will have a hair transplant in. In this regard, comparing the currency values ​​of countries can be a good evaluation criterion for you. Because if the money value of the country you are considering getting hair transplant service is low, the services it will offer you will be offered at much more affordable prices.

Some countries apply package prices for hair transplantation fees. If you have received a package price offer, you will know all the services you will receive within the package price announced to you from the very beginning. In such applications, all kinds of VIP services are offered for you, and you do not encounter extra and surprise price requests.

As you can see, if you are going to receive a hair transplantation service in another country, we tried to provide you with some information within the scope of the 4 most important topics. Before you make your decision, you can learn about these items, as well as all the other issues that come to your mind, through Rehair Istanbul.

Why Turkey for Hair Transplantation?

At this point, we would like to give you an important tip. If you make an evaluation in terms of all the items above, you can choose Turkey. Because Turkey draws attention to its investments in the field of health, highly experienced specialist physicians, and sets an example for European countries.

In addition to these, we cannot finish counting the facilities provided for all people who will do health tourism in terms of visa procedures and bureaucracy in Turkey. Getting health services in Turkey is easy and effortless. In addition to all these, if you have a hair transplant in Turkey, you will receive both the best service and the most affordable price compared to other countries.

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